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Globcoin’s ICO Launch Coming Soon

Globcoin is an Ethereum blockchain based platform which will be creating customized currency baskets to correspond to the specific needs of the communities. Up until now, this type of currency management service was reserved only for large clients because of high fees and the structure of the foreign exchange markets. Globcoin wants to make this technology accessible to the mainstream public.

Currency baskets have been marketed to family offices and institutional investors by Globcoin since 2012, and such a basket was previously reserved for elite clients – now the company wants to make it accessible to all individuals.

Globcoin wants to provide the crypto community with an infrastructure that secures the wealth preservation of their fiat currencies terms, liquidity, stability and security at a small cost. For this goal to be achieved, Globcoin relies on the following Group Structure:

  • Reserve Currency Solutions (RCS SA) established since 2012 in Zug, Switzerland, has the purpose of creating and developing managed currency products
  • OptimInvest – a currency manager based in Geneva, offers advisory mandates for large institutions and family offices on currency related issues.
  • GLOBCOIN Ltd., created in 2016 ,- this company markets one of the first multi-currency e-wallets linked to a multi-currency Platinum Mastercard that provides its owner an access to interbank foreign exchange rates and free instant peer-to-peer transactions in most of the world’s available currencies. Based in London , its clients are business and individuals travellers and expatriates out of 32 countries.

Globcoin has developed two Ether tokens which have different roles.

The first one, the GCP is a Utility Token which can be used on the platform to perform transactions involving various currency baskets.

GLX is the other Globcoin currency which is linked to currencies in 15 of the world’s biggest economies along with gold. GLX is backed 100% on a 1 x 1 ratio, and for every GLX issued by the Prime Bank, there will be collateral ibn fiat currencies and gold. For issuing and exchanging GLC, GCP Utility Tokens will be required.

Globcoin’s team is based in London and Geneva, its talented staff combining FX, blockchain experience with successful entrepreneurship.

Helie d’Hautefort is one of the company’s co-founder and CEO. He is known for setting up the first European currency overlay manager and then selling it to BNP Paribas and turning it into a world leader with a revenue of over USD 23 million of AUM.

Bertrand Weisgerber, also a co-founder, created the TLS Contact which over time has become a world leader of visa application, having centers in over 62 countries (15 in China). He has managed this technology since its creation in 2007.

Globcoin is reaching out to those who want to help integrate blockchain technology RCS into the world’s market by selling GCP Utility Tokens. The funds raise in this token sale will be used to improve the platform and other sectors such as marketing and PR, product launch, customer acquisition and partnership programs. The funds will also be used to sustain GLOBCOIN’s future operations for the following 2 years, such as legal and administration costs among others.

The Token Sale starts in January (pre-ICO with70% bonus from 8th to 12th, ICO from 13th to 31 st  ).

The other Globcoin currency, GLX will not be available for sale at the ICO.

  • Token name – GCP;
  • GCP created per 1 Ether – 100;
  • Minimum Ether to be collected (participants can claim a refund if this floor is not reached)-5,000;
  • Maximum Ether (the token sales ends if this cap is reached)- 150,000;
  • Maximum Ether (the pre-sale ends if this cap is reached)- 30,000;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated to crowdsale participants- 15 850 000 to 37.8%;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated to pre-sale participants- 5 100 000 to 12.2%;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated for future business development, and market expansion- 12 570 000 to 30%;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated to team, adviser and early backers- 8 380 000 to 20%;
  • Maximum number of GCP generated- 41 900 000 to 100%

Globcoin is an innovative solution that offers one of the most convenient and financially efficient ways to manage and exchange currencies from anywhere in the world.

Globcoin will be present at the following events: London Blockchain Week on January 18 -19th; 6th North American Bitcoin Conference on January 18 -19th in Miami; Crypto Finance Conference on January 17-19th in St. Moritz, Switzerland; DC Blockchain Summit on March 6-8th, in Washington.

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