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The World Series of Crypto Trading Contest Will begin on June 20 (And The Registration is 100% Free)

The World Series of Crypto Trading Contest will begin on June 20, allowing traders and enthusiasts from around the world to compete in a safe and tamper-free environment to see who is the world’s best crypto trader.

The event will take place in Waves DEX, a platform that allows the programming of tokens through smart contracts, and fast exchange thanks to a novel architecture focused on the development of the Web 3.0

Sasha Ivanov. Founder of WAVES, the blockchain chosen byt the organizers of the World Series of Crypto Trading
Sasha Ivanov. Founder of WAVES

To take part in the World Series of Crypto Trading, no significant investment is required. According to the event’s website, registration is free and only requires the installation of Waves Keeper and a Telegram account.

Although the prize is in real tokens with monetary value, the exercise of trading during the competition is purely recreational. At the time of registration, traders will receive 100,000 dUSD (demo tokens) which they will use to trade against dBTC and dETH.

The public can follow the evolution of the competition in real time. In the end, the possibility of any kind of trading with demo tokens will cease and they will convert the entire balance back to dUSD.

Everything Will Run on Waves

According to the rules, all participants with more than 100,000 dUSD at the end of the competition will enter a pool of winners with a distribution of prizes as follows:

  • 1st place will receive 5000 Waves
  • 2nd place will receive 3000 Waves
  • 3rd place will receive 2000
  • All the other winners will share a prize of 3000 which will be “divided in proportion to their trading profits above the initial capital of 100,000 dUSD.”

Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves shared his excitement with the British news portal Business Fast after learning that the organizers of the World Series of Crypto Trading chose his blockchain to develop this event:

“The World Series of crypto trading (WSOC) – is a platform that specializes in holding trading tournaments, inviting all exchanges and the whole crypto community to participate … We are convinced that the choice of Waves DEX exchange for the tournament by WSOC will provide complete transparency and reliability of the outcome. So let the battle begin!”

Events like this illustrate the significant growth of the ecosystem. The organizers hope to replicate the success of similar competitions – such as the World Cup Trading Championships – which have been held since 1983.

This year-long competition evaluates participants’ performance according to various categories such as Futures trading, Forex, Binary Options, Equity Index, etc. Since no category included cryptocurrencies, the WSOC organizers filled this gap.

World Series of Crypto Trading: Win Money, Promote Trading and Help the Ecosystem Grow

According to Joel Robbins, President of Robbins Financial Group Ltd, and founder of the World Cup Trading Championships, the competition is perfect for traders to show their talent:

“It’s a good way for promising traders to make a name for themselves and ultimately become commodity trading advisors, or become advisors on The main motivation of a lot of entrants is to make a name for themselves and develop their career.”

It is possible that the crupto equivalent of this 34-year-old competition, may boost the hype around crypto trading, helping to the expansion of the whole community. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s risk-free too, so lots of participants could actually find this competition as motivational. In a paper named “Intrinsic motivation and pro-environmental behaviour” Mr. Sander Van Der Linden explains that the very nature of a competition may impact not only the competitors but the whole enviroment that gravitates around them, so it is always good to expect something positive from this event other than just a prize in Waves tokens…

And seeing how some winners got returns of just 2% with a maximum of 243% in traditional investments, it is not strange to realize why Bitcoin (BTC) has been considered the most profitable asset by many standards.

ROI of Bitcoin (BTC) in blue, compared to de SP500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq and Nikkei

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SEC Must Decide About VanEck Bitcoin ETF the Same Day Pro-Crypto Commissioner Hester Peirce Will Speak About This Subject… Good News Ahead?

Everybody in the crypto-verse is focused on expectations and speculation. Which currency will rise, which will fall, which company will adopt blockchain technologies… and which will be the first Bitcoin ETF approved by the SEC.

Commissioner Hester M. Peirce (source SEC)

Although all previous attempts have failed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is having a conference in New York on May 21 to discuss the future of ETFs and how they could affect the financial industry.

However, it is important to note that Hester “Crypto Mom” Peirce is responsible for giving the keynote speech. This new commissioner gained popularity within the ecosystem after raising her voice against the SEC’s refusal to approve a crypto ETF.

Peirce commented that this postures affected the industry and were harmful to innovation.

