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Ripple on EXMO – XRP Price Analysis: Possible Support Break

Ripple is going to be a trading potion on the EXMO cryptocurrency platform while being paired with BTC, USD, RUB.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has successfully expanded its number of trading instruments – Ripple (XRP) has been added to the listing. The deposit/withdrawal operations are already available in the “Finance” section. This was a continuation of the platform adding well-known cryptocurrecies, with ZCash being known for its anonymity which was integrated previously on EXMO.

ripple prediction

Source: coinamrketcap

When it comes to its price development, XRP against the US Dollar could very well retest the $0.1950 supporting level before making any move upwards. There is a spiking movement in both ways as the value struggles to move above the $0.2100 against the USD.

xrp dollar cryptocurrency

At the moment, the pair is just above the trend line support at $0.2030 and the 100 hourly SMA. Once there is a break and close below $0.2000, there can be a downside push towards $0.1950. An immediate support sits around the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.1880 low to $0.2093 high.

ripple prediction

For the near term understanding, the most important support holding the price up is at $0.1950 and the 61.8% Fib Retracement level of the above mentioned increasing flow. However, if buyers are able to gain momentum over the $0.2100 mark, the pair XRP/USD could very well head for $0.2250.

Important Levels:

  • Major Support  – $0.2000
  • Major Resistance  – $0.2100

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Litecoin Setting Up for an Out-Break: LTC/USD Analysis – Oct 3 prediction

Litecoin price in the last 24-hours is turning downside-ish a bit for a start of the week on Monday, as it hovers around $53. A possible break above certain resistance could take place near-term for LTC against the USD.

Litecoin Creating Ground for Gain – LTC/USD

LTC price has taking the lower turn today [Oct 2nd] and dropped to $53.84 (time of the writing) as it meets supports at around $53.00 like the days before. This is caused by the resistance that is waiting at the $55.00 mark which for now is the major psychological barrier and so it causes a range bound effect.

ltc forecast

Source: Coinmarketcap

If we look at the longer-term, the moment the pair LTC/USD closed above the $55.00 mark was just before going for the $100 mark when it did hit its all time high value. So in the ‘bigger picture’ despite today’s drop, the price is creating a stable trading ground just below the resistance level so in the case of a break out it could go over the $60.00 or even higher.

Short/Mid-term sellers could be waiting at that point which will be tanking the value to take another test on the record mark, however on the longer term a very possible $75 for trading ground could be made real.

The stable range-bounding trading ground that LTC/USD creates after any increase or rally is very unique and what made Litecoin cement its position as the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Look for dips to buy and keep the trading size small until for now as the market looks like did very gallantly restructure itself on the critics and crackdowns by regulation.

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Ethereum, Dash Price Development: ETH, DASH Prediction Sep 23

As we are in the post-crash time period after the regulation news, cryptocurrencies (mostly the top-ten) could not successfully close above important psychological mark. After losing their steam and breaking lower supports now its time for recovery.

Ethereum Against the US Dollar – ETH/USD

A very important supporting level of $275 was cleared yesterday and the Ethereum price paired with USD as low as $252.03, while against the BTC market the range is very close and there could be a big change incoming.

ethereum price forecast

A supportive ground has been formed on the hourly chart of ETH/USD just above the $250 level. On the same chart at the level of 38.2% Fib retracement mark of the last declining flow from $293.52 to $252.03 the trading value is meeting sellers. On the other hand on the hourly chart too a bearish trend is formed close to the $270 mark.

The main resistance for now is $273.00 level which is positioned at the 50% Fib Ret of the above mentioned wave.

In the case that Ethereum price continues over $270 and $273, on the 4-hourly chart of ETH/USD a very important long-ongoing bearish trend has been formed with resistance at $280.

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Dash Against the US Dollar – DASH/USD

On Sep 21 DASH despite the general market loss that was being experienced had a counter movement as it did reach $370.00 for the first time in two weeks.

dash price analysis

For the moment it is around $357.81 with 4.02 percentage point gain int he last 24-hours and a trading volume of $57 million.

