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Ontology (ONT) 10.00% Increase: Pax Initiates the Momentum


Per time of writing, the 19th largest coin out of thousands by market capitalization is counting and welcoming a double digit gain of 10.00 percent against the US Dollar. According to CoinMarketCap – the pair ONT/USD is changing hands at $1.15 with a transaction volume of $108 mil.

Source: CMC

With the target of issuing approximately 100 million of PAX tokens on standing of 1:1 with the USD, the team behind Paxos has signed a partnership with Ontology to make it happen starting from May. Andy Ji – co-founder of Ontology commented on the case saying that while PAXOS will continue to initiate KYC processes, it will author.

“The launch of PAX on the Ontology blockchain will greatly accelerate real business applications on Ontology, create more success stories of traditional businesses shifting to distributed businesses, and provide enterprise partners and institutional investors with a regulated, reliable, and safe gateway to the world of digital assets.”

The movement makes it easier for anybody who is or will use ONT token to transact into traditional pegged tokens. Right now, the PAX token which is a stablecoin backed by the US Dollar, is an ERC-20 token on the second largest by market cap Ethereum (ETH). It will go by the same and standard ONT OEP-4 token.

The news have arrived parallel with New York’s attorney general’s allegation that the exchanging platform Bitfinex lost $850 million of clients and corporate and covered the backtrack via Tether’s reserves. Per a lawsuit issued by official Letitia James, iFinex Inc, which is the company behind the two aforementioned crypto startups, promoted the “issuance, distribution, exchange, advertisement, negotiation, purchase, investment advice, or sale of securities” in New York State, which is illegal without the proper licensing and documentation. While Bitfinex’s services are technically not entirely available in the financial capital of the U.S., the suit stated the NYAG’s office suspects that local traders are actively utilizing the exchange and the stablecoin.

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Ontology (ONT) and Tezos (XTZ) Welcoming Double Digit Increase: Latest News Summary

With the crypto-pioneer and largest by market capitalization among thousands of coins – Bitcoin (BTC) standing above the major $4,000.00 against the US Dollar, various crypto values are making their moves above resistances.

Per time of writing – the pair ONT/USD is trading at $1.28 with a positive change of hands – total of 14.83% in the last 24-hours making it the leader among the 20 largest ranked coins. Going from Bit-Z to OKEx and DigiFinex, the top 5 exchanging platforms of ONT are very close to each other counting just above 10.00% of the total transaction volume which is $130 million.

Source: coinmarketcap

While in the monthly-long term trading trend ONT/USD is standing safe above $0.8000 as a ground support, with today’s performance the pair broke above the daily tanking trend that if held could potential open gates for more recovery on the medium to long term.

During one of the most successful and largest ICOs ever held – Tezos Foundation raised over $232 mil bringing a new cryptocurrency in the market. During a contact made by Reuters to the president of the foundation it was confirmed that its MainNet was set to launch on the 14th of Sep, 2018. In the first quarter of 2019, Ontology has announced partnerships with ParityGames and GoWithMi to advance the cause of the platform. The first game, that was given birth to by the parnership, called “The Isolated City” will launch on the Ontology based Party Games platform.

Continuing – just two weeks ago the team behind Ontology made the partnership with GoWithMi public which aims to create via Ontology’s technological support an infrastructure for digitizing land rights. Currently GoWithMi is working together with big names such as Honda, Toyota, Grab and Gojek.

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NEO/USD Dominates Cryptocurrency Market on Monday as ONT Goes Live

The cryptocurrency ranked 12th by market capitalization is appreciating the highest gain for the last 24-hours of the top leading coins. It is changing hands at $36.57 against the US Dollar with 17.11% increase in the last day.

Source: coinmarketcap

NEO Welcomes Partner Mainnet Launch

Neo and Ontology had since May 2018 collaborated in a MoU Concerning Strategy and Technology where a joint force between the two cryptocurrencies was initiated to better the world of blockchain.

“NEO and Ontology will work together to build a smart contract ecosystem, and will fully support the development and adoption of NeoVM and NeoContract, and will collaborate on developing smart contract open standards.” – from the statement

Even that the two events of Ontology network launch and NEO’s price gain might not seem connected, projects and partnerships that are building long-term upside paths are true excitement generators.

