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Cardano [ADA] To Survive and Showcase ‘Interest’ in the long Run

Experiencing the current general market uncertainty, many crypto-enthusiasts and traders ask themselves more often which coin will turn as true value in the years to come.

Taking a look at the yearly chart and seeing the not-stopping price decline of the  virtual assets you can easily conclude that 2017 was the year of gold-rush while now technological potential is truly being the base of value comparison. Additionally, if one certain blockchain platform network does find its widespread adoption it does not mean that the native token will be part of the utilization too.

With the much anticipated atomic swap being underway various token’s have their value at risk as there is no necessity of holding on a coin for a longer time. One digital currency that will not be impacted by the last mentioned factor is Cardano and its price/value staking. Opening doors for a way to receive passive income via holding the token on a longer term, will give individuals a reason to go for the leading coin. Likewise bank interest that many use to stack value but with a dose of hype.

Additionally, the same speculative-train from 2017 could pass by again hoisting the prices exponentially, following the event of the cryptocurrencies finding complete usefulness.

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The Cardano Foundation recently wiped the dust off its one-month dormant Twitter account to issue a notable announcement, divulging that Cardano’s hierarchy had undergone a sudden shift. As Charles Hoskinson, one of the masterminds behind the Ethereum and Cardano projects alike, put it, “The Babylonian Captivity of Cardano Has Ended.”

Per a public statement issued by the Foundation, Michael Parsons, the former chairman, has stepped down from his role willingly, with this change taking effect immediately.

Weiss – Ratings: According to the recent study, XRP, XLM, ADA, and EOS were rated higher than “B,” meaning that the prestigious risk assessment firm recommends their purchase.

“These are among the few that are beginning to put it all together — the advanced tech and adoption in the real world. They’re not all the way there yet. But they’re making good progress.”

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Ripple’s XRP Closing in to Yearly Lowest: A Temporary Situation?

Since mid November the rigorous digital-coin selling has no stop. Bitcoin BTC/USD broke the important $3,500.00 dragging Ethereum ETH/USD also below $100.00 [ETH/USD per time of writing $85.54 – BTC/USD $3,412.03].

The only gainer in this heavy market plunge is the just debuting [Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork] Bitcoin SV [BSV] which is welcoming an increase of 20.94% only in the last 24-hours.

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The fifth spot by market capitalization which was believed to be well cemented for Bitcoin Cash [BCH], because of the latest BSV gain, was taken by Bitcoin SV. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork, which resulted in rival currencies Bitcoin ABC and SV, instigated a “hash war” that nearly destroyed the entire the industry in the fallout.

The second only to the cryptocurrency pioneer – XRP is going through a fore-told double digit loss per press writing. The speedy XRP is trading just above the supportive $0.3000 against the US Dollar.

Source: Coinmarketcap

For a very short time the pair broke even below the mentioned level, dangerously floating at $0.2900. If $0.3000 does not hold ground the next target could be the September lowest of $0.2640.

Bankers across the globe have grown a liking and a preference for XRP. Ripple’s blockchain system provides an alternative to the traditional money transfer system, SWIFT. The banks are growing weary of SWIFT due to the high cost of international transfers coupled with the long time taken to process and complete transactions.

If the complete potential of usefulness by XRP is unleashed upon the financial industry, the current situation where it is fighting the violent sell-off could be a very temporary state of the digital asset.

While famous virtual coins since their debut do struggle with hard forks [Bitcoin – limiting its adoption massively with hindrances of the mentioned sort very often].


Back in 2016 – Corda, an open source enterprise product, was announced by the blockchain supported software developer R3. Now, it received an additional application named Corda Settler which targets to deliver and offer most services which business would ask to engage blockchain technology. Also, the settler is meant to bring together and work as a translator for wide range of fiat assets and virtual coins.

