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Zilliqa (ZIL) And A Few Gems Under $1 Which Are Not In The Top 10

One thing that many traders love doing, is to scroll down the listings of coins and tokens on coinmarketcap and look for the hidden gems amongst the 1,587 cryptocurrencies listed in 10,420 markets. Traders then find such coins or tokens that are reasonably priced or doing massive gains, then they research what the coin or token is all about. This usually involves reading whitepapers and reddit community posts. When satisfied, they buy the coin or token and HODL like their lives depend on it.

It with such a premise that I’d like to highlight 3 cryptocurrencies that have slipped under the radar of most traders but show promise in terms of delivering a product or service that solves real life problems, as well as considerable gains in the markets.

Zilliqa (ZIL): The crypto-verse is abuzz with this new project that plans to solve all the Ethereum smart contract issues of security, scalability and speed. Zilliqa has a revolutionary concept known as sharding. It divides the mining network into small shards that perform transactions in parallel. As the shards grow, so do the number of transactions the platform can handle. The project also uses a revolutionary programming language known as Scilla that is developer friendly and secure.

ZIL is currently priced at $0.096 and all hell is bound to break loose when they release the Main Net of the platform later this year.

Crypterium (CRPT): This is a unique token and cryptocurrency project. The token itself will be a requirement for users of the app that is live on Android and iOS. For every transaction, some CRPT will be ‘burnt’ as fuel for the transaction and in turn reducing the total supply. The project aims at bridging the gap between crypto and regular purchases of goods and services on regular Point of Sale systems in stores.

The CRPT token is currently value at $0.79 and is ranked #206 on

Nem (XEM): NEM was earlier dubbed as the Dark Horse of 2018 by Ethereum World News. This was based on the fact that the coin and project is making major moves in the background and in a silent manner. NEM has lots of potential in the industry of Point of Sale applications and also in the new Bankera exchange that will be launched later this year.

In conclusion, there are a lot of coins and tokens that do not get much publicity and BUZZ in the crypto-verse. But if one were to be keen and dedicate time into researching what is out there, one will realize just how diverse and promising some of these crypto projects are.

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Crypterium (CRPT) Negotiating Partnerships And Listings

Less than two weeks ago, the Crypterium’s (CRPT) Co-founder, Vladimir Gorbunov answered questions regarding the project that plans on transforming Crypto banking and financial services on a level that has never been witnessed before in the crypto-verse.

The Crypterium project has predicted that in 8 year’s time, the crypto-economy will exceed $20 Trillion dollars and crypto-banks will become a cornerstone in the relations between a decentralized economy and future day to day life. Crypterium aims at expanding the mainstream everyday usage of cryptocurrencuies for regular purchases similar to how you would use fiat or credit cards.

With the CRPT token being used a fuel for transactions, it is no wonder the token has been highly predicted to shatter records by the end of the year. The 1 year forecast for the token stands at $27.53 and according to

In the question and answer session mentioned earlier, the co-founder of the project, answered questions on the possibility of more listings of the token besides on Vladmir informed us that at least 2 of the top 10 exchanges are ready to list CRPT as soon as the project is ready to do so. What is for sure, is a new listing before the end of the summer.

Also to add, is the mentioning by Vladmir of the dozens of global financial institutions that will allow the Crypterium project to launch crypto-fiat payment solutions around the world. The CRPT team has been holding lots of meetings to strike the most effective partnerships. They have strategic offices in London and Singapore that give the project access to financial leaders both in Europe and in Asia.

The Crypterium app is already available on both Android and iOS and can do the following:

  • Receive, retain and transfer CRPT, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)
  • Get price updates in real time
  • Exchange cryptocurrency
  • Review transaction history

Eventually the app will be able to issue virtual cards to users to link it to Apple pay, Samsung Pay or Android pay and bind it to thier crypto account. This will mean that you use your Crypto anytime you pay at the contactless payment terminals that support CRPT services.

That said, the service has been slated to be made accessible to over 500 Million Europeans where the service will be initially launched at 100% capacity.

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What Happens Next For Litecoin (LTC)?

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin (LTC), issued a public apology for the complete and abrupt shutdown of Litepay. The revolutionary payment option was scheduled for release on the 26th of February this year.

However, due to technical issues regarding finding a card service provider to partner with, the release was postponed indefinitely and eventually cancelled. Litecoin (LTC) had shown tremendous promise in the markets as the release date in February approached. It was trading as high as $247 per LTC on February 21st. With no product to keep the volume up in the markets, the price has gradually plummeted to current levels of $122 at the moment of writing this. This is a drastic 50% drop in value.

So what is next for the coin that was a fork of Bitcoin back in 2011?

For starters, the team at the Litecoin Foundation need to go back to the drawing board. This is after Mastercard openly stated that it would only partner with a government backed cryptocurrency and referred to the rest of crypto in the markets as pretty much ‘junk’. The bright side of this statement is that it suggests Mastercard is anticipating the release of a National Digital Currency somewhere on the globe apart from the Venezuelan Petro. Such an event would go further to validate all crypto as legal tender.

In light of such a statement by Mastercard, Litecoin (LTC) should consider partnering with perhaps a Crypto project geared towards solving the same real life problem Litepay was intended to solve. One such project is Crypterium (CRPT) that uses a mobile friendly app to process crytpo payments at point of sale terminals. It does this by converting the crypto in its wallet to regular fiat during the transactions. It does this without the need of physical cards. Therefore, no need to negotiate with Visa or Mastercard.

A second option for the Litecoin team, is to continue with business as usual without the Litepay project. Charlie Lee had in January expressed his vision for SegWit and Lightning Networks on the Litecoin platform. The team has an exciting road-map ahead with the recent release of Litecoin Core 0.16.0 to kick start progress moving forward.