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Groestlcoin (GRS) Begins Voting Process to Decide About Rebranding

Groestlcoin is a crypto that maybe few have heard of; however, its community is very close and enthusiastic. Its constant upgrades earned it some respect within the crypto sphere for having an active and very up to date development team.

However, one of the problems that users always express has to do with the name. Basically Its pronunciation is a bit strange for the average user, and this is problematic for non-experts who want to start trading.

To solve this problem, the Groestlcoin team has decided to leave the name issue in the hands of the community. In other words, they are holding a community-wide voting process to see wether users support the idea or not.

This opens up the possibility for substantial changes in the future of the aforementioned token, should a successful marketing campaign helps increasing adoption among unexperienced users .

To vote, an user must make a transaction of 1 GRS to a wallet. One wallet will be “YES,” and one wallet will be “NO.”

According to the Groestlcoin team, several situations must be considered before voting:

As can be seen, If the option in favor of rebranding wins, the posterior changes would be substantial. The official Groestlcoin website summarizes some important points;

Please take into consideration that a rebrand will cause delisting from big exchanges, and the lose of our iOS Wallets from the App Store.
If the rebrand occurs, the work for developing Groestlcoin will be shifted towards rebranding it.

However, the consequences of rebranding could be extremely beneficial and stimulate the use of such crypto. As an illustration, a similar case occurred with the altcoin Raiblocks (XRB), which changed its name to NANO, leading to a bullish streak and a positive appreciation among the masses.

Groestlcoin: A Synonym of Innovation

Unquestionably, a focus on innovation is Groestlcoin’s main characteristic. As an illustration, Groestlcoin has adopted much of the technological advances in the world of blockchain before other tokens with bigger marketcap:

  • It was the first cryptocurrency ever to adopt Segwit (January 24, 2017)
  • It also was the first to ever implement Lightning Network mainnet transactions (April 26, 2017)

In adition to that, Groestlcoin features these innovations, to name a few:

    • ASIC Resistant
    • The most Electrum Public Serves
    • Over 110 repositories of development work
    • Masked IP (TOR+VPN+Address Obfuscation)
    • Off-chain Atomic swaps
    • A myriad wallets for each taste and user:
      • 3 iOS wallets,
      • 11 Android wallets,
      • 10 Blackberry wallets -yes…Blackberry-,
      • Wallets for Windows, Linux,
      • Web-based hot and cold wallets,
      • Segwit and non-segwit paper wallets,
      • Electrum wallets,
      • Multisignature wallets,
      • Samourai wallet,
      • Sentinel,
      • and even a wallet that allows Offline Payments via Bluetooth

Just the Beginning

All things considered, there have been few votes up to date. Then again, the system does not take into account the number of users but the number of resources. Based on this premise, despite the community’s strong concern, users have invested more resources in voting for the crypto not to change its name.

The process began today and ends on July 15. At the end, the wallet with the most resources will determine who won.


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RaiBlocks Rebrands to Nano: Excellent Mid-Week Price Development

A fascinating year for its enthusiasts was just left behind by RaiBlocks, with an unprecedented growth finale in December to sum it up. As mentioned in a press writing, the team behind RaiBlocks did gather around the table in November to discuss the future and what is coming next for the project.

Since then, it has been on plan for a rebrand to take place as the feedback by the community did support the idea for a name change so it better resonates with the public and mainstream audience. So Nano has been announced.


The Core Team wanted a name that represented the simplicity and speed of the project, and Nano does just that. The new logo uses several nodes, playing on the block-lattice design of the network, that connect to form an “N.” All social media accounts will be updated to reflect the name and logo changes. The new website is

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On the other hand transactions, wallets and all funds will still function on the way they were before. xrb_ will continue to be on the start of addresses temporarily as the team will be introducing nano_ addresses.

raiblocks future

“The launch of Nano is just the beginning of what will be an exciting 2018! Beta testing sign-ups are open for both the desktop wallet and iOS mobile wallet.”

Nano [XRB] is close to testing the major $20.00 resistance which end Dec and beginning of January did act as an important support. For the moment it is changing hands at $19.60 with 37.81 percent gain in the last 24-hours. Clearing the hurdle could open doors for more surge during the day.

nano prediction

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NEO Rebrands its Web : Can NEO/USD Keep the Increasing Pace

NEO price is returning above its range after dropping to the lows of $27.17. Will the pair continue climbing upwards and be the only one gaining for the day?

NEO the Only Lead-Crypto Increasing on October 30

After entering its range-bound pattern between $28-$29 on Oct 26, NEO price lost to the bears declined towards the levels lower than $27.00 on some exchanges. However, supports around that area which are holding the price from major losses for some time now hoisted it upwards again.

neo trading

Source: coinmarketcap

For two days now, the pair NEO/USD are pushed up by bulls on a recovery rally, but the pullback today brought the price back in the range bound. This most likely should be that alarming for near term traders and investors as a gaining pattern like today’s could clear its way up and retest the next major barrier – $30.00 in the days to come.

As time of the press, NEO price is the only virtual currency out of the top-ten list by market cap that is on the green increasing zone for the last 24-hours. There was a speedy spread of words that the team behind NEO had rebranding its Web design and marketing, making it more friendly-approach for any new visitor trying to pick a choice of an altcoin to be part of their wallet and part of the technology.

cryptocurrency chosen

On the scrolling-lower pages, you will find explanations on ‘cryptocurrency-terms’ that sometimes could be very confusing for new-to virtual assets and the blockchain technology like:

“The NeoContract smart contract system is the biggest feature of the seamless integration of the existing developer ecosystem. Developers do not need to learn a new programming language but use C#, Java and other mainstream programming languages in their familiar IDE environments (Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.) for smart contract development, debugging and compilation. NEO’s Universal Lightweight Virtual Machine, NeoVM, has the advantages of high certainty, high concurrency, and high scalability. The NeoContract smart contract system will allow millions of developers around the world to quickly carry out the development of smart contracts. NeoContract will have a separate white paper describing the implementation details.”

Visit the website for more information related to NEO developments.

neo investment