“The deployment of the Corda Settler and its support for XRP as the first settlement mechanism is an important step in showing how the powerful ecosystems cultivated by two of the of the world’s most influential crypto and blockchain communities can work together.

While the Settler will be open to all forms of crypto and traditional assets, this demonstration with XRP is the next logical step in showing how widespread acceptance and use of digital assets to transfer value and make payments can be achieved.”

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Dogecoin (DOGE) Defies the Red Bearish Market: Founder Blocks XRP Enthusiasts

The remarkable characteristic of Dogecoin’s token price to refuse obeying the general market movement [from the leader Bitcoin – BTC, to all following altcoins] is being highlighted strongly per time of writing.

For most of 2018, this trend of making surprising value jumps against the US Dollar and BTC has been present for the memefied coin. Whereas Bitcoin loses value and all top altcoins go down with, Dogecoin simply does its own thing at all times. Very stale coin.

Source: coinmarketcap

Breaking above the weekly declining trend that was concluding with a range bound for three days, has opened gates for the pair DOGE/USD to gain and retest the hurdle at $0.0024 as it is changing hands at $0.002370.


Its increasing success throughout the crypto-ecosystem experienced a big hoist when back at the end of August the token transferring bridge between Ethereum and Dogecoin’s chain was announced. While performing as a bridge, it does enable transfers between the two chains easily. The elaborated coin here is in more benefit as its range of operations increases accordingly with the second in lead Ethereum’s flexibility with smart contracts.

Dogecoin Founder – Via his official twitter handle, Jackson Palmer posted his ‘simple automatic blocking XRP accounts script’ with which he started a so called XRP Away campaign.

The move came as a result of XRP enthusiasts counter-replying and storming him because of his negative comments made recently towards Ripple’s XRP. The latest script before being transformed into an open-source code, was used as a ETH scam bot blocking script. Elon Musk called Mr. Palmer for help to fight the spammers which targeted Musk for months.

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Ripple’s XRP The only in the Green: Signaling the Recovery-Phase?


Opening up the pages where the token charts and movement patterns are shown and seeing one of the top-leading cryptos in the green is one relief on its own. XRP – the third largest coin by market capitalization introduced by the San Francisco based firm Ripple is in the positive for 2.70% for the last 24-hours.

One Small Step – XRP

Even that many predicted the same faith for XRP to undergo the rigorous selling taking place today also, it is standing quite out. Breaking below a significant bullish trend line with support at $0.3350 on the 2-hours chart of the XRP/USD pair. The pair tumbled and broke the $0.3100 and $0.2900 support levels.

If the gains continue as they are above the $0.2850 making it towards the major $0.3050 it could possibly mark a return above the previous supportive ground.

In a recent research paper made public by Niclas Englesson and Sid John Leopold it was concluded how the USD effects the environment on the Bitcoin network, Visa, Ethereum and XRP. The research was initiated by the motivation of gathering knowledge even deeper when it comes to our daily activities that increase the level of CO2. The greenest coin being XRP.

XRP ETH Coins Trading

On a previous writing about the speedy coin, we elaborated the differences and the war between Ripple’s XRP and Stellar Lumens (XLM) which can be reached here:

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Vs Ripple’s XRP: Round Two
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Monero (XMR) The Privacy Oriented Coin Story and Latest: 10.00% Increase – Showcasing Predicted Success

Seaming like out of the blue, Monero (XMR) is taking center stage for the last couple of week constantly while pulling more investors and traders towards it. With so many options under the radar it should not be overlooked at all.

Monero XRM

This should not come as a surprise as it is one of the few coins that follows the original idea of cryptocurrencies to respect anonymity and safety. While the same in some way or shape is targeted by the leading coins too, there is a miss-lead taking place.

The nature to conform to present regulations set by officials can be felt from these coins which is in contrary to the above-mentioned original idea. Having main concentration set on privacy being almost untraceable and unlinkable makes Monero a choice to stand out.

