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Potentials In Newly Unveiled Litecoin-Wirex Debit Card

Even though Litecoin-Wirex Debit Card launch had been announced earlier, the proper unveiling was still stunning, outstanding and mind blowing. Prior, the yesterday released debit card that featured both company had risen curiosity and thirst from people who want to experience the latest development.

April 25 marked the official release of the long waited new Litecoin wallet on Wirex which also featured the release of a Visa debit card. Wirex, in a Tweet retweeted by Charlie Lee made this known, stating that:

“Litecoin wallets have landed Verified users around the can now buy, trade & spend #LTC Full product features, benefits, and how to get your hot little hands on one”

The major provider of Cryptocurrency wallet, Wirex, on its website stated that it had chosen Litecoin over Bitcoin for some reasons.

“It’s faster than Bitcoin, has lower blockchain fees and may become a global payment option available on dozens of big brand websites in coming months”.

Potential In The Debits Card.

A new development should means the introduction of new things, providing the populace with new features.

As Litecoin seems to outstand others in becoming the “first of several altcoin currencies available on the Wirex platform”, the integrated LTC wallet and the debit card have been decorated with number of features that make transactions easier for users. The new development will grant users the following opportunity:

  • Fast and easy conversion of LTC into fiat currencies like GBP, EUR or USD which will make spending of the cryptocoin stress-free, using the free Wirex Visa Card.
  • Instant, easy, and secured purchasing of Litecoin with bank transfer, debit or credit card through Wirex account.
  • Easy cashout of ICO profits by depositing the altcoin and exchanging it into Litecoin.
  • Conversion of Litecoin into Bitcoin and vice versa at any time.
  • Free transfer of Litecoin to other LTC wallets.
  • Possibility of using Litecoin for payment option on major brands that makes it available.

What The Latest Development Means For Litecoin.

Litecoin has been ranked popular above several other altcoins that are above it in the table, among which Ripple lies, but people are still skeptical about the authenticity and possibility of such claims.

The new developments that are trooping in from the altcoin seem to be clarifying people’s doubt. Recently, Litecoin was added to TenX exchange platform and a debit was also proposed for launching in both company name.


Litecoin, the altcoin tagged to be proficient in daily transitions, is living up to its billings by getting listed on renowned exchange platforms, which will give it more visibility and usability around the world.

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Litecoin’s Value Increase Complemented With Listing on Korean Oldest Exchange

Litecoin is only not adding value in the market, but also cruising around the world of cryptocurrecny with great and new developments as additions. Yesterday, in a tweet issued by the altcoin’s owner, Charlie Lee, it was aired that Litecoin’s developments have added another feather to its cap as the altcoin seems to get support from Korbit, one of Korea’s oldest exchange platform.

“Tomorrow, @KorbitBTC will launch LTC trading. It’s awesome that one of the oldest Korean exchanges will now support Litecoin. I still remember asking Korbit many years ago”.

“I have donated 100 LTC for a promotion. See blog post for more details”.

The news went viral and enthusiast rejoiced with the believe that the cryptocurrency is moving for a greater height with the recent maturation in its value.

Within the space of 24hrs, Lee announced on his twitter handles that Korbit has recognized Litcoin by listing it on its platform for exchange.

“Korbit is now trading Litecoin”!

“The last remaining major exchange not supporting LTC yet is @GeminiDotCom. What are you waiting for”?

Korbit Exchange!

Korbit, tagged the most popular and largest crypto-exchange platform in South Korea, is the first Bitcoins exchange platform, it was founded after raising $3.6 million from high profile investors.

Before now, the major currencies for exchange on the platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Korbit operates with a low trading fees of 0.1% for maker trades and 0.2% for taker.

Litecoin’s Price Maturation

Just about a week ago , Litecoin plunged to the base, trading around $125. Surely at that time, the market seems bearish for all altcoins and the prayer of enthusiasts was definitely for a bulling market that will favor them. Not long, the market began to move northward and Litecoin was not left behind.

Within the space of 24hrs, Litecoin’s value rose, trading for 138 against dollar. Although the altcoin’s price dipped within the next 5hrs, but it later picked up the batten of rising price and began climbing towards the north gradually. On April 20, Litecoin rose up to $154, a price which it attained only about a month ago.