The jump in value against the US Dollar was caused by Bithumb traders as the trading volume in only 24-hours did reach $179 million. Bithumb traders were counting at 60.00% of the all the trading that day.

On a long running price development, major resistances will be faced at $360-$370 as the the DASH/USD could not close above the particular level almost never and did attempt many times to do so.

Trading ground as a support is formed at the $280.00 level which will not let any major decrease lower than that mark in the case of a crash but for the near term important stability support is seen at $340.

As the price Broke already the $360 mark it could have opened doors for further gains, lets wait and see what the market has to offer.

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Ethereum Price Daily Development: ETH Forecast Slowly Returning to Supports

Ethereum price on its upward recovery momentum looks like lost its steam against the US Dollar. Now ETH has broken the support and aiming the $240 could be next.

Ethereum struggled to Close above $300

There was a long running attempt of the buyers to push the value above the major $300 mark but with failure. It did range bound below $290 for some time at least before the sellers took control. Important supports were cleared and the pair continued below $270 today. On the 100 hourly SMA first the break took out the $285 mark. Then Yesterday’s development was described with a declining motive past the $275 channel with an important level acting as a support – $270 on the hourly chart.

With that event taking place, gates were open for a free descending trend as the value went below the 23.6% Fib retracement level since the recovery from $198.75 to $298.70. Most importantly a bullish trend that had been formed in a weekly period has been broken with support at $270 level.

ethereum prediction

In any upside attempt of recovery, the $280 cleared support now will be acting as a resistance along the way. However it most likely seems to continue lower towards major support of $240 and the 61.8% Fib retracement level since the above mentioned wave.

  • Support Level – $240
  • Resistance Level – $280

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Ripple Price Daily Analysis – For XRP to Gain a Clear of $0.2000 is Needed: Forecast

For the moment Ripple price has entered a minor bearish trend against the US Dollar and Bitcoin’s Market. However, XRP price must close successfully over the $0.2000 level to experience any further increase.

XRP/USD price Hurdle For Gain

In general the market had no major movement for the last two days as it did not for Ripple price too. The important psychological mark $0.2000 has not been cleared as there were no significant attempts. For the moment a correction and slow descending pattern is formed with the upward struggle at $0.1950 as the pair moved lower than the 100 SMA.

Very close and below the price is located to the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recovery flow from $0.1500 to $0.1970. However, on the $0.1950 resistance mark a bearish trend is formed which in case of a break will deliver and open doors for further price increase and test of $0.2000. On the near term that particular mark is of most importance to clear.

ripple price forecast

Source: Coinmarketcap

A surging momentum would emerge in the case of a complete close above the $0.2000 as buyers would be welcoming the matter of fact and aiming the $0.2250. On contrary a spike lower could mean targeting $0.1733 which is at around 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the previous recovery increase ($0.1500 – $0.1970) which does represent a significant support. In conclusion price dips could be stopped at $0.1800 or $0.1750 so plan your trade/

  • Hourly MACD – The MACD for XRP/USD has moved into the bearish zone.
  • Hourly Relative Strength Index – The RSI for XRP/USD is now below 50 level.
  • Support Level – $0.1800
  • Resistance Level – $0.1950

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Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Sep 16 Daily – Retests might Await Prediction

Despite any technical analysis or possible-outcome idea, the control of the market right now is on the hands of the news-drifted momentum.

Fear and panic struck the market as information was spreading about exchanges shutting down. Sellers took major movement at hand tanking with all they got the crypto-prices where buyers afterwards did gain from the dip buying on important opportunities.

Bitcoin Against the US Dollar – BTC/USD

Keeping in mind that the volatility is very high, the uptrend line has been targeted while finding more peaceful trading ground. This could for now indicate a bearish upcoming trend but as mentioned above the major effect on the market will be the news-factor so lookout for them as much as you can and not the technical analysis.

bitcoin analysis

Noted out in the morning price related press, after reaching the major resistance of $3.800, which recovery did follow up the first test of the important supporting level of $3,000 – the pair could possibly (on a bearish) trend again retest the same support. Right now it has declined at $3640.46 which concludes a very volatile market even on a daily understanding.

