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‘Join The Tron (TRX) Revolution,’ requests Justin Sun

The market is still RED. This is very okay and somewhat normal. This has happened before and should not shock any seasoned trader who has been around from at least last November. The cryptocurrency and blockchain world is here to stay. Sure, both industries will experience growing pains, but it is always the case with any new technology. This is the sentiment that has been echoed by Justin Sun throughout all the periods of FUD that the Tron (TRX) project has faced over the past few months.

In a group photo of all 108 Tron team members at the Beijing office that was posted on twitter, Justin Sun requested his fans to be part of the growing team and revolution. He had this to say together with posting the group photo.

Finally got a group photo with all 108 #TRON Beijing office team members. We are one of the fastest growing #blockchain teams, sending out 1 offer/day. We expect to be 400 strong by year end, exceeding ETH, and have a global team of 1k+ in 2019. Join the revolution!  $TRX #TRX

Tron Beijing Team with Justin Sun

The fact that the Tron Foundation is sending out at least one offer per day to a prospective new team member, proves that this is a project that the will be hard to ignore moving forward in the Crypo-verse. The fact that Justin and the Tron Foundation comprises of a young team, means that they will be in tune with the likes and dislikes of a generation that has been dubbed the digital generation that is always concerned about their online personas.

Justin had this to say about the young team at Tron and why it will be key in making the project flourish.

TRON is the youngest of the ten, but we are the most professional, with a team that brings experience from mainstream Internet companies like Alibaba. Compared to most stagnant crypto companies, TRON is agile and embraces change. In 2018, we will bring our young, professional approach, one that embraces change, into the lax and conservative structure of old. The TRON mindset is crucial for the healthy development of the cryptocurrency industry.

these statements and announcements from Justin, are enough for a few people to become Tron HODLers and fans from this moment forward.

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Tron (TRX) Main Net Launch Countdown: 26 Days 6 Hours 59 Minutes

There is something about countdowns that leaves the heart and mind restless and excited at the same time. We have seen it in Hollywood movies when the main hero is trying to defuse a bomb and has a few seconds to go and has to decide if it is the red or blue wire. We have also seen it in the NASA themed Hollywood movies whenever a rocket is about to be launched into space. Tron (TRX) is no different from those space missions. Main Net is sure to send the value of TRX off to outer space and landing on the Moon to the delight of the TRX HOLDers that span all continents on the globe.

The current time left to the May 31st Main Net launch at the moment of writing this is 26 Days 6 Hours 59 Minutes and a few seconds. This time is decreasing at the standard rate of one second. But this second seems like an eternity for anyone who has been a fan and believer of the project from Day 1.

The Tron platform is sure to excite the crypto-verse with its vision of building the infrastructre for a truly decentralized internet. The platform will be scalable, with high availability, high throughput and developer friendly to allow easy creating of Decentralized Applications. The protocal will also support smart contracts in an era where Ethereum has been king in this department. TRON is sure to compete for a piece of the action.

The Tron foundation has also not forgotten about the ERC20 platform that helped launch it. The foundation is currently carrying out an airdrop to Ethereum holders that is worth 30 Million TRX. The team is even willing to increase mining fees to allow for the fast processing of the Airdrops.

Regarding Token migration later on in June, notable exchanges that have been announced to support the process include: Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bibox and The project is also campaigning for more listings and currently asking TRX HODLers to vote for the token on the Coinfield exchange.

One thing that is amazing, is the support the project gathers from its community. TRON believers and HODLers will go down in history as being one of the most resilient Crypto communities to grace the Crypto-verse.

[Photo source,, Man On The Moon – Scars of the world]

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VeChain (VEN) Main Net Launch Set For End Of June

The second quarter of 2018 will prove to be one of the most exciting times in the Crypto-verse as more and more cryptocurreny projects aim at releasing the Main Net versions of their individual blockchain networks. Tron (TRX) has scheduled its Main Net launch to be on the 31st of May with enough action in the markets to convert a non-believer of the project to a HOLDer.

EOS (EOS) also has its roadmap set at releasing EOSIO 1.0 during the first days of June. Speculation is high that the exact day is the 3rd of June.

And now, VeChain (VEN) has announced that its Main Net shall be launched at the end of June this year. The exact date has not been announced.

The project plans on first releasing a Public Alpha Test that will consist of several reputable third party cyber security and code auditors ranging from private firms to esteemed enterprises. In addition, the VeChain Foundation would like to vet and approve 100 public testers

From May until early June, VeChain Foundation will be accepting applications for the Public Alpha Test of the VeChainThor Blockchain. The 100 selected participants will have a background in cybersecurity, blockchain development, enterprise software development, enterprise application testing or other suitable experience and skill sets. These participants will receive bounties for their work while working alongside the VeChain Blockchain Core team to provide critical insights on improvements

In early June, the VeChain Foundation will open up the code base to the public and at the same time will begin the Public Beta Test in which all community members can test the blockchain and wallets. The public beta will last until the mainnet launch, which is expected to occur at the end of June.