Although, at present, Litecoin, ranked 6th with a total market cap of over 8 billion has lost 0.74% of its value within 24hrs, trading at $148, but when compared to its price 7days back, it has added 18.09% to its value.

Conclusively, as the old tale of Litecoin appears to be taking a new and favourable shape, the altcoin may soon rise to the zenith.

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Wirex To Produce Litecoin (LTC) Debit Card

Here comes another big news for Litecoin. The altcoin seems to be opting for another Debit card after it announced its partnership with TenX will soon produce a debit card in the name of the two company.  Just today, Charlie lee stated on twitter that another debit card for Litecoin is about to be produced courtesy of Wirex.

“Seems like another Litecoin debit card in the works. Not hyping… Just excited to see so many companies supporting Litecoin! #PayWithLitecoin

Although there has been no official announcement from Wirex. The financial firm, tagged crypto-friendly currency account is a renounce company dubbed by many as the most famous cryptocurrency wallets provider. With about 1.5 million users in over 130 countries, the crypto wallet provider is linked with physical and virtual VISA debit cards.

Tenx-Litecoin Partnership Will As Well Produce Debit Card.

The news that Litecoin is being added to Tenx does not come as a shock because from inception, the cryptocoin is living up to expectations as the 3rd most popular coin in America, according to a survey among 1000 millennial in the country.

Mr. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin and ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase, who disclosed this information on his Twitter page, revealed “TenX recently added LTC to their wallets, and we are working with them to launch a Litecoin debit card. Stay tuned for more information. LitePay who”?

Speaking on the development, Tenx team stated their happiness on the partnership, hoping it will step up their service.

“We are also excited to announce a new partnership; we have reached out to, and are working with the Litecoin Foundation to introduce a co-branded card for which more information will be available soon. We hope to become the preferred payment platform for fans and owners of Litecoin, and cannot wait to see you use our wallet and join the revolution”

Litecoin is no doubt a great coin to watch. The altcoin is doing fantastic in recent time. One very noticeable partnership it recently made is that with eGifter, a reputable gift cards platform.

In the last 24 hours, Litecoin has been recovering. It now trades at $139 according to Coinmarketcap. The reason for the increased value could be linked to a recent announcement that it is going to be listed on Korbit Exchange, one of the oldest Korean exchange.

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Litecoin [LTC] Core Upgrade – Charlie Lee Declares

The founder of the silver-crypto – Litecoin [LTC] Charlie Lee, via twitter has announced all crypto-enthusiasts and traders that  the Litecoin Core has been upgraded and tagged:

Litecoin is a direct follower of bitcoin as the founder himself described the coin as the silver to gold – Litecoin to Bitcoin. An experimental virtual currency that allows instant payments to be completed irrespective of the person, time or place. The crypto has well cemented its place as the 5th largest one by market capitalization rocking the $9.3 billion and being one of the only in the green gaining zone in the last 24-hours reaching the $168.00 mark.

Litecoin Core is the open source software that allows the use of Litecoin [LTC] currency. It is released under the MIT license terms and is maintained by the Litecoin development team. The initial synchronization takes time and lot of space since it consists the entire Litecoin client, which in turn downloads the full blockchain.

The core has not been officially released despite the fact that it has been upgraded by the team supporting the platform a few hours ago. It has been highlighted out that the improvement still needs a few levels of in-depth testing before handing it out. The 0.16 version is planned to have native Segregated Witness Bech32 support and lower fees accordingly. Like mentioned by the founder, it is a reference wallet and not a coin fork. This update has been released after a short duration of the Bitcoin Core v0.16.0 upgrade.

In general, the litecoin followers and supporters are quite enthusiastic when it comes to the coin. The positive energy that is built up the community is impacted heavily [for the good] by the constant up-dating that Charlie Lee does through social network. Much appreciated!

“We are grateful to the entire team which has worked hard for this upgrade. All of this wouldn’t even exist without you all. SatoshiLite how does it feel? This is the kind of stuff that will make a decentralized world possible, power to the people!” -Litecoin Follower on Twitter.