Monero is headed by a group of 7 developers of which 5 have chosen to remain anonymous while two have come out openly in public. They are: David Latapie and Riccardo Spagni aka “Fluffypony”.  The project is open source and crowdfunded.


Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)–According to a report by the initial coin offering (ICO) advisory and research firm Satis Group, both Monero and Bitcoin look to be the biggest winners in terms of price gain over the next decade. Satis, which publishes outlooks for both ICOs and current cryptocurrencies has released a new forecast for the next ten years that puts XMR as the greatest price gainer.

Just Recently, the team behind Monero declared that a third-party has just completed a technical audit for the ‘bulletproofs’ protocol. An official Monero blog post elaborates on what the improvement entails, noting that bulletproofs allow for cheaper, smaller and faster transactions, and will allow for Monero to scale in a much easier fashion

Overall, bulletproofs represent a huge advancement in Monero transactions. We get massive space savings, better verification times, and lower fees.

The 10th largest coin by market capitalization welcomed over 10.00% gain in the last 24-hours against the US Dollar. The pair XMR/USD is changing hands at $134.56 leading BTC’s market with 10.40%. This marks the highest for almost two months now.

XMR Monero Trading

Source: coinmarketcap

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Verge (XVG) Giant Among Altcoins: Up to 20% Increase – Recommended

With the trouble-making August behind us and the ninth month entering with a bullish sentiment with various coins, a fresh start seems to have taken the crypto-verse. Keeping in mind from last year, and the teasing of many respected individuals the upcoming months could be very well the time of altcoins. Having that said it is best to choose your target and wait for the best-could be buy-in moment. One coins to diversify your portfolio even more is Verge (XVG).

Verge (XVG)

The privacy oriented coin offers anonymous transactions by obfuscating the IP address and geolocation of its users so that they are untraceable using technology including Tor and I2P. What makes the project very special is the team that keeps its enthusiastic community in-touch all the time about the projects latest movements. They constantly communicates via twitter and through the project’s Telegram Channel.

Recently, the company has asked via twitter its big Verge family on what should be the next most important goal to reach. 48% of the respondents stated that a new Codebase with RingCT (Confidential transactions) was the most important; 34% emphasized an iOS wallet.


Securing private keys on the Verge ecosystem has been in the offing and the latest update emphasizes its importance. Medium post update:

“Due to the use of the insight API within our latest iOS wallet and in our desktop wallet, we must find a way to store our private keys securely. We are going to establish the BIP39 Format, which allows you to recover your private keys using a personal word combination.””

With the introduction of the Desktop and iOS wallet versions, the team has embarked on ensuring private key storage is not compromised. Keeping in mind that having an API in the digital wallet that could compromise the key storage.


One of the most convenient and extensive sports-betting platforms – 1xBit, has added Verge’s XVG as an option on its list of available and accepting tokens. Alongside BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, ETH, XMR, ZEC, GAME, NEM, BCN, SIB, DGB, BTG, BCH, ETC, BTS.

The first cryptocurrency platform that PornHub partnered with was Verge, followed by Tron. When Verge partnered with PornHub, the platform had to go on a crowdfunding to enable it achieved the deal, and start off a yielding campaign afterward.

In its bid to smoothen recurring transactions, PornHub has partnered PumaPay, an open source cryptocurrency payment option provider dedicated towards enabling frequent payments using digital currency.

Price USD

Only in the last 24-hours the pair XVG/USD has gained 18.85% making it one of the highest in the crypto-market today, especially of the leading ones. It is stepping up the game against BTC for 15.41% in the green. Very close to retest the $0.02000 mark as it failed to overcome it just today while the same level has not been touched for around 30 days now. With the Verge Foundation working hard to erase the reputation damage experienced from the FUD spread on XVG, and the continued partnerships, the market resurging will prove to hoist XVG’s price towards its record high again.

