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Most Japanese are Long on Crypto. XRP Sparks The Most Bullish Sentiment

A study conducted by Japan’s GMO Internet Group revealed that most Japanese are bullish about cryptocurrency.

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GMO surveyed over 11,000 participants during the month of February, with the intention of interpreting Japanese market sentiment. The results were quite interesting: more than 70% of the surveyed consider that cryptocurrencies are a long-term investment; however, most of them think that speculation is the main appeal of digital assets.

The Japanese exposed to the crypto markets after the boom of 2017 where virtually all tokens experienced a nearly parabolic surge in prices. According to the interview, 90% of the surveyed entered the market at the end of 2017.

The research also indicates that crypto investors are relatively young. Roughly 90% of the total number of crypto users are between the ages of 20 and 40.

The Japanese are likewise optimistic about the long-term performance of cryptocurrencies in general. The research shows that almost 95% of the surveyed have an investment of close to one million Yen (approximately 8961USD) in crypto. Nearly 77% are around 100,000 or less.

Most Japanese Hodlers Are Bullish on XRP

As per information provided by The Daily Hold, “According to the survey, roughly 50% of respondents named XRP as the cryptocurrency most likely to rise in price in 2019.”

Ripple has strived to break into the Asian market. As reported by Ethereum World News, the San Francisco-based company has consistently shown an interest in Asia, specifically in the Chinese market.

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However, it is important to mention that there are already financial services provided by SBI that have helped promote the token’s acceptance. At the end of 2018, SBI’s VCTRADE started service deposits in BTC, XRP, and ETH, and a little less than a month later SBI Holdings signed a strategic alliance with R3 to create a joint venture.

It is relevant to know that R3 developed a platform known as Corda, which uses XRP to facilitate global payments; and a few weeks ago, SWIFT announced an integration with R3 to enhance its own platform, although they emphasized they are not partnering with Ripple but instead they are considered direct competitors (for now)

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60% of Users Prefer XRP Over Any Other Cryptocurrency, Weiss Ratings Poll Concludes

XRP, the native token of the blockchain developed by Ripple, has had an excellent positioning in the community during the last months. Not only is the Ripple Army considered one of the most influential crypto-players of the past year, but the token remained in the second position of the global market cap for a considerable amount of time.

However, it is not only a question of commercial success. Ripple’s public relations stunt is remarkable. While the community viewed the token in its early years with disapproval for contradicting the core philosophy of crypto, now, the news about XRP are some of the most widespread precisely thanks to the union of its community.

The high acceptance of the token is one characteristic that risk evaluators take into account when rating a particular asset, and in the case of cryptocurrencies, Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings has built a reputation in the community as one of the most credible and active evaluators in the crypto-verse.

In a survey posted on its Twitter account, Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings asked its followers for their favorite cryptocurrency. With this they expected to measure the community’s perceptions objectively and whether general preferences had changed over time.

XRP is The Favourite Crypto… ETH is Declining in Popularity

According to the results, although BTC dominates the market, 60% of the 8505 voters chose XRP as their preferred cryptocurrency. This does not necessarily mean it is the most widely used, but it is undoubtedly the one that raises the most optimism.

The second place goes to Cardano (ADA) with 24%. The “third generation blockchain” had much hype a few months ago, but lately, the enthusiasm of the community has declined despite the IOHK team being active in its development, meeting the goals set in its roadmap.

Bitcoin (BTC) is in third place with 12% of the votes, while Ethereum (ETH) was in the last place with only 4% of preference. It is relevant to note that these results are entirely subjective and that the market for crypto (especially altcoins) is extremely volatile, and news can often mean double-digit gains or losses in short periods of time.

So far the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings team has published no reaction or analysis; however, they take these results into account when preparing and publishing their next report, in which they give a rating to each blockchain based on a set of standards imposed by the firm’s team of experts.

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Gallup Poll: 75% of US Investors Think Bitcoin Is 'Very Risky'

Three-quarters of U.S. investors with more than $10,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds think bitcoin is a “very risky” investment, a new survey revealed Monday.

A poll conducted by Gallup and Wells Fargo asked U.S.-based investors about their views on bitcoin, finding that just 2 percent currently own any and more than 70 percent “have no interest in ever buying bitcoin.” A further 26 percent are “intrigued” but do not plan to purchase any in the near future, the poll found.

The poll surveyed nearly 2,000 adults in the U.S. who have invested either in a retirement savings account or through another type of account, according to Gallup. It was conducted over the course of a week in early May.

The survey found that bitcoin’s perceived riskiness is the primary reason few investors are holding the cryptocurrency. While 75 percent considered bitcoin to be “very risky,” less than 0.5 percent (or less than 10 people surveyed) thought bitcoin was “not risky at all.” Only 2 percent thought bitcoin was “not too risky,” with the remaining 23 percent thinking of bitcoin as being at least “somewhat risky.”

