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“Bitcoin is a plot twist in a confusing movie”, says Ellen DeGeneres

American television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres said in one of her shows that Bitcoin is a plot twist in a confusing movie.

Bitcoin! why does everyone talk about it and what exactly is it? one must be wondering. Ellen DeGeneres has given an outline about Bitcoin on her Thursdays’ show. She said on her show that she would explain to the best of her ability what Bitcoin is to her audience.

Ellen said during her show that everybody is talking about Bitcoin but nobody understands it. She added that it is parallel to a plot twist in a confusing movie, where you can not really comprehend and your friends profess that they do. She says Bitcoin is like a digital antique road show where you are just standing in line and you have no idea till you get there.

DeGeneres explained with her witty hypothesis, “pretend like Bitcoin is a goat. Now it’s adorable… and you want to pick it up and you want to pet it. But you can’t because it’s not there, it doesn’t exist except for on that internet right there, just like Bitcoin is digital currency.“

DeGeneres elucidated comically that she would rather own a baby goat than having Bitcoin which operates sort of like a stock market.

It is a flawless fact that to invest in Bitcoin, you’ll either be a millionaire or you’ll be totally broke.

Ellen was quite right, Bitcoin is known as decentralized currency because the central authority did not issue it as it is digital. Its continuity relies on divergent participants and network of computers.

A tamperproof technology called blockchain which is a public activity log established Bitcoin and the transactions are verified by a process named mining, where participant try to solve a computationally difficult puzzle. The participant who first solves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the blockchain and can claim the rewards.

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Ellen DeGeneres on Bitcoin: It's 'Either Worth $20K or Nothing'

Bitcoin had a decidedly mainstream moment this week: during a segment on the talk show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres took a few pot-shots at the cryptocurrency, joking to her audience that it’s like “a plot twist in a confusing movie.”

“Everybody is talking about bitcoin,” she went on to say. “Nobody understands it.”

She told her audience and viewers – which averages several million viewers per episode – to think of cryptocurrencies as a picture of a goat on the internet.

“Now it’s adorable…and you want to pick it up and pet it. But you can’t because it’s not there, it doesn’t exist except for on that internet right there, just like bitcoin is digital currency,” she said.

DeGeneres added that she’d opt for the goat over bitcoin if given the choice, and said of investors:

“You’ll either be a millionaire or you’ll be totally broke.”

The comedian also poked fun at digital wallets, zeroing in on their vulnerabilities, while noting that they sounded like a Jimmy Kimmel stunt.

“The digital wallet can either be apps on your phone, or tiny hard drives – which is a really good idea because who wouldn’t feel safe with their life savings on a piece of plastic that could go into the washing machine,” she quipped.

And while the bitcoin bit may be brushed off by some as a cheap gag, DeGeneres’ segment is perhaps reflective of how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken on greater prevalence in the mainstream consciousness.

Other celebrities have helped to spur this along in recent years, with some making the news for their investments in bitcoin – like rapper 50 Cent – and others who have endorsed ICOs or decided to accept bitcoin as payment for their products and performances.

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