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Hold Your EOS as Future Price Prediction are Looking Above $30

Even with many feeling a let down, the new blockchain platform EOS is taking center stage very often in the crypto-community. It is a project that is attempting to fix existing problems that its former depending-from network Ethereum blockchain is facing. One of them being reaching complete decentralization which cannot happen immediately as its governing does not come from the community but form a foundation.

Many are pointing ahead to a token price of above $30.00 at the end of the year. All this due to its MainNet launch that is running but mostly from a could-take place similar bull run how Ethereum experienced the last year. From $10.00 in Jan to near $285 at the start of July. Speedy calculation equals to over 2.5k% in six months.

EOS Momentum

The catalyst to its predicted momentum as mentioned might turn to be very Ethereum-like that took place in mid-2017. The big thing now is EOS, talking bubbles all around the cryptoverse. Not long ago, the Chinese Gov ranked cryptocurrencies and EOS turned number one leaving behind platforms like NEO or ETH.

A second reason is that the creator of EOS,, wants a complete overhaul of the constitution. EOS is set to abolish its controversial constitution. This move comes barely two weeks after the launch of its mainnet.

In a Reddit post by “SonataSystems,” screenshots from the EOS telegram chat show excerpts of a conversation between Dan Larimer and Simon Case. Larimer is the chief technology officer (CTO) of EOS. The discussion can be viewed in the image below.

Another hoisting factor could be Bitcoin’s movement. What happened on this date is that Bitcoin broke free of the $6,200 levels it was hovering around and went up a few hundred in value to settle at the current levels of $6,640. A healthy Bitcoin means a healthy crypto market and EOS will also ride the wave of good fortune.


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Despite the Red Sea of Cryptocurrency Prices, Fundstrat Predicts $36k for BTC

May 11th, 2018 – The last 24-hours have not been very welcoming for crypto-traders, except for those that wanted an opportunity to step in, as the digital assets prices against the US Dollar have been dropping furiously on double digits.

blockchain situation

Source: coinmarketcap

For those new to the market, do not be alarmed. The red-situation that is going on happened on many occasions as its a very dramatic trade to bet on. However, looking for the long term, there are many that believe strongly on a well cemented future for cryptocurrencies, their technology and prices. One of them is Fundstrat Global.

Very eye-opening and bullish predictions have been said out by a popular research firm in the crypto-ecosystem – Fundstrat Global. Based on information and analysis that very close connected to the knowledge on what is called mining economy, which showcases that hardware improvements and hash power will fuse to hoist BTC token value to $36,00 by the end of 2019.

“The release of the next generation of rig hardware should trigger a new round of capex as well as hash power growth, which could accelerate if BTC price appreciates.” – Sam Doctor

The upgrade of technology [in this case] mining equipment or Capital expenditure standing short by Capex. The advancements could be leading to hash power growth which can be imagined as digital coins such as Bitcoin that find use of the PoW protocol, being backed up by a unit of measure which writes down the energy used by the network to have engines running [for example: this case per/10 minutes one block is generated or found].

 Technology needed

Internal Fundstrat Research

“We believe the current path of hash power growth supports a BTC price of about $36,000 by 2019 year end, with a $20,000-$64,000 range,” Mr. Doctor continued. “The primary net sellers, in our view, are bitcoin miners, and the rest are transactions between investors.”

If a multiple of four from its current price seems ambitious, the actual range from Fundstrat pushes the high to nearly twice even that number. A ground of supportive levels is made through the use of mining economics by Mr. Doctor while supposing the same growth to continue. Despite being supposed, there is much evidence by researches that support the idea of hash power gain by 350%.

Moving variables in the mining economy include rig innovation, electricity cost, and the ability to lower hardware temperatures. Sam Doctor continued to explore and add on how:

“miners verify and process transactions, supporting the network in exchange for mining rewards and transaction fees. We argue that the Price/Miner’s Breakeven Cost multiple has proven a reliable long-term support level, and further, that the likely trajectory of future mining infrastructure growth should underpin Bitcoin price appreciation into year-end 2019.”

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Ethereum $1500 and BTC $40k – Let us Hope Novogratz is Right Again!

Mike Novogratz – former Fortress macro trader has just made his prediction shot calling the $40,000 price on BTC and the triple of $500 for ETH on CNBC.

That kind of price rally would take the global market capitalization of cryptocurrencies up to $1 trillion dollars. [dreamy milestone].

Mike Novogratz stated:

“Bitcoin could be at $40,000 at the end of 2018. It easily could. And I think Ethereum, which I think just touched $500 or is getting close, could be triple where it is as well [i.e. ~$1,500].”

Why? Because Novogratz thinks there’s “a big wave of money coming, not just here but all around the world.”