On the upside, if there is a possible surge above the $4,000 level, and successful close then it could mean new pattern formation for an upcoming uptrend. In any event, take notice of the news as they do not look so optimistic for now on Bitcoin.

There we have on a very positive note on the longer term of Bitcoin: Simon Dixon – investment Banker and author of “Bank to the Future” that tweeted:

Ethereum Against the US Dollar – ETH/USD

Ethereum as second in place based on market capitalization, is also included on the very volatile market right now.

On the same understanding like Bitcoin and also right predicted on the morning press, Ethereum met resistances before even closing in at the particular $280 while the highest point for today was around $262.54. This does not mean there are no other attempts left for now, but after that a retest of the supporting zone at $200 will play a major important role if it happens.

ethereum price prediction

Source: Coinmarketcap

On the longer term investors, it is looking quite more optimistic. ETH will be having great news upcoming end of September and next month. the ERC-20 projects are as one becoming an industry and the number of Ethereum ICO-s is growing.

Litecoin Against the US Dollar – LTC/USD

For quite some time after the major rally on Sep 2 reaching the highest point record, Litecoin was acting as the strongest and most stable out of the top-crypto prices while range bounding between $60 and $70 levels. The particular surge started in April which has been broken down on the news and reports spreading out.

litecoin price prediction

The recovery for the moment has been slowed down and entered a could be bearish-trend otherwise a very near-term test of the $60 resistance level will be coming most likely.  It’s an atypical situation, but right now the uptrend dynamic level will be good support for LTC.

When it comes to news related to LTC there is a bright future thanking the creator of Litecoin – Charlie Lee. Lightning network is already being tested and the daily usefulness of the Silver coin is something to look forward into it.

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Bitcoin Cash, Ripple Price Bearish Trend Could Await: BCH, XRP Recovering Majorly

Following a very unique price development for Bitcoin Cash, the market crash Yesterday did include the just sprung-crypto from Bitcoin’s Network.

The 100 percent Fib retracement level since the surge $296 to $972 has been completed for BCH/USD and now as the price was declining strong support was found at $300 level, not going below $302.03. Now it is experiencing a 21.90% gain in the last 24-hours reaching $422.17 adding up $2 billion on market cap in a day.

It could be targeting the previous range bound zone between $523 and $736 in which the pair BCH/USD was trading for quite some time.

bitcoin cash prediciton

Source: Coinmarketcap

However, as the leading digital currencies are approaching last supportive lines that now have been forming resistances the recovery rally has slowed down. In conclusion a last-lowest dip retest could be incoming for other altcoins and BCH too.

Long positioning should be taken only the retest is successfully made of the supportive major mark at $300. In general as the market is volatile the other leaders in the top ten are more rebound-able so looking into them could be more of a better choice than Bitcoin cash.

Out of the top-ten by market cap – Ripple [XRP] had the lowest in recovery for the last 24-hours with almost 10% gain in price against the US Dollar, so reaching $0.1780 from the monthly lowest hit yesterday at $0.1509.

As Bitcoin cash, Ripple is regaining almost $2 billion lost market capitalization from $5.7 bln to $7.3 bln proportionally with the trading volume rising to $222 million int he last 24 hours.

The last major decline was initiated when XRP/USD was at $0.1950 – $0.1930 which now will be the most important resistance to clear and successfully close so open doors for more gain would be formed.

ripple prediciton

Source: Coinmarketcap

Most likely for now the resistances could be holding and the price returning to retest its supports at $0.1500 once again. We shall look for buying opportunities only after ripple breaks out of the downtrend line and $0.19300 levels.

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Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Prediction after Market Reverse Sep 16

Considered Bitcoin’s counterpart, the news and regulations declared yesterday did struck Litecoin very hard making any possible supportive trading level to be of no help in the near term.