The timetable towards the launch is as follows:

  • 2017  – Mid April 2018: Development Completed

  • Mid April – Mid May, Alpha 1.0

  • Mid May  – Early June, Alpha 2.0

  • Early June  – End of June, Beta/Public testing, Source Code Open

  • End Of June  – Mainnet Launch

Current market analysis puts VeChain at a value of $5.21 and up 0.89% in 24 hours. However, when analyzing the performance of the token for the last one month, and particular, using its recent lowest value of $2.18 on April 1st this year, we see a tremendous increment. VeChain (VEN) is up 139% since April 1st and is destined for more gains with the Main Net launch.

Some price predictions have put VEN at a level of $75 by the end of the year.

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Tron (TRX) and Neo (NEO) Edge Out IOTA from the #10 Spot

The markets are in the green once again as the East Coast of America wakes up this Monday. Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $9,283 and looks like staying above the $9,200 level through the week. Ethereum (ETH) has gained 2% in 24 hours and is currently trading at $687.

But two coins have stolen the show at the moment of writing this. Both Tron (TRX) and Neo (NEO) have suddenly surged by double digits, and in the process, edged out IOTA (MIOTA) from the top ten list of coins and tokens according to

Tron (TRX) is currently trading at $0.936 and shows no signs of stopping until it hits the 10 cent barrier. It is currently doing close to 12% in gains in 24 hours and at the moment of writing this. Neo (NEO) on the other hand is valued at $88.08 and doing 10.36% in gains in the last 24 hours.

One explanation could be that Tron has 3 crucial dates heading into Quarter 2 of this year and traders do not want to be left out of the action. The first date is the launch of the MianNet on the 31st of May. The second is the token migration on the 21st of June and the third is the Super Representative elections that are being held on the 26th of June.

With respect to NEO, this coin has always had moments of surges in the market with its highest coming on the 16th of January when it was valued at $191. If there is another reason for the surge in its value, it will be revealed as the day goes by and Ethereum World News will be there to report it to you.

One thing to note, is that both Tron (TRX) and Neo (NEO) are prominent cryptocurrencies in their country of inception. Both are projects that stem from the technology powerhouse of China.

Despite the Chinese government having banned cryptocurrencies and trading, well known Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges such as OKEX and Huobi have continued to thrive online. They managed to relocated to Hong Kong before regulation and crackdowns by the Chinese government had closed in on them and stopped their operations completely.

What we all know when a government bans something, it makes the citizens curious as to why it is being banned. What then happens is that the countrymen and women start discussing the ban and how to get a hold of the banned product or service. This has happened so many times in the globe with substances such as marijuana that is now receiving acceptance in the United States after law enforcement realised they were fighting a losing battle.

With time, the Chinese government might cave in due to public outcry but in a manner where they will be the one regulating or offering cryptocurrency exchange services. Which is still okay from the point of view of a Chinese citizen.

One thing is for sure, cryptocurrencies are here to stay! To The Moon! 

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Test Net And A Few Tron (TRX) Price Predictions

The Test Net countdown is live on the Tron (TRX) website. The much anticipated launch of the Beta version of the Tron Network is slated for release on the 31st of March, less than 5 days from today and at the moment of writing this. As a result, the world wide web is a bee hive of activity and ‘buzz’ surrounding the Tron project that has weathered the storm of FUD from all angles. Its founder, Justin Sun, was the victim of lots of FUD earlier on in the project but he has kept his cool and continued to push the project ahead – firing on all cylinders.

So much so, that the release of Main Net has been bumped up to May 31st of this year – exactly 2 months after the release of Test Net.

It is with such excitement about the events ahead in the Tron project that there is a lot of excitement about the price predictions of the token down the year 2018 and beyond.

One price prediction puts Tron (TRX) at $0.27 by the end of the year. This is after the consideration that Tron (TRX) will be the main medium of transactions on the Tron Network that is slated to be released in May. Also, more developers will start using the platform as the days go by leading to an increase in the price of the coin. By coin, this means that down the year, Tron will be on its own platform after Main Net is released, and not on the Ethereum (ERC20) one of the ICO. The token migration methods have not been confirmed but it will be on a 1:1 ratio.

Other price predictions without giving definite dates, put Tron (TRX) possibly at the $0.57 – $0.62 range, $3.15 or $5.72 depending on several conditions such as reception of the platform by developers and past performance of the token in the markets.

All in all, the buzz around Tron and the technology that is about to be released should have an impact on the price of the token and later, the coin. The big question is, are there more investors buying ahead of the launch of Test Net and Main Net to allow for an upward surge in the value of Tron (TRX) in the markets? Will the volume be sustained long enough for a higher support line in the charts?