Novogratz noted how the Nasdaq bubble was driven mainly by the United States. He sees the crypto craze as much more of a globalized phenomenon, pointing to major retail interest in South Korea and Japan:

“60, 70 percent of all global trading volume in these cryptos is happening in Japan and Korea. And so I have a sense that this is going to go a lot further.”

The idea that all prices which we see and follow that are changing everyday [increasing, decreasing] are held on a speculative platform is supported by Novogratz as he described BTC and ETH a “speculator’s dream” for the the reason that they are highly scarce and are not subject to supply responses of any kind:

“What’s different about these coins than other commodities … there is no supply response here. So it’s a speculator’s dream in that as buying happens there’s no new supply response that comes up. So every price move gets exaggerated. It’s going to get exaggerated on the way up. There will be 50 percent corrections. It will get exaggerated on the way down.”

Likewise, the macro-trader still doesn’t advise throwing all caution to the wind. He recommends everyday investors put around one to three percent of their net-worth into crypto, while he says wealthier investors could get away with as much as ten percent.

Mike Novogratz did hit the mark previously calling $10k on Bitcoin, so will the forecast now be on the same track of becoming reality?

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Ethereum, Litecoin Setting Up New Surging Trend: ETH, LTC Analysis

Like in other markets, in digital currency assets – traders change their “position of hope” from Altcoins to Bitcoin and the other way, resulting with outperformance of both market rapidly. As the third quarter of the year has just closed, Bitcoin has showcased its mainstream potential and leadership by gaining 74 percent in value.

While Ethereum is following by market cap, it has been through struggling performance with only 8% gain for three months now compared to its 500% surge in the second-quarter of the year. This indicates that making money and profit is only based on if you choose the right crypto for some time.

Ethereum Against the US Dollar

A very range bound consolidation phase has emerged for Ethereum against the US Dollar for days now. This is showcasing a very stable trading flow between bears and bulls in the party. For now none is taking the upper-hand but this will definitely change in the near term.

ethereum forecast

Source: coinmarketcap

In the case of an upward break, a bullish and most likely a new increasing trend will emerge aiming for the $354.00 mark. That is why a long position on $317.00 is recommended for now.

The initial stop loss can be kept at $278, which should be raised as the cryptocurrency moves higher. The stops should be tightened further if Ethereum struggles to breakout of the overhead resistance at $344.

But, in the case that the selling pressure tanks the price even lower, it could go for the $257.94 as it is located at the 50 percent Fib retracement mark of the recovery $200-$315.

Litecoin Against the US Dollar

For the moment, in the same manner as the general market having a hurdle between sellers and buyers – Litecoin is trading between $44.16 and $57.729 against the US dollar.

litecoin forecast

Source: coinmarketcap

When the digital asset is range bounding the best action to take when it comes to short-term trading is to buy at supports and dips while selling at resistances. But, when it comes to LTC/USD right as time of the writing – the value is floating in the middle and no trade is recommended.

Nevertheless, if Litecoin breaks out of the range, it will signal strength. Long position at $58 with a stop loss of $49. The target objective of this trade is $71.

But on the other side, if it clears lower below the psychological $50 and the $44 – best to do is to wait and see how the pair will perform at its lowest. Coming to the conclusion because of the lack of interest to buy in the digital currency in the case of a below spike.

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Ripple Price Jump Aiming the $0.2000 – XRP/USD Daily Analysis: Prediction

Ripple price is climbing in a no-stop momentum clearing resistance in a row. XRP could possibly target the $0.2000 mark against the USD.

In a 5-day time period, Ripple price has been recovering from $0.1670 while increasing in a stable upwards ground to $0.1937 where it is trading right now. Only in the last 24-hours XRP/USD has gained 6.62% and against the BTC market it is at 5.48% green gain area.

On a weekly understanding, an important resistance line was broken at around $0.1850 which on move changed how the market would develop and opened doors for more gains.

Ripple price

The same barrier line now is acting as a secondary support under the second resistance that was broken at $0.1900 specifically just today in a couple of minutes catapulting the value upwards and could be forming a new trading ground.

Of great importance will be to take note in the case the price continues surging and clears the $0.1960 mark which will acting as a major resistance now because of the last crash in Sep 15-17, which could result in Ripple price against the US Dollar testing the $0.2000 and it might not be passed in a single session.

Despite the news around cryptocurrency, especially the leader of the pack – Bitcoin, the market is in a restructuring phase as traders are moving their ‘bets’ towards more efficient regulated markets like Japan or South Korea. A very optimistic recovery on the past-regulation crackdown.

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Ethereum, Dash Price Development: ETH, DASH Prediction Sep 23

As we are in the post-crash time period after the regulation news, cryptocurrencies (mostly the top-ten) could not successfully close above important psychological mark. After losing their steam and breaking lower supports now its time for recovery.

