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“Crypto” Movie Debuts… It gets a “Meh” From Critics

Crypto movie poster

After raising the expectations of a big part of the community, the
long-awaited film “Crypto” premiered in American movie theaters, with its first
function in New York City last Saturday.

“Crypto” tells the story of an agent investigating a corruption scheme involving extremely powerful people. This clandestine network uses cryptocurrencies (of course) as mechanisms to maintain secrecy, launder money and make illegal transactions.

The film seemed quite promising. The cast included internationally renowned
actors such as Luke Hemsworth (Westworld), Alexis Bledel (Sin City), Jill
Hennessy (The Blacklist), Malaya Rivera (American Horror Story) and Kurt
Russell (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). Director John Stalberg also had the
support of Carlyle Eubank and David Frigerio to write the script.

Despite the talent of the actors, the critics did not agree on a consensus
about the film. For some it’s a good job while others find it regrettable.

The film has exactly 50% acceptance in Rotten Tomatoes and a similar score in IMDB with 5/10.

Crypto: Good Movie, Not so Good Script

The main criticism seems to point to poor script development. Perhaps the
writers did not have the necessary level of experience or did not really know
how cryptocurrencies actually work:

TheTopDawg said:

“I get that all three writers are amateurs, but didn’t the producers at least pick up on the need for a fine tune/re-write of this convoluted mess of a script?

Unless you have any idea about cryptocurrency and forensic accounting (luckily I do, and I was still confused), you’ll lose interest in this film pretty fast.”

Another user, Padokevin explained that the film harmed the popular perception of cryptocurrencies, as it spread a number of misconceptions:

“I was really hoping that this movie would be educational for many people but unfortunately it will paint a negative image for crypto in general…that crypto is used for shady purposes like drugs, prostitution, porn and money laundering …

Only if people could understand or educate themselves about it, poorly realized movies like these wouldn’t fool us about crypto anymore!”

Putting aside the critics, just the fact that cryptocurrencies made their way into Hollywood is something worth noticing. Crypto and blockchain tech are slowly becoming part of the pop culture and perhaps they will soon permeate more instances of our everyday lives.

At the end of the day, the opinions are as heterogeneous as the tastes of the viewers. However, the final word is for each person, and with a movie where 50% love the plot and 50% hate it, it’s best to go to the cinemas, buy a ticket to “crypto” and let fate surprise you.

Oh! btw 😉 if you are an XRP kind of person… calm down… It’s just a movie from a parallel universe where Ripple’s token doesn’t exist 😉

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Hollywood Actors Set to Star in Crypto-Themed Blockbuster

Hollywood will shoot and release its first movie centered on cryptocurrency this year, industry media report today, June 15.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ‘Crypto’ will focus on laundering of virtual assets and see star roles from the cast of popular US series including Westworld and Mad Men.

The lead roles will be played by Beau Knapp of Netflix’s Seven Seconds, as well as Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls fame.

“Cryptocurrency has captured the attention and imagination of consumers and entrepreneurs all over the world but has never been explored in film in such a nuanced and exciting way,” co-producer Jordan Levine told the publication.

Set in upstate New York, the indie “thriller” will tell the story of how an anti-money laundering agent uncovers a network of fraud and corruption in a small town.

Bledel will play the source of the corrupt activities, in the form of a “mysterious art dealer.”

Director John Stalberg Jr. meanwhile was upbeat about the project, calling its subject matter “timely.”

“I am overjoyed to be working with such an incredible cast to bring this timely, thrilling story to life,” he told the Reporter.

The cryptocurrency industry has until now seen representation in movie productions closer to home, in the form of documentaries such as ‘The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin’ and ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It,’ an earlier release from 2014 which raised money via Kickstarter.

Earlier this week, the topic of art and cryptocurrency curiously crossed paths outside entertainment, when Terence Eden criticized blockchain startup Verisart for allowing him to give the impression he had painted the Mona Lisa.

Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd subsequently defended the company, saying Eden had “misunderstood” its premise.

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Bacardi Rum Heiress Invests $100 Mln In Blockchain Entertainment Platform

Lady Monika Bacardi of the Bacardi rum empire has made an investment valued at $100 mln in a blockchain-powered social entertainment platform, according to an announcement from the company shared with Cointelegraph today, May 11.

Lady Bacardi is quoted by the company as saying that the platform, dubbed TaTaTu, “reinforces [her] bullish stance on the promise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.”