From the trading ground of $60 mark it did very swiftly drop to the monthly lowest of $32.03 with a market cap of only $1.7 billion which is $3 billion in negative compared to the all-time high levels. But as aggressive bulls were awaiting the best start-buying moments after the sellers took control of the market the table did turn on a quick note.

The pair LTC/USD has recovered over $20 in price in the last 24-hours with 21.03% in the positive up to $52.48 with a market cap of $2.7 billion adding up a strong $1 billion in a day. Against the Bitcoin market, Litecoin is stil behind on -0.63% which should be expected for now as the market is very volatile and the pack leader is being the initiator on major changes however it is awaited that altcoin will be following “the golden coin”.

litecoin prediction

Source: Coinmarketcap

Trading volume in the last 24-hours are over $1.5 billion which has not happened since the record breaking price over $90 with a trading volume around $1.7 bln. Asian exchanges are leading with Bithumb around $400 million with 25%, $300 million second with 20% and Huobi in the third place with around $200 million trading volume at 13%.

However, any recovery and return in price will be awaited with major resistances at the $60 level on a bearish note. The specific resisting zone now previously was an important supportive level and a stable trading ground for Litecoin against the US dollar as the price did range bound between $60-$70 for some time.

In this case a retest of lower levels could take place so wait for that moment before starting of any longer booked positioning profit.

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Ethereum Price Setup for Dropping lower: ETH/USD Going towards $260 Forecast

Bearish trend being experienced by Ethereum price against the US Dollar. The pair could continue dropping after closing its correction towards $260 or lower.

Ethereum Price Struggling to Keep High Ground

Yesterday started off with ETH price trying to keep the position above $290 but failed and initiated a descending movement. The main channel support of $297 was broken and so a spiking downward process started reaching to $270 and even close to $260 supporting levels.

The lowest dip was formed at $255.54 as the price now is trying correction and has moved above the 23.6 Fib retracements level since the previous downward flow: $315.21 to $255.54. For no an increasing channel pattern is forming with the support at $274 but there is a hurdle trying to clear the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the above mentioned flow.

ethereum prediction

That’s why on the downside, there is a possibility that the support could be broken. If the $274 declining way is cleared the pair could pull back to $260 or $255. On the contrary, to move upwards a spiking break above the 100 hourly SMA and the $290 is needed to increase.

  • Hourly MACD – The MACD is still placed well in the bearish zone.
  • Hourly RSI – The RSI is retreating from the 50 level and heading lower.
  • Support Level – $260
  • Resistance Level – $290

Simple! This is an alert message.

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ETH Price Analysis & Prediction: Ethereum Increases Closing-In to Major Resistances

ETH/USD is trying to take on resistances for a recovery attempt. Buying pressure is leading Ethereum price upwards but the gain momentum will come if the barriers are cleared.

Major Points

  • After trading just above the $270 mark, ETH found support now aiming higher.
  • Important stretch and break over a resisting trend line around the $297 mark on the hourly chart of Ethereum against the US Dollar took place.
  • Important resistances will be waiting as soon as the $300 mark is passed again.

Ethereum Taking turns to Recovery even with much Struggle

The Friday sell-off did continue for two more days, having ETH descend and trade as low as $272.15. That is when buyer took opportunity to buy in on the dip and the value started to return higher back over the $280.00 level. Now it has already reached the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the above mentioned declining wave.

Important to notice, a resistance clearing action the pair took close to the $397.50 stretching and breaking higher. That indicates the increase will continue as it did over the $300.00 mark in near term for a short time where selling pressure did await for profit. The 50% Fib retracement level since the previous downward flow (from $336.32 to $281.24) will be around $3.08.78 which is a key resistance. From $308 to $315 could be most struggling part for ETH/USD to pass as there is a bearish trend line just at $316.

ethereum analysis

A clear close should be done of the 100 hourly SMA which is near the $309 mark and the $316 barrier for more gains. If the buyers could not withhold, support might be provided just above the $295 mark.

  • Hourly MACD – The MACD is slowly moving back in the bullish zone.
  • Hourly RSI – The RSI is now back above the 50 level.
  • Support Level – $298
  • Resistance Level – $308

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