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Bluehill Launches With $50M Global Fund to Back IOST Ecosystem

San Francisco, CA (June 21, 2018) – Bluehill, a blockchain incubator and accelerator, officially launched today to support partnership projects, DApp development and blockchain technology innovations within the IOST ecosystem.

Following a successful new raise of $50 million in funding, Bluehill aims to provide crucial backing for IOST industry partnerships, as well as for projects built within the IOST ecosystem. Bluehill was established to support the growing interest from developers and entrepreneurs in the IOST blockchain. The backing of a well-funded incubator/accelerator will position the IOST network to compete for developer attention with top tier blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

“We’ve seen an upswell of interest from blockchain ecosystem developers looking to partner with the IOST network as well as from DApp teams looking to develop on top of it. We will be creating a highly supportive ecosystem to accelerate the most promising projects and strengthen the entire IOST network.” – Samantha Wang, Bluehill CEO

Bluehill has already established a team of over 50 full time staff with plans to reach 100 employees by the end of the year. They have offices in China, Korea, Singapore and are currently finalizing incorporation in the United States and Germany, as well as plans to launch more offices globally in the near future. They will work closely to support teams both developing on and improving the IOST network by providing services including funding, operations, marketing, HR, recruitment, advisorship and industry partners. With its aggressive global expansion plan, Bluehill appears set to leave its mark on the blockchain ecosystem.

In the future Bluehill and IOST plan to collaborate to launch projects in order to emulate the rapid expansion of blockchain technology supported by the Ethereum ecosystem over the last year.

Bluehill has already announced partnerships with 7 highly promising projects that are developing blockchain solutions for cybersecurity, payment processing and content distribution:


Certik is committed to reconstructing the trust of smart contracts and blockchains through world-leading formal verification technology. CertiK can detect the security loopholes of open source code and ensure the security before the smart contract is released. CertiK features an elite team from Yale University, Columbia University, and Silicon Valley including Co-founder Shao Zhong, Dean of the Department of Computer Science at Yale University with more than 20 years of experience in the security field.

CertiK will explore IOST mainchain smart contract validation services in order to ensure the security of smart contracts and the overall blockchain system, avoid bugs for on-chain transactions and secure the system from exploits by hackers.


ContentBox currently ranks first in it’s Google Play category and boasts over 16 million users. With its management team has previous experience from leading companies such as Google and Facebook, ContentBox project is building a blockchain architecture for the digital content industry, challenging traditional content giants such as Netflix and YouTube, and creating global decentralized digital content ecosystem. Because content consumption and payment scenarios must be high-frequency, instant, and complex.

ContentBox intends to form an in-depth strategic partnership with IOST to explore how it can ensure security and support the expansion of the basic public chain. Bluehill will facilitate their transition onto IOST.


Origo is an extensible privacy protection platform for decentralized applications. It extends zero-knowledge proof technology to the input and output of smart contract applications, expanding the scope of privacy protection to encompass every aspect of smart contracts. Its core technology includes the Origo compiler, which can automatically generate cryptographic protocols, allowing developers to build privacy-protected smart contracts and applications without cryptography. Origo’s core team comes from Tsinghua University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, and tech giants including Google, IBM and Pinterest.

Origo will improve the privacy protection policies of DApp’s built on the IOST blockchain and provide security for the transmission and storage of communications, data and value.


Rate3 is establishing an ecosystem for secure and efficient cross-border payments. Rate3 will also build a simpler infrastructure for trustworthy e-commerce relationships, facilitate the transfer of funds between merchants and consumers, and establish a reliable credit scoring system for traditional lenders and capital providers. The core team hails from Stanford University and the National University of Singapore. The team previously successfully built the RateX and RateS e-commerce products, which saved more than $200,000 in cross-border payments and over provided over $500,000 in discounts for 150,000 users. Currently it has cooperated with several well-known e-commerce platforms, including Taobao, Amazon, and Singapore e-commerce.

Rate3 will be based on the IOST chain, creating a new e-commerce system with low transaction costs, efficient operation, and distributed redemption functions.


Lambda is a blockchain infrastructure designed to provide unlimited storage as a service for decentralized applications, multi-chain data storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, user data, ownership verification, and distributed intelligent computing. Lambda uses sharding and sub-chain tech to greatly enhance system scalability, and is a future-oriented data service. Lambda’s core team has extensive open source project development experience including on several Apache projects such as Camel, Akka, Drill, etc. The Lambda team is mostly composed of former OneAPM employees, a well-known APM SaaS company. The OneAPM system can process every day at its peak. 100 billion data.