TaTaTu proposes to incentivize viewers using their platform  – which is a hybrid of a Video on Demand (VOD) service and a social networking site – by rewarding them with crypto tokens for consuming and contributing content. The tokens also allow advertisers to pay for advertising on the platform.

TaTaTu argues that traditional video streaming services encourage illegal piracy, and that a blockchain system can offer higher levels of transparency for rights holders.

The intent to give users an opportunity to monetize the data they hand over as they consume content appears to be shaped by the context of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws, which came into effect on May 25, and are referenced in the press release.

Last month, Cointelegraph reported on a European blockchain startup that uses an ECR-20 token to both incentivize and enable consumers to create a passive income stream by selling their personal data directly to corporations. Its creators claim that the global trading volume of personal data has reached $250 bln.

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10 Surprising Celeb Bitcoiners

While Bitcoin is not the sleek and sexy plaything of the rich and famous, it certainly is no longer only a tool for the tech-savvy computer whizzes. The mainstream appeal of Bitcoin has seen it spread across different demographics, from retired grandmothers to some of the world’s biggest rappers.

Celebrities have been used to market certain ICOs, as well as be the face of a host of different coins, but many celebrities have chosen to invest their immense wealth into digital currencies.

The Top 10

In true Hollywood-style, we go through 10 of the more surprising celebrities Bitcoiners.

1. Ashton Kutcher

Perhaps this comedy star and well-known ‘That 70s show’ actor is not too surprising as with Kutcher maturing in Hollywood, he has also become quite business savvy. The actor has appeared on Shark Tank a few times. He is the co-founder of BitPay investor A-Grade Investments. Moreover, he is a poster-boy for breaking with convention and the decentralized approach to life.

2. Floyd Mayweather

It may seem a bit tired now, but Floyd Mayweather was the first big celebrity to be used to promote an ICO. He was utilized when he was at the peak of his fame in the build-up to his fight with Conor McGregor. It is quite interesting to see how many ICOs Mayweather is planning to shill in the coming months. So far, he has been involved with at least two projects people know of, although it doesn’t appear as if this will be the end of it either.

3. Drew Carey

Another one of America’s funnymen. The former host of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ was one of the earlier adopters of Bitcoin and spoke in promoting quite understatedly. He said a few times that he was a big believer in its potential for mass adoption; however, he has been a little more muted of late.

4. The Game

Rapper, The Game, is another one who is endorsing a cryptocurrency, but probably a little more involved in it than that. The Game has been brought on by ParagonCoin, an ICO aimed at the marijuana ecosystem, as an advisor and for The Game, it is another venture into the marijuana market. The hip-hop star became an official partner in a dispensary, marketing his own strain of weed- Trees by Game.

5. Harry Redknapp

Many scoffed when the 70-year-old former West Ham United, Portsmouth, Tottenham Hotspur and Birmingham City manager tweeted that he was “proper excited” about ICO Electroneum.

It was all the more surprising that Redknapp was entering the crypto market as he once stated, in a case about tax fraud, that he did not know what an email was and he was technologically inept. However, Electroneum responded saying the former manager had not been paid for his tweet.

6. Donald Glover

The actor of Community fame and rapper under the name of Childish Gambino is one celebrity endorsement that can be trusted as his promotion of digital currencies is not attached to an ICO. During one of his interviews, he mentioned how Bitcoin could become a big success in due time.

7. Mel B

An often-heard complaint is how there aren’t enough women involved in cryptocurrency. Mel B is one of the few musical artists to accept Bitcoin payments for her music. It is unclear if she will accept the digital currency for her future albums as well, but the chance is very real that this partnership will continue for quite some time to come.

8. Luis Suarez

The Argentinian footballer, playing in Spain, seemed to have been used in a similar manner as Floyd Mayweather, promotion the same prediction market ICO. However, Suarez used his Spanish influence to spread the news to the country he played his football in.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow

More strong women in the cryptocurrency world can only be considered to be a good thing right now. Paltrow is a world-renowned actress as well as a cryptocurrency advisor. More specifically, Abra chose the actress as the startup’s advisor during a recent episode of Planet of the Apps on Apple TV.

10. Snoop Dogg

It is somewhat of an open secret that Snoop Dogg has been a fan of cryptocurrency for quite some time now. Although his initial plan to accept Bitcoin payments for a new album turned out to be a farce, Snoop Dogg never fully closed the door on the possibility.