Ethereum Against the US Dollar – ETH/USD

A very important supporting level of $275 was cleared yesterday and the Ethereum price paired with USD as low as $252.03, while against the BTC market the range is very close and there could be a big change incoming.

ethereum price forecast

A supportive ground has been formed on the hourly chart of ETH/USD just above the $250 level. On the same chart at the level of 38.2% Fib retracement mark of the last declining flow from $293.52 to $252.03 the trading value is meeting sellers. On the other hand on the hourly chart too a bearish trend is formed close to the $270 mark.

The main resistance for now is $273.00 level which is positioned at the 50% Fib Ret of the above mentioned wave.

In the case that Ethereum price continues over $270 and $273, on the 4-hourly chart of ETH/USD a very important long-ongoing bearish trend has been formed with resistance at $280.

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Dash Against the US Dollar – DASH/USD

On Sep 21 DASH despite the general market loss that was being experienced had a counter movement as it did reach $370.00 for the first time in two weeks.

dash price analysis

For the moment it is around $357.81 with 4.02 percentage point gain int he last 24-hours and a trading volume of $57 million.

The jump in value against the US Dollar was caused by Bithumb traders as the trading volume in only 24-hours did reach $179 million. Bithumb traders were counting at 60.00% of the all the trading that day.

On a long running price development, major resistances will be faced at $360-$370 as the the DASH/USD could not close above the particular level almost never and did attempt many times to do so.

Trading ground as a support is formed at the $280.00 level which will not let any major decrease lower than that mark in the case of a crash but for the near term important stability support is seen at $340.

As the price Broke already the $360 mark it could have opened doors for further gains, lets wait and see what the market has to offer.

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Ethereum Price Daily Development: ETH Forecast Slowly Returning to Supports

Ethereum price on its upward recovery momentum looks like lost its steam against the US Dollar. Now ETH has broken the support and aiming the $240 could be next.

Ethereum struggled to Close above $300

There was a long running attempt of the buyers to push the value above the major $300 mark but with failure. It did range bound below $290 for some time at least before the sellers took control. Important supports were cleared and the pair continued below $270 today. On the 100 hourly SMA first the break took out the $285 mark. Then Yesterday’s development was described with a declining motive past the $275 channel with an important level acting as a support – $270 on the hourly chart.

With that event taking place, gates were open for a free descending trend as the value went below the 23.6% Fib retracement level since the recovery from $198.75 to $298.70. Most importantly a bullish trend that had been formed in a weekly period has been broken with support at $270 level.

ethereum prediction

In any upside attempt of recovery, the $280 cleared support now will be acting as a resistance along the way. However it most likely seems to continue lower towards major support of $240 and the 61.8% Fib retracement level since the above mentioned wave.

  • Support Level – $240
  • Resistance Level – $280

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Ripple, Dash, Litecoin Price Daily Analysis – Hovering below Major Resistances Before Break Out

Despite the fact that still cryptocurrencies prices except Dash are in the weekly negative red zone, the stabilized trading is looking very optimistic for further gain.

The values of the digital assets paired with US Dollar are staying above important supports and on the green area for two-three days now, so in the event that there are no system changes nor in structure for the market the recovery rally could very likely continue.

On Sep 18 the global market capitalization of digital currencies has reached $140 billion.

South Korean exchanges, US and Japans are benefiting from the trader movement towards them leaving China exchanges out of “safe trade-playing” so a surge in trading volume has been experienced especially on Sep 17 and 18.

top cryptocurrency prices

Source: Coinmarketcap

Ripple price today would be described with a hovering function over the $0.1800 mark with one time breaking to the $0.1900 mark but with no success to close above as it declined back lower. As time of the press it is trading at $0.1864 with 0.50% gain in the last 24-hours.

Even that Ripple only counts 5 percentage point trading in China, its price was heavily hit on the last major market crash as the leader Bitcoin price development will be with no exception be reflected to the following cryptocurrency prices that are following.

ripple prediction

For the near term it is of significant importance that XRP/USD breaks the $0.1950 mark and close completely above it, as the particular level did act as support before the global market decline did take place.

For the longer term it is very difficult to predict by any point but investors should rest easy as Ripple’s price and token’s will be directed by the mainstream factor and how successful the company behind ripple is to get negotiation and deals done with states around the world. Could have easily one of the best futures to look forward.

Litecoin price on Sep 19 did break twice above the $55 mark but met selling pressure returning it again at the bottom of the $50 level. This does not mean anything bad for the near term as when it comes to the pair LTC/USD most importantly it is to continue trading above $50 for the moment as stable trading ground is being formed.

litecoin prediction

A closing in triangle pattern is being formed on the hourly chart of LTC/USD, however as long as Litecoin price stays over $50 a break-over the $60 mark could be very possible but with much struggle to begin with. The resistance did previously act as the holding support before Litecoin dropped to low $40 so hurdle awaits before the bullish trend.