Lambda will work with IOST to reduce the risk of data loss, reduce storage and bandwidth costs, and provide content-addressable, peer-to-peer distributed storage and transmission protocols that enable users to create faster, more secure and lower cost data services.


Covalent is a privacy-protected data network that utilizes a decentralized computing network to ensure that data is encrypted at all times. Covalent team members hail from leading universities including Harvard, Princeton, and MIT, and possess extensive research and industry experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Covalent core technologies include the Covalent virtual machines, Covalent security domains, and Covalent X (the application of zk-STARK and homomorphic encryption cryptography). These technologies coalesce to guarantee data privacy. Covalent Networks will also set up a data exchange platform that allows users to run Al/ML models on encrypted data without worrying about the privacy of the data. Covalent will collaborate with IOST to explore the application of privacy protection technologies such as Enclave, zk-STARK, and Homomorphic Encryption to create a privacy focused decentralized data network.


Plair is a blockchain-based game platform committed to bringing the virtual gaming experience of eSports to a sustainable development ecosystem. Players can interact, play, watch or discuss games all on the Plair platform. Plair will measure the value of the participants, and reward those who contribute to the platform, motivating participants to create value in game. Plair will feature community management systems, social tools, artificial intelligence cross-platform matching and other analysis tools to build a blockchain-based game ecosystem platform. The Plair CEO founded a number of technology companies and has previously worked at Dell and EMC. The team includes e-pro gamers and e-sports club managers.

With IOST, Plair will explore the efficient blockchain network and its high-speed virtual machine to better support blockchain functionality for high-performance games.

If you are a developer or entrepreneur and are interested in contributing to the IOST network via core blockchain innovation, DApp development, or other initiatives, please head to to find out how Bluehill can support you.


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IOSToken (IOST) Partners With Alibaba Cloud (Japan), Simplifying Blockchain On The Cloud

The IOSToken (IOST) project is making major strides with the recent partnership with Alibaba Cloud’s computing company in Japan known as SB Cloud. The latter was co-founded by one of Japan’s largest Telecom Operators, Softbank, and SB Cloud’s main aim is to provide cloud computing services and solutions for Japanese Companies. The company also caters for start-up and Multi-national companies in the country.

IOST Co-founder, Sa Wang (second from left) and SB Cloud Director Yao Meng (left one) and other executives. Source, IOST

This is why the partnership is significant in that IOST will have a platform to showcase blockchain technology on the cloud. Blockchain and cloud computing is a recent on-demand trend that many companies are exploring. Another company adopting the trend include American cloud computing giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS), that launched Blockchain Templates back in April. The aim of AWS in this endeavor, is to make it easier for developers to create blockchain projects by using pre-set frameworks on AWS that support both Ethereum’s and the Linuz Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

The reason for this AWS analogy, is to relay the magnitude of the SB Cloud and IOST partnership. SB Cloud will provide IOST’s blockchain technology and products to the business enterprise users it serves. By having blockchain technology on a cloud computing platform, users will have access to a flexible, cost effective avenue to quickly launch and use IOST’s blockchain technology in a short period of time.

IOST blockchain technology can not only help traditional industries solve the pain points of IT construction effectively, but also save time – as earlier mentioned – and cost. IOST blockchain technology will also solve the waste caused by equipment expansion since the network is decentralized. Another benefit of decentralization, is that IT equipment failure, will not affect the entire network as was seen with the VISA services outage in Europe just a few days ago.

This is why the partnership between IOST and SB Cloud will be a powerful combination of blockchain and cloud computing technology to the level of competing with AWS. With the partnership, IOST will also have a ready launchpad to expand in Japan: a country known to have over 3.5 Million cryptocurrency traders and HODLers.

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Here Is Why IOSToken (IOST), Zilliqa (ZIL) and Tron (TRX) are Fan Favorites In Q3 of 2018

The second quarter of 2018 is coming to a close and we only have 22 days till the second half begins, and with it, the third quarter of 2018. The past few months since December, have been an exciting time for the crypto-verse with events such as the market peaking, then dipping like never seen before; to projects like Tron (TRX) overcoming FUD as well as Zilliqa (ZIL) introducing sharding. IOSToken (IOST) has also emerged during this time period, as the solution to the internet of services question and how to make it more secure and scalable for online services.

All three projects and cryptocurrencies have been identified as possible Ethereum ‘killers’, but now let us focus on these three and why they should be on our radar as we inch closer to Q3 of this year.

So what exactly is IOST?

The IOST project has been closely followed by its loyal fans since last December and has gathered a lot of following amongst the Crypto-community. The vision of the project is to build a secure and scalable blockchain for smart services. When complete, the IOST ecosystem will be capable of hosting different kinds of services as well as innovative new business models that weren’t previously feasible.