Ontology, a Shanghai-based project working closely with the developers behind Neo, launched its live network on June 30. In doing so, it becomes the latest blockchain infrastructure project to put its ambitious blueprint into action.

While there is yet much to be seen, Ontology’s native ONT coin has silently debuted as one of the leading digital currencies on the 21st place with a market cap of $808 mil.


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Ontology (ONT) Price Reaching for Recovery: Prediction

First signs of market recovery are on the horizon. The crypto-verse is riding a not-stopping downward rolling train for a long time now. Overall, coins have been following the Bitcoin dump that took place the past days. However, as soon as BTC made it back above $6,000 again, the green gaining color has started to appear.

Ontology (ONT)

It is one of those digital currencies that stand out for their uniqueness. In the ecosystem, it is the first project to try out an Airdrop in place of going for the much criticized Initial Coin Offerings. Ontology is widely recognized due to growing interest within crypto enthusiasts and significant crypto investors. Its stable-ish market performance is the reason why ONT HODlers are increasing every day.

Being part of the so-called third generation of cryptos, many do have much believe in it. It focuses on improving interoperability across blockchain networks and orthodox network.

Similar to various coins that have been introduced later on, is has no transaction fees. Being connected with NEO, the team behind ONT has created ONG very similar to NEO’s GAS.

Contentos Collaboration

On the day of 19th June, Ontology surprised its community by releasing the announcement of their collaboration with Contentos. Both companies will now be working on public blockchain solutions for content.

Via the team-up, Ontology will bring monetary value while the second will support its expansion even further. The first project that is going to be worked on by both is Multiple Blockchain Solution Initiative.


For the time being, the pair ONT against the US Dollar is at $5.18 and one of the only cryptocurrencies in the green for the last 24-hours. It is leading BTC market by 2.05% and the NEO market by 9.09%.

t’s working hard on its technical achievements and to develop public chain by connecting resources with new partners and their technical teams. With the diversification it brings to the industry, there is much reason to keep an eye on the coin for the future as its potential is real.


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NEO Crypto-Holding Individuals Will Receive Free ONT Tokens

Traders and crypto-investors who are holding NEO in their wallet will be getting grasp of free ONT [Ontology] tokens as the NEO Council declared that it would hand out 20 millions of them.

For starters – the network called Ontology is a public blockchain structure that give the opportunity developers to find use of the decentralized ecosystem and make dApps reality. The infrastructure is supported by a Chinese based blockchain tech firm – Onchain.

The NEO Council is in fact distributing ONT tokens received as a donation from the Ontology team, and for each NEO a person holds, they will receive 0.2 ONT, 0.1 of which will be available immediately while the other half will be locked until the Ontology MainNet goes live.

ONT is a divisible NEP-5 token for now, but after the Ontology MainNet releases in the second quarter this year, NEP-5 tokens will be exchangeable for MainNet ONT. For the NEO ONT airdrop, a snapshot will be taken at block height 1974823, which is expected around March 1, 2018.

The free tokens should be available to be collected by users as long as the-last mentioned are keeping their NEO in a non-exchange wallet. It is understandable that various policies will be announced out by different exchanges, however for the moment KuCoin did put out supportive stance for the airdrop.

As per time of the writing, the pair NEO/USD is performing quite well in the crypto-market as the token value was able to break above the major $100.00 level and stabilize in its recovered trading ground while it is gaining 7.7 percent in the last 24-hours. Even with the correction taking place for many other coins, the ONT token drop could support the path even further.

NEO trading

Source: coinmarketcap

The 8th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been added [its token] on the Omicrex trading platform as a choice to pair NEO/BTC since January 15. Along with NEO, pairs like XMR/BTC, IOTA/BTC and XRP/BTC have been included. The event has been announced in a writing by Omicron Crypto Market.

After the NEO ONT airdrop, we are also expecting the Ethereum Classic (ETC) Callisto (CLO) airdrop on March 5, 2018, and it will be interesting to see how both these tokens react.