SEC is Slowly Giving More Reasons to be Optimistic

SEC Comm. Elad Roisman
Elad Roisman

Along with Peirce, another recent change in the SEC board of directors gave a dose of optimism to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts as Elad Roisman the new commissioner is also openly a crypto supporter.

The fact that it is Ms. Peirce who gives the speech is a reason to be optimistic. The fact that they have chosen a date so close to the most important Blockchain event on the continent as well, but no doubt the fact that the SEC has to announce its verdict on VanEck’s request for a Bitcoin ETF that very same day is (for those who have a little faith) one of the reasons to be more excited.

Despite the motives for optimism, the truth is that the majority of the community expects the SEC to delay its decision once again. In a very pessimistic scenario, they may even reject the application.

The Community is Maturing

As reported by Ethereum World News, a few days ago the SEC delayed its rule on a Bitcoin ETF proposed by Bitwise. The fact that they have not given an opinion on VanEck’s proposal makes us imagine that this ETF might have a better fate:

However, something changed from the previous unsuccessful
attempts. Now the community seems to have matured a bit, and despite
expectations, the news of the delay did not change the market sentiment and BTC
remained bullish.

And that alone is good news.

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eBay to Start Accepting Crypto? Community Stirred by Unconfirmed Twitter Rumours

Photos have leaked from preparations for the coming Consensus 2019 conference that eBay, one of the sponsors, might hint that the company plans to start accepting crypto soon and it will not be Bitcoin

eBay is one of the sponsors of the upcoming Consensus conference that is to take place in New York on May 15. Along with eBay, the event will be sponsored by such companies as ConsenSys, Ledger, Tron, Microsoft, BitGo and others.

eBay is rumoured to start
taking crypto payments soon

These advert photos, which have leaked into the web, have sparked a massive speculation on Twitter. Users are curious whether the world-famous e-commerce platform is headed towards crypto payments in the near future.

Should this be true, eBay, which is one of the largest market places on the planet with 180 mln regular users, will give cryptocurrency a major push towards global adoption.

The rumours have it that the crypto eBay is allegedly eying is Binance Coin (BNB).

Some in the crypto community are pointing out to the fact that a former executive of PayPal and eBay, Sanja Kon, already works for the UTRUST crypto payments service and is in charge of Global Partnerships. Quite possibly that Kon would try to get eBay as a strategic partner.

Just recently, Kon worked as Head of Marketplaces and Large Enterprise Partnerships at PayPal and before that she had spent five years working for eBay.

eBay has been eying BTC for a while, PayPal declines it

Two years ago, the Senior VP for eBay, Scott Cutler, shared with Yahoo Finance that the e-commerce giant is mulling starting to accept Bitcoin for its goods.

Last week, the CFO of PayPal publicly said that it is too early for PayPal to start using BTC transactions due to the high volatility of the market. Besides, he added that the top management team is more excited by blockchain itself rather than Bitcoin.

‘Virtual Currencies’ already exists on eBay

The pictures featured in the tweets above could be about a totally different thing, though. “Virtual Currency. It’s happening on eBay” – this could refer to the category titled ‘Virtual Currency’ that allows platform users to trade crypto against fiat anonymously. If that is the case, then the community is jumping to conclusions way too fast.

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Tron, Binance, Kraken – Liverpool FC Tests DLT Ground, Global Football Clubs Showing Interest in Crypto

Last week, leaders of three top crypto platforms received what seemed to be an invitation for a partnership from LFC. Still, comments from LFC say that no plans to collaborate with Tron exist. What’s the deal then?

Last week, Tron CEO tweeted that he had received what seemed like an invitation from Liverpool Football Club (FLC) for an official partnership. This team is currently on the top list of the English Premier League. Justin Sun promised to provide more details later.

Numerous crypto news outlets picked this up and started discussing, thus kind of making Justin Sun’s proud news sound substantiated.

However, when contacted, the LFC spokesperson made it clear that no official collaboration with Tron is happening. Later on, the chiefs of Kraken and Binance tweeted the same things – receiving ‘invitations’ from Liverpool FC. Now, the situation seems to become clearer.

LFC is looking into blockchain

LFC’s spokesperson confirmed that the club had sent these invitations to
several blockchain companies in order to better study their business and DLT
overall to keep up with recent tech trends.