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Ethereum (ETH) Taking Over if Bitcoin’s Evaporation Turns True

If we go by the words of IOHK and respected Cardano (ADA) lead figure – Charles Hoskinson, as he mentioned that every coin should be positioned in their potential respectively place, the crypto-verse would look very differently today.

Equal to your Potential

“Why is anybody worthy of their positions in the market cap? Bitcoin is advertised as a payment system and a means of exchange, and then everybody who’s ever tried to use it for that, it’s been a miserable failure. They usually stop taking it, or they find ways to take cash, and through a creative structure like what Bitpay has done. Ethereum claims to be a world computer, but then CryptoKitties breaks it.”

That comes from the sole idea that as time passed and the existing traditional financial issues (which is the sector that the crypto-tech deals most) were not dealt with, more coins were introduced that brought platforms which could possible overcome and fix various problems.

The pioneer and first gen of coins Bitcoin is in the lead and dominating the cryptocurrency industry heavily, but its adoption or use cases is nowhere near the its position.

Jordan Belfort, aka, the “Wolf of Wall Street” believes that Bitcoin, the top-ranked cryptocurrency is going to evaporate. The former penny-stocker broker who was pleaded guilty to fraud charges in 1999 is no stranger to espousing negative rhetoric about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general.

I was a scammer. I had it down to science, and it’s exactly what’s happening with bitcoin. The whole thing is so stupid, these kids have gotten themselves so brainwashed.

This thing [Bitcoin] is going to evaporate like a mirage. There’s a lot of really honest people who are going to get slaughtered.”

Speaking to CNBC as part of a documentary titled “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust,” Belfort expressed his staunch belief that BTC investors were heading for a sad end. According to Belfort, BTC is the next great scam that would render many people penniless after the bubble bursts.

If anything by that standard goes by while other coins are not impacted that heavily to the negative while additionally BTC does not find any use, then it could mean that it has to step aside. The same end might not be the same for the following altcoins if Bitcoin evaporate as their utilization is happening today all over the world, and many giant leading tech firms and financial institutions are already testing them. That could mean a point of Ethereum to step in and take a lead. Fitting of its position.

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Ripple’s XRP Replies With Bullish Sentiment to the Positive Environment Created by News As BTC Passes $7,000

The flow of positive news and teases around Ripple’s coin XRP lately had no stop. With the gold rush and speculations building up towards the cryptocurrency, equally it resulted with its expectations and predictions growing too. It all started with Brad Garlinghouse teasing on purpose that Q3 is going to be XRP‘s time and it could conclude with 2018 also.

“One of the things I will tease for a future announcement within the Q3 market reports, which we always share…where we see institutional participation in buying XRP. Q3 will definitely be a record of institutional participation in buying and interest in holding XRP.”

This move hoisted the number of crypto-enthusiasts turning their eye towards the speedy digital asset. Further analyzing Brad’s comments, we can speculate that institutional investors are already buying XRP or plan on doing so in this third quarter of 2018. One question everyone is asking, is why the price of the digital asset has not gone up if these purchases are happening.

XRP Price

With the pair BTC/USD finally reaching above the important $7,000, most altcoins followed accordingly as the green-bullish wave took over on Aug 28th. After testing and overcome the $0.3300 resistance level, XRP against the US Dollar made it above $0.3400 with 6.14% increase in the last 24-hours.


Source: coinmarketcap – per time of writing data!

On the upside, a close above the $0.3400 and $0.3450 levels may well clear the path for a push above $0.3500 which would great major support for the upcoming marks.

The platform introduced by Ripple’s team represents one of those innovative systems. While it has been around since 2012, it is still solidly backing up banking and financial institutions in their quest to provide more efficient and faster transactions that can be built around customers’ trust in each other and the network. This is one of the main catalysts that give the motivation to many investors and traders to choose XRP as its real-world adoption and utilization has been seen to have great results.

Since it made its debut in the crypto-verse with Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen founding, its success has bloomed majorly reaching the third position in the top of the cryptocurrency list by market capitalization and being recognized world-wide.

