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John McAfee is Offering $100k To Anyone Who Can Hack His New BitFi Crypto Wallet

Crypto-crusader and cyber security expert, John McAfee, is offering a $100,000 bounty to anyone who can hack his new hardware wallet known as BitFi. McAfee believes the hardware wallet is unhackable and has put the challenge out there for everyone to prove him wrong. He put forth the challenge via twitter when he said the following:

The $100,000 bounty to anyone who can hack the wallet is not just for the first person who hacks it, but to everyone who can hack it. If 100 people hack it, each one gets $100,000. But I promise you, it cannot be hacked, ever, by anyone or anything. Try it.

The catch is that you’d have to buy the device first so you can attempt to hack it. This is according to the bounty description on that states the following:

The rules for claiming the bounty are simple:

We deposit coins into a Bitfi wallet

If you wish to participate in the bounty program, you will purchase a Bitfi wallet that is preloaded with coins for just an additional $50 (the reason for the charge is because we need to ensure serious inquiries only)

If you successful extract the coins and empty the wallet, this would be considered a successful hack

You can then keep the coins and Bitfi will make a payment to you of $100,000

McAfee has reiterated this part of the bounty via his most recent tweet below:

More about the BitFi Wallet

The BitFi Wallet claims to offer a rare combination of the most advance security for private and enterprise use. The BitFi wallet is also different from other hardware wallets out there for it does not store a private key at all. On the BitFi wallet, your private key is calculated using their special algorithm every time you type in your secret phrase. The wallet will support all currencies and assets in a single device, under a single secret phrase. The wallet costs $120. More information about the wallet can be found on its user friendly website.


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Team McAfee launches McAfee Market Cap and McAfee Crypto Team Websites

John McAfee has been dubbed the crypto-crusader who will fight for the rights of every single crypto-trader to his last breath. He has thrown jabs at the SEC for their role in trying to stop the expansion of cryptocurrencies and even filed a lawsuit against the HitBTC. With regards to HitBTC, McAfee is gathering information from those affected by the HitBTC services after the exchange ‘made it difficult’ for owners of Docademic (MTC) to withdraw their funds on the exchange.

It is with this background that Team McAfee has launched and

The website presents data aligned with the values and 24 hour trends of all the major coins and tokens in the crypto-markets. The current list on gets to 948 cryptocurrencies and also provides real time data on the total market cap of the crypto-markets, 24 hour volume and the Bitcoin Dominance.

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According to the website, was founded due to the following reason:

The McAfee Market Cap was founded at the start of 2018 when a few Team McAfee members had a vision: to create the ultimate one-stop shop knowledge and information database regarding all things blockchain  and cryptocurrency. Today, there are several websites that offer great information and price tracking. The McAfee Market Cap aims to improve on these concepts and bring something unique and valuable to the table.

The site goes on to state that there are plans for additional functions on the website:

Summer 2018 will be a big one for the McAfee Market Cap and the cryptoverse.  We will be implementing additional coins, indexes, and an online social network for traders, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Team McAfee has also launched The McAfee Crypto Team website that offers support for ICOs at all stages of development. Their experts work with ICOs in the following ways:

  • Strategic analysis – at all stages of the ICO process
  • Whitepaper support – polishing whitepapers to better communicate the project’s vision
  • Web Optimization – website usability and aesthetics
  • Crypto-connection audit – audits all partners on key elements such as trust, viability and experience
  • Network Resources – access to team McAfee’s industry connections
  • Audience Reach – social media and other multimedia services

These two websites and services by the McAfee team are a welcome addition to the crypto-community resources. Three cheers to the team!


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John McAfee Cancels Conference Appearance Due to Death Threats

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that popular Crypto-crusader, John McAfee, has been asked by the Blockchain World Conference organizers, to cancel his live appearance at the event after getting numerous death threats against Mr. McAfee.

In a tweet, the Blockchain World Conference stated the following:

McAfee would also add via twitter that:

I have been asked by the Blockchain World Conference organizers to cancel my live appearance due to fears of audience, and my own, safety. I will be live streaming from an undisclosed location at 11:00 AM.

He would later explain to his followers the following also via Twitter:

The choice not to appear on stage was not my choice. It was a decision made by the conference organizers. Blaming me simply and squarely places you in with my few hundred thousand trolls. If that’s where you wish to reside then so be it.

Whether the news of death threats are true or not, McAfee was most recently hospitalized for what he claimed was an attempted assassination through poisoning.

History as a Wanted man

Prior to that, McAfee had stated that he was on the run from the US government after he claimed that he had purposely committed a felony by calling out the SEC. It is not the first time McAfee has been a wanted man. In 2012 during his stay in Belize, McAfee seemed to ruffled the feathers of the Belizean government when his compound was stormed by 42 paramilitary soldiers in search of what they claimed were drugs in McAfee’s compound.

McAfee would later escape from Belize the same year through Guatemala after one was his neighbors was murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Presidential Bids and love for Docademic (MTC)

On his return to the US, McAfee would run unsuccessfully for president in 2016 and plans on running once again in 2020. Core to his new presidential bid, is his plan to provide universal healthcare in the US through the blockchain platform and App of Docademic (MTC) that he is passionate about.

In one of his tweets about Docademic and against his new foe, HitBTC, McAfee would state that:

McAfee currently enjoys a loyal following of 845,000 fans on twitter with this number expected to reach 1 Million pretty soon.