“We do regularly engage with lots of companies to better understand their business and we have extended an invitation to Tron—along with many others,” the spokesman said. “To be clear, no discussions have taken place.”

Is global football entering

Many in the media and the crypto sphere started to rebuke Tron’s founder, saying he had made another attempt to raise hype around his project. Though, in reality, chances are high that a simple misunderstanding took place.

However, LFC, believes Hacked, seems to be indeed curious about the nascent crypto and blockchain industry.

It is a big question, how much in reality LFC know about the aforementioned crypto exchanges and Tron but their invitations are hard to imagine a couple of years before, when these spheres were much less developed. Thus, it may well be that Liverpool FC have much more trust in these areas than before.

In 2019, football has already shown a great interest towards crypto
platforms. Or, another way of viewing it, is that crypto is entering the
football industry.

eToro and Coindeal have become sponsors of top global football clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers. As of late, a Scotland-based football club Ayr United spread the news of their cooperation with Bitcoin SV.

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Blockchain Platform Believes It Is the ‘Golden Ticket’ for Saving the Live Events Industry

A blockchain platform is hoping to tackle inflationary prices in event tickets by uniting attendees and organizers through its specially created platform.

A new blockchain-based platform says it has bold plans to transform the events industry — eliminating middlemen to reduce costs for organizers, promoters, entertainers, suppliers and consumers alike.

Evedo argues that the sector’s scalability has been dramatically affected by a “lack of innovation” in the way events are organized. A multitude of platforms are often used to bring concerts and conferences to life, causing unnecessary delays and sometimes resulting in costly mistakes. In addition, the startup says the industry is riddled with middlemen who often charge large fees but “do not add value to the process” — occasionally resulting in “fraud and significant losses.”

In its white paper, the company illustrates the real-world consequences that fragmentation in this industry can bring. Ticket prices can soar because of secondary black markets, inefficient systems can mean that tickets are duplicated, payments to top talent can be delayed, and organizers can face an uphill struggle as they look for new venues and sponsors.

Three core values

Evedo says that it prides itself on its three core values of “trust, creativity and empathy,” and believes that its infrastructure can help those working behind the scenes on major events achieve creative and exciting results, all while reducing the amount of time and effort they spend on realizing their vision.

Its business-to-business (b2b) marketplace aims to connect organizers with the contractors and sponsors who can get their event off the ground — empowering them with the ability to easily compare fees and reputations so they find the perfect partner. Agreements would be bound by smart contracts, paving the way for automated payments whenever key milestones are reached. A “single point of workflow” would also make it easier for organizers to keep track of how their vendors are progressing in real time, meaning there is less to panic about in the stressful run-up to the big day.

Evedo is available here

In explaining how its infrastructure works, Evedo’s white paper adds: “The B2B platform is designed as an effective search engine where the event organizer can find all resources, partners and suppliers by listing the detail regarding their planned event. The event organizer can browse and filter by multiple criteria such as dates, type of event, expected number of attendees, specific technical equipment requirements, logistics, hotels, staff needed on site, advertising and media coverage.”

Evedo says that it plans to “fine-tune” this search engine further by collaborating closely with early adopters, responding to their feedback and finding innovative solutions by applying its “deep industry knowledge and experience.”

The golden ticket to a slick event

The startup’s offering is going to be complemented by a business-to-consumer platform that is designed to weed out the problems associated with buying and selling tickets. Evedo says the goal is to end the “money leeching activities of unwanted ticket bots and scalpers” by ensuring that issuers remain in full control of the number of tickets sold.

Evedo says blockchain technology can help verify transactions more effectively, delivering savings for organizers and attendees alike. The platform also believes that venues would also see their profits rise, as lower ticket prices would result in a greater number of events to cater to rising demand.

“Unlike existing platforms that take commissions that cut into event’s bottom lines, we are basing our business model on revenue streams such as advertising. This is what makes it possible for us to sell tickets with 0 percent commission,” its white paper adds.

The Bulgarian blockchain venture has an ongoing initial exchange offering via BitForex for EVED tokens, a utility token that is used by the platform’s infrastructure. So far, the project has raised the soft cap of the token sale and is hoping to raise $2.5 million to further develop its product.

Learn more about Evedo

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