As the end of August is signaling great steps coming, today’s market changes could have opened doors for a better month in September. Looking forward very much if the teasing is turning true in the 9th month of the year and how the team will act next.

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VeChain (VET) Founder Teases for a new Partnership Proportionally with Renault and BMW: Double Digit Gain

Sunny Lu – founder of the 18th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization which is attracting growth very speedy, added his comments on the future of the network during a live chat on Youtube.

VeChain Latest

The commentary started with a Mr. Lu praising the VeChain community highlighting out that it is one of the best and great examples of a crypto-community. He cited the extension of the X-node binding time window as one of the main actions the team took as a result of the community input.

Accordingly with Foundation’s reward pool that holds 15 bln VET tokens, when Thunder, Mjolnir and Strength Nodes are tracked for hand-out, the overview of the X Node will resume.

When it comes to the MainNet, Sunny Lu added that everything is going according to plan as approximately 90% of VEN turned to VET. Proportionally with this, he is very happy with the new Protocol – Multi Task Transactions and how it rolled out. It makes it possible to issue various transaction in one major one.

As the platform hit the above-100,000 trx mark, the blockchain is signaling that adoption is on its way for VeChainThor. However, even with that score they are still somewhere around 1.5 transaction per second, and they will need a lot more to compete with existing centralized payment options.

For the near term, the founder noted out the VeVID service that makes it possible for the user to verify their identity. On top of that a VeChainThor mobile wallet was mentioned. He confirmed that another partnership will be added to the current line-up of automotive companies that includes BMW and Renault.

– OceanEx and VeChain

As explained by John P. Njui in a previous EWN – VET post – OceanEx is an AI powered digital asset trading platform within the VeChainThor Ecosystem. The platform uses AI technologies to provide an actively protected and ultra-liquid cryptocurrency trading market, full-fledged quantitative trading capabilities, and a rich set investment tools and products to meet a wide spectrum of investment strategies from all types of investors.

The project is currently in the WhiteListing process for those who would like to participate in the VeChain Community Round. The minimum VET required to participate in the WhiteListing currently stands at 50,000 VET (Approximately $695 with VET valued at $0.016722).

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Ripple’s XRP Potential to be the Highlight of the Year 2018: Weiss Ratings Recommended

There are many options to choose from to note out the latest success and development that Ripple Labs’ XRP has experienced, but one actually being a teaser has shook the crypto-verse. Founder and current CEO Brad Garlinghouse mentioned how a major wave of institutional investors is going to step-in in the third quarter of the year.

“One of the things I will tease for a future announcement within the Q3 market reports, which we always share…where we see institutional participation in buying XRP. Q3 will definitely be a record of institutional participation in buying and interest in holding XRP.”

However, the ones that are already buying the token are not impacting the price because they are purchasing the speedy coin via OTC or Over the Counter instead of a normal exchange.

XRP’s Current State

The very positive wave of feeling around Ripple’s token, especially lately, XRP started with David Schwartz – Chief Technology Officer at Ripple continuing to post and respond on twitter and Ripple‘s website about the project and the decentralization of the ledger.

“Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently viewed as the gold standard for decentralization…

Since these blockchains are considered decentralized, then by design, the XRP Ledger is also — if not more so — decentralized than both Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

The smart yet often criticized PoW protocol that runs on Ethereum‘s and Bitcoin’s network was praised while noting out issues by the CTO. Mr. Schwartz mentioned how by time various miners can control the system significantly making it more centralized that you want it to be.

The speedy network has been praised for its technological achievements by Weiss Ratings many times via their social channel Twitter. The often mentions do showcase one feeling of recommendation and the low prices for the moment could be a golden opportunity to step in.

With the team working hard on hoisting the decentralization of the coin while highlighting out that XRP is not a security, exchanges are attracted more to list it which directly will bring more buyers in the game.

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