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More Verge (XVG) Porn Industry Adoption Might Follow After Pornhub

On April 17th and less than two weeks ago, Verge (XVG) and popular pornsite, Pornhub, announced a partnership that was at first initially shocking. As soon as the shock subsided, it then dawned on many crypto-enthusiasts that such a partnership was a match made in heaven. This is because XVG focuses primarily on privacy and no one wants to have a credit card statement with a charge to a porn website. So it is only natural and automatic that new subscriptions be anonymous on the blockchain.

The news of the partnership was well timed in a period where the FBI has been cracking down on sex marketplace websites such as The FBI claim that the website was a bit too relaxed in clamping down on sex trafficking and has been indicted for facilitating prostitution, conspiracy and money laundering-related charges.

Although pornsites have not reached the levels of, it is only natural that other sites in the industry will follow suite with finding a privacy cryptocurrency to partner with such as Verge. In the announcement on their website, Pornhub was stated as saying:

“The future has come. In our efforts to keep current with our community’s privacy and payment preferences, Pornhub will now be accepting Verge as a means of payment for services like Pornhub Premium and more, on our platforms. Building on Verge’s core values of security, anonymity and practicality, the introduction of this cryptocurrency as a means of payment Pornhub signifies an important foray into the future from the industry that is always on the cutting edge of technology.”

What has been noted with the porn industry over the years, is that once one website does something revolutionary, the rest follow suite. Remember that back in the day, pornsites were available exclusively through subscriptions. But through some magic by a relatively unknown guy called Fabian Thylmann, porn became free. He brought in an era where anyone with a video camera, would be a porn director and upload his or her own clips online. This guy was also the founder of a company known as Manwin which is now currently known as MindGeek.

The latter company is the owner of Pornhub, Brazzers and over 160 other pornsites.

This means that the rest of the porn industry will most likely follow suite and start accepting Verge as a form of payment for subscriptions.

Using the above premise, XVG is not a bad coin to buy and HODL for some time.