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After TapJets, Surf Air Joins Litecoin (LTC) Adoption, Massive Acceptance To Follow

The PayWithLitecoin campaign is paying off. After TapJet announced it is supporting Litecoin, many other platforms are signifying they are now accepting the altcoin.

Among those companies that are now adopting Litecoin is Surf Air. While Surf does not own or operate any aircraft, the flight company arranges travel and other services solely as a manager of the Surf Air membership program and as an agent of its membership.

The information was revealed by Litecoin Founder, Charlie Lee whose zeal is to campaign for Litecoin’s massive adoption among different companies.

Charlie Lee said in a tweet: “On the heels of @TapJets accepting Litecoin, I just got confirmation that @SurfAir is also accepting LTC now in addition to BTC and ETH. More info on this next week! More places to #PayWithLitecoin.”

Surf Air is celebrated as the first private air travel club that offers what it branded “all-you-can-fly service: for one monthly fee. The company offers flight to and from convenient airports through the U.S. West Coast, and promises that additional regions and destinations will follow as time goes on”.

Just yesterday,, a virtual reality porn platform announced it is now accepting Litecoin as payment option.

The company in a press release, indicated that their choice of LTC is born of the fact that it’s a top-tier coin with unique benefits for the user, especially, its fast confirmation time, low fees, and liquidity. The Porn platform went ahead that Litecoin also has a great development team and community.

Meanwhile, TapJets has confirmed it has fully integrated Litecoin on its platform disclosing that $500 Gift Voucher awaits LTC enthusiasts who book for flight on using the coin.

Tapjet tweeted: “Thanks to #LTC community and #PayWithLiteCoin movement and support from developers @TapJets is now accepting LiteCoin. As a token of appreciation @Tapjets is offering $500 gift voucher (CODE: LTCNOW) for each flight booked with $LTC #FLYTAPJETS”

There is room for massive adoption of Litecoin by various companies who desire using cryptocurrency for payment due to the ongoing PayWithLitecoin campaign.

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Tenx Adds Litecoin [LTC] To Its Wallet App, To Produce Litecoin Debit Card

LitecoinThe news that Litecoin is being added to Tenx does not come as a shock because from inception, the cryptocoin is living up to the recent billings attached to it, that it is the 3rd most popular coin in America, according to a survey among 1000 millennial in America.

Although Ripple is known to be world’s third most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the survey ranked Litecoin above the Cross-border specialist cryptocurrency. Even though Litecoin is presently listed on Coinbase, one of the world most important exchange, the altcoin sees this as no big deal, and it is by no means hitting the sack, whereas it is on the run with no hesitation.

The recent Litecoin-TenX partnership has fashioned the initiation of a new development for the Litecoin, off-shooting the cryptocurrency to a new height.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, TenX, a virtual currency tagged to be “spendable anytime anywhere” aired a statement on Twitter that:

“Some #TenX updates regarding @LTCFoundation and @BlockfolioApp

While confirming the disclosure elaborately, Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin, and an Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase also tweeted that Litecoin’s currency, LTC has been added to TenX wallet.

“TenX recently added LTC to their wallets, and we are working with them to launch a Litecoin debit card. Stay tuned for more information. LitePay who”?

TenX, in another statement disclosed their excitement over the new partnership, with hopes it will step up their services and acceptability.

“We are also excited to announce a new partnership; we have reached out to, and are working with the Litecoin Foundation to introduce a co-branded card for which more information will be available soon. We hope to become the preferred payment platform for fans and owners of Litecoin, and cannot wait to see you use our wallet and join the revolution”!

TenX further stated that it is supporting Litecoin and it has added LTC to its wallet app for both iOS and Android.

eGifter Now Accepts LTC

While rejoicing with Litecoin over Litecoin-TenX development, that seems not be a dead end for the altcoin as eGifter now allows users to buy gift cards with LTC.

This was also made known in a Wednesday April 11, tweet released by Charlie Lee. He stated, “eGifter now accepts LTC for purchasing gift cards. They are using @AliantPayment. Thanks for supporting Litecoin”

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Litecoin’s Creator Praises GBMiners – “This SegWit2x Folly Hard Fork”

Charlie Lee – Litecoin’s founder and former executive at Coinbase, Yesterday Oct 27 revealed through social media that the major mining pool operator GBMiners had terminated signaling for the Segregated Witness 2x Hard Fork which is expected to take place around mid-Nov.

Earlier this month, F2Pool, another leading mining pool operator with 14 percent of the global bitcoin hashrate, stopped signaling for the SegWit2x hard fork. According to the NYA SegWit2x agreement established at the Consensus 2017 event, F2Pool signed the proposal along with other miners that represent 83.28 percent of global bitcoin hashing power.