Dash is an exception on the top-ten cryptocurrency list by market cap as one a weekly understanding it is the only digital currency paired with USD being on the green recovery zone with 0.19% gain.

dash price

It is trading at $325.51 with a negative 0.68 percent loss in the last 24-hours. It is creating very safe trading ground at exactly the level where it was supported before the China news came in and the major fall did start (around $326). Despite fluctuations it seems very optimistically for Dash traders as the first resistance major at $300 was cleared and successfully closed to continue higher up.

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Bitcoin Future Prediction – Will the Once-Dreamy Prices be Reached: BTC 2020 and Above

All-Over the internet you can find forecasts and predictions by analysts, Bitcoin followers or enthusiasts pulling out facts to support their imagination of where will the price reach. Sometimes impossible or too good to be true.

From Max Keiser who pointed out his view of BTC rising above $10,000 to analyst and expert Ronnie Moas that stated Bitcoin against the US Dollar could reach $15k – $20k in late 2020.

Start of August 2017, SegWit protocol locked-in and activated while followed by the Lightning Network concept being tested out which was made possible of the Segregated Witness malleability fix – BTC market cap moved positioned itself very close to the $80 market capitalization which represents 50% domination of the total virtual currency market cap. That would be 1% of golds and just $50 million away from the MasterCard market cap.

bitcoin 2020 prediction

Source Coinmarketcap

This time around only 1728 new Bitcoins are formed with miners doing their part on the community while around 400k Bitcoin are traded everyday on a daily trading bases.

Withing the next 2-3 years the mining and Bitcoin creation will drop by half leaving only around 850 that will be formed/day. Continuing 4 years later – 2024 only 430 will be created and so on. Approx just over the 2030 mark (2032) close to 99 percent of all Bitcoin that will exist will be already created and mined on the network. The next 1.6% will be a war to get their hands on them.

With the mainstream factor taking global scale everyday and more, at one point the fear of being left out will make people panic as they understand there is not much Bitcoin to be circulated around. Proportionally with the demand at that point the price will play its role and rise. If the same even takes place like this year did since last summer Bitcoin could easily be reaching over the $20,000 mark in late or approx 2020.

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Bitcoin Price Bull Increase to $5000 Answered with Significant Descending and Selling Pressure

Many predictions and forecasts recently claimed for Bitcoin to reach $5000, then they were raised to $10,000 and so on. The first mark was reached today. This all started with Bitcoin being compared with Gold while throughout the media traders and investors were looking for a safer asset to replace gold and of course the successful Network Improvements hoisting the confidence throughout the community.

Bitcoin Record Price Replied with a Major Sell Off

As expected, what goes up to fast in value will return downward also sooner or later. “Large Whales” and deep pocket traders sold major-blocks in a row to gain from the moment of peak-reaching and disrupting the BTC price increase pushing it down-flow.

btc trading record

A $400 drop was followed by attempts to stabilize at around the $3700 mark. Easily expected as after reaching the major $5000 selling pressure and profit makers returned.

It is very difficult to predict the best buying dip while knowing the high price now and the minor crash could continue best is to wait for a supportive ground to be found and on the best dip (opinionated) to buy in.

The General Increase and Bull Market

While Bitcoins (BTC) bull market has initiated as early as Aug 2016 when the value against the USD was only $465, the overall digital currency market cap surged only in the last nine months from $16 billion to $170 billion.

Even with many believing that Bitcoin has been in a bubble when it took away the $3,000 resistance mark, the price soared upwards with analysis and comments from experts predicting it would hit $5,000 this year or even higher – like Max Keiser or John McAfee.

The Mainstream Factor is adding its effect with no-stop on a global range. One of the well known news platform CNBC even called to buy Bitcoin because of the could-be new price floor at around $3,600.

The successful lock-in and activation of the Segregated Witness (SegWit) while Bitcoin Cash split on its own Network was positive news that hit the BTC community followed by sparkles of debates around the BTC network for the next blockchain development SegWit2x in November.

There is a high chance SEC could be rethinking its position and opinion related to the Bitcoin ETF proposals as the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) put out headlines when they Authorized LedgerX to form a regulated Bitcoin futures market.

On top of all this, Ropes & Gray attorney – Dalia Blass is being hired by SEC to lead the unit which regulates ETFs.

With the major-psychological barrier of $5,000 being breached media and news will be running it all around as it is more of an attracting number than $3,000 and $4,000.

According to the well-known and legendary trader Masterluc – a close-term peak of $15,000 could be expected after which a significant bull race will be to $40,000.

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