It will achieve this through providing the aforementioned scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain platform that will be the preferred choice of Decentralized Application developers who will use it to create, innovate and build their next big ideas.

The project is impressively building a strong and vibrant IOST community that will be essential in building a successful blockchain infrastructure moving forward. The project has gained significant growth internationally in not only China, but also San Francisco and Singapore. The latter office recently welcomed new experienced members to the team.

What about Tron (TRX) and Zilliqa (ZIL)?

Tron and Zilliqa are both very ambitious projects in the crypto-verse. Tron aims at decentralizing the web on the blockchain and to become the choice platform for Decentralized Applications in the process. It also aims at becoming the most secure, stable and scalable platform; and to recapture top 6 coin glory again according to market capitalization.

Zilliqa on the other hand aims at transforming the way smart contracts are writen by introducing the Scilla programming language as well as the concept of Sharding to further scale transactions on the platform. This is a welcome revolutionary vision by the team at Zilliqa.

So why have these three cryptocurrencies and projects on your radar in Q3?

Firstly, all three projects solve the issue of scalabilty that has been plaguing the Ethereum platform. Both Zilliqa and IOSToken introducing sharding which is the division of the mining network into smaller shards each capable of processing transactions in parallel. However, with IOST sharding, the project introduces Efficient Distributed Sharding which makes the shards sufficiently large and strongly bias-resistant via a combination of a client server randomness scavenging mechanism and leader election via cryptographic sortition.

With respect to Tron, the MainNet will achieve 2,000 transactions per second which is 80 times faster than that of Ethereum.

Secondly, the Tron MainNet is currently live and testing will be complete by the 24th of June and just in time for the third quarter of 2018. The ZIL MainNet is also scheduled for launch in the third quarter of 2018. With respect to IOST, the MainNet is still in development with regular updates by the team as we complete the second quarter of 2018. All these projects have dedicated team members who will ensure the MainNets are released as scheduled with products that were promised in their whitepapers.

Thirdly, all these three projects are lucky in that they were founded and initially based in China and Singapore. Both TRON and IOST have their roots in China with Zilliqa has its roots in Singapore.

Therefore, the projects stand to benefit from the recent embracing of Blockchain Technology by the Chinese Government as outlined by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping who was quoted as saying:

A new generation of technology represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, internet of things and blockchain is accelerating breakthrough applications.

This statement by President Jinping is the much needed motivation for any blockchain project in the region. China had initially placed a ban on cryptocurrency trading and ICOs. These statements by President Jinping are a clear indication that we are at the cusp of a change in attitude by the Chinese government towards the industry and possibly embracing it completely.

With respect to the crypto-market value of IOST, TRX and ZIL, all three are decently priced at under a dollar. IOST is currently valued at $0.038; ZIL is valued at $0.12; and TRX currently trading at $0.057 at the moment of writing this. With three projects having exciting road-maps in addition to the factors outlined above, the value of these digital assets is sure to go up as soon as their MainNets are 100% operational.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. It is an opinion piece. The opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.
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Huobi Pro Announces Crypto Market Index

Last night, top 3 cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced that they would be launching a ‘Main Force’ Crypto Market Index that consists of the “10 most promising virtual currencies based on trading volume, market capitalization and technological superiority.”

The list includes Bitcoin (25.96%), Huobi Token (25.57%), EOS (15.57%), Ethereum (12.30%), Bitcoin Cash (5.55%), XRP (4.30%), LTC (3.31%), IOST (3.02%), Ethereum Classic (2.57%), Dash (1.82%)

Huobi list

Huobi consistently ranks in the top 4 virtual currency exchanges by volume and has been positioning itself to take on Binance over the last several months, extending coverage to Korea and opening offices in San Francisco and London to compliment its presence in Hong Kong and Singapore. It also recently poached an executive from OKEx, another top 4 cryptocurrency exchange.

Taking a closer look at the cryptocurrencies listed, while 8 of the coins are familiar to many and are stalwarts of the top 10, there are two notable entries whose inclusion may signal bigger things to come. HT or Huobi Token is the native token of the Huobi Pro exchange, and stands to experience a similar rise in popularity to Binance coin as Huobi gains visibility and a larger market share. IOST or Internet of Services Token is the other newcomer and was the first project to be incubated by Huobi labs. IOST is a platform coin that has been making significant moves over the last several months, signaling its capability to contend with other major dApp platforms. It’s young and talented team is building their blockchain from the ground up and has backing not just from Huobi but also major funds like Sequoia China and Zhenfund.

This index is yet another step towards legitimacy for the crypto world and likely signals a coming wave of similar indexes from the other major exchanges as they contend for the top spot.