Another reason for the lack of interest might come from bitcoin’s limited popularity as only 29 percent of investors surveyed in the poll say they knew anything about cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the statistics show that the perception of bitcoin varies among investors in different age and gender.

“Men and younger investors are far more likely than women and seniors to say they know something about bitcoin or other digital currencies,” the pollsters wrote.

Just 3 percent of men and 1 percent of women said they owned bitcoin, with 3 percent of those aged 18 to 49 and 1 percent aged 50 or older.

“For now, most investors are on the sidelines, knowing little to nothing about bitcoin,” the pollsters concluded. “Few are already invested in it, and even fewer plan to jump in soon.”

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Ripple’s XRP Best to Transfer Money Between Exchanges – Weiss

According to Weiss Crypto Rating and its Twitter poll, Ripple’s XRP is chosen as the best coin to send/receive money to/from exchanges.

78% of the votes from the poll are for XRP counting 7,500 such. The following cryptocurrencies were: 2nd place Ethereum ETH and last place Bitcoin BTC with 6% only.


Many out of the cryptoverse have been asking out for one of the lead exchanges Coinbase, to add XRP as a trading option. However, the firm has not still replied with a positive action towards the request. In the meantime, Coinbase declared it is exploring six coins. One of the cryptocurrencies being a direct XRP competitor –  Stellar Lumens XLM.

While XLM fans rejoice over the reversal in 2018’s bear cycle, which saw their coin fall nearly 85% in value since the start of the year, it’s Ripple XRP investors that are left questioning the exchange’s decision–in addition to the price outlook for their own currency.

Coinbase announces 5 potential new coins, none of which are XRP from Ripple

It is important to mention that CNBC’s Fast Money conducted a poll between XRP, Cardano (ADA), ZCash (ZEC), and Stellar (XLM), in which Ripple led with 34% of the votes, followed by ZCash (30%), Cardano (25%), and Stellar (11%).

XRP is one of the most important virtual currencies in the market. Indeed, XRP has a market capitalization of $18 billion dollars and each token can be bought for $0.46 dollars.

The leading IT giant Samsung has announced that digital currency payments will be accepted. This is possible via a partnership with CopPay Platform.

The stores that will accept cryptocurrencies are those located in Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), and Kaunas (Lithuania). The expected results have not yet been released, but it is clear that with a broader range of possibilities, sales will increase. One of the coins that is going to be accepted is XRP token from Ripple.


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$10k in Bitcoin for 10 Years? Ron Paul Fans Pick Crypto Over Gold

Ron Paul wants to know: would you take $10,000 in bitcoin, cash or something else?

The former U.S. Congressman from Texas is currently holding a poll on his official Twitter account that asks in which form they would take $10,000 from a “wealthy person”. The catch: you can’t get rid of it for 10 years.

Paul – who earlier this year called for the U.S. government to “stay out” of bitcoin – put the question to his more than 650,000 followers, asking if they would take $10,000 in the form of bitcoin, dollars, gold or 10-year U.S. Treasury Bonds. The result thus far – one hour remains in the poll at press time – indicate that of the more than 68,000 responses, 54 percent expressed support for bitcoin.

Gold took the second-highest amount with 36 percent, followed by a mere 8 percent for the 10-year bonds. Just 2 percent indicated that they would take the Federal Reserve Notes if offered.

Speaking with TheStreet in October, Paul conceded that he’s no expert on cryptocurrencies (back in 2014, he argued that bitcoin wasn’t “true money”). That said, he voiced his support for cryptocurrency in the most recent interview, arguing that it lends credence to the emergence of alternative currencies against the U.S. dollar.

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Survey: Younger Americans More Likely to Invest in Bitcoin

New survey data from online student loan marketplace LendEDU suggests that younger consumers in the United States are more interested in investing in bitcoin.

The startup published the results of its survey today, which was conducted online in August and drew 1,000 participants from around the US. The survey focused on a number of areas, including a basic question about whether they’ve heard of bitcoin at all. As it turns out, roughly 78% of respondents said they had.

Among the notable findings in the LendEDU survey is that, according to the data, younger consumers – those between the ages of 18 and 34, showed more willingness to invest in bitcoin than older age groups.

Of those between the ages of 18 and 24, 35.9% said they plan on investing in bitcoin, versus 43.5% who said no and 20.5% who weren’t sure. For the 25-34 age group, the “yes” figure grew to 40.4%, with 31.7% of respondents in that demographic saying no.

By comparison, just over 10% of those between the ages of 45 and 54 indicated an interest in investing in bitcoin. Less than 5% of those over the age of 55 expressed the same sentiment, the survey data shows.

In a blog post detailing the results, LendEDU predicted that this data foreshadows a greater role for bitcoin among younger consumers.

“Judging from this data, as the years go by and younger Americans develop more spending power, you can expect bitcoin to become more and more prevalent in the American economy,” the company said.

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