With the inclusion of GBMiners since F2Pool withdrawal, the hashrate backing-up for SegWit2x HF on November has dropped to 66 percent from 82.28. It has been commented Luke Parker of BraveNewCoin, that many are shifting from SegWit2x supporting pools to Slush Pool. Slush Pool makes it possible for individuals to show their mining support for either the original BTC blokchain or SegWit2x.

“Further, over 3,000 miners moved from other pools to join the Slush Pool last week, which is the only major pool that lets individual miners decide for themselves which fork they’d like to support. The move saw Slush Pool rise to become the 5th largest pool with 8.5% of the total Bitcoin hashrate — and only 6% of its miners are signaling for Segwit2x, with 75% signaling for the legacy chain,” wrote Parker.

The has power of F2Pool has climbed significantly from 9 to 14 percent just one week after their support withdrawal.

mining rate

Prior to the withdrawal of F2Pool and GBMiners from the SegWit2x agreement, bitcoin communities in major regions and bitcoin markets such as Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong publicly spoke out against the SegWit2x hard fork. Yesterday, on October 26, CCN reported that the Hong Kong bitcoin community strongly rejected the SegWit2x hard fork, given the lack of support from both the community and the industry.

“SegWit2x does not include strong transaction replay protection, nor does it have widespread consensus across the community. Due to the combination of both a lack of consensus across the community and a lack of strong replay protection, we consider SegWit2x a reckless endeavor that will cause disruption and harm to the ecosystem. We therefore strongly oppose SegWit2x. This remains true even if the SegWit2x chain has the majority hashrate or a higher price,” – Letter for the Hong Kong BTC enthusiasts and community.

It seems like there is no return at this point of the process and the Hard Fork will be happen approx Nov 16. However, with the lack of support from the community, major mining entities/industry and market, it is very possible that the formed blockchain will not be turning into the ‘higher ranked’ one.

Like with Bitcoin Cash [BCH] or Gold Hard Forks, the next one will just give birth to another fork of BTC as in the meantime the original bitcoin chain or legacy will continue as the majority chain.

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NO to Bitcoin SegWit2x – Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee is Against

The founder and creator of Litecoin [LTC], very respected cryptocurrency-community figure Charlie Lee – supporter of Bitcoin for a long time, via twitter has showcased his concerns related to SegWit2x for the pursuit of solution by a group of companies which are in change of BTC protocol with no user consensus:

“Miners and business cannot change Bitcoin without user consensus. So today, to show my disapproval, I’m adding [NO2X] to my name.”

First, the upgrade was suggested to increase the block size of Bitcoin by 2MB, followed up by the activation of the Bitcoin Core development Team’s scaling and transaction malleability solution SegWit2x (Segregated Witness) – by Barry Silbert-led Digital Currency group which followed as a solution to the Hong Kong agreement.

However, the majority of the Bitcoin community opposed the activation of SegWit2x, due to the lack of support from Bitcoin Core developers and users. Acknowledging the decline in the probability of the Bitcoin community agreeing to the SegWit2x proposal, the companies behind the movement proposed a hard fork execution in November, to create a separate Bitcoin-based Blockchain network, like Bitcoin Cash.

By many this event taking place is quite odd as the timing of the suggestions is the issue while a centralized group of businesses are trying to change the Bitcoin protocol without the agreement of BTC core developers, the open-source development community, the industry and users. Adding on that, the SegWit activation is still on its early phases of adopting while it has showed quite impact on the network. While only five percent are Segregated Witness enabled of the network, the block size decreased from 1MB to 0.86MB and the mempool from 150 mln bytes to lower than 10 mln bytes.

The substantial decline in the size of the Bitcoin mempool is especially important to consider, because the mempool is the holding area for unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions. For the past month, the size of the Bitcoin mempool has remained below 15 mln bytes, less than 10 percent of where it was a month ago.

Worthy to mention, Bitcoin pioneer and Blockstream CEO Adam Back in 2015, showed his support towards increasing the BTC block size. This represents that not all Core developers could be against increasing the Bitcoin block size.

But, it is vital to increase the Bitcoin block size when necessary. SegWit has already scaled the Bitcoin network at a similar rate, as a 2MB block size increase and still at five percent capacity. If it reaches 50 percent and 100 percent in the upcoming months, the Bitcoin Blockchain will scale even further.

From that it is easily concluded that there is need to let SegWit expand out and play out, and then when it is absolutely necessary, follow the idea of increasing the BTC block size. That is why it feels odd to implement an important update on the protocol when Segregated Witness was just implemented and is still in the progress of adoption.

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