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Large Global Payments Processor Unveils Airdropping Campaign Among Users

CoinPayments, a global cryptocurrency payment processor, has announced an airdrop  launch of its own utility token – the CPS Coin. The company also plans to lower its transaction and conversion fees for token holders and enhance its user interface in 2018.

Founded in 2013, CoinPayments is a global cryptocurrency payment processor with a reach of over 1,000,000 vendors across 182 countries, says the company’s blog. CoinPayments offers a cloud payment solution allowing merchants to accept Bitcoin and hundreds of other coins through their plugins, APIs and point of sale (POS) interfaces.  

“CoinPayments has created a special place in the world of cryptocurrency users with intuitive digital wallets, which include shopping cart plugins that can be easily integrated by online merchants making it appealing to their customers” said Alex Alexandrov, founder and CEO of CoinPayments in an interview with Insight Success.

The company is set to launch two mega projects in 2018. Firstly, CPS Coin – the CoinPayments token – will lower transaction and conversion fees for merchants. Secondly, a revamped version of their existing user interface – called CoinPayments 3.0 – will provide online merchants and wallet holders with “even more user-friendly experience” company representatives said.

Airdrop to all users

The CoinPayments team reported to Cointelegraph that the company launched an airdrop of 100 CPS Coins to all current users, as well as new signups on the CoinPayments platform until August 1, 2018. The value for the 100 CPS coins is €10. Any user who purchases CPS coins starting on May 4th will receive two CPS coins for the price of one, or three for one on orders totalling over €500,000 within a 24 hour period.

The CPS Coin is a utility token used within the CoinPayments platform, and provides discounts and rebates for using various CoinPayments services. Users wanting to buy CPS Coins can buy directly from CoinPayments at a rate of €0.10 per token.

There is a wide range of discounts and rebates available for CoinPayments services, including merchant fees, conversion fees, withdrawal fees, initial coin offering (ICO) participation and as a preferred payment method in their own decentralized marketplace.

For example, merchant fees may be reduced by half. Merchants have the option to pay the 0.5 percent processing fee with CPS Coin by checking a box on their account. If they choose this option, they will only have to pay a 0.25 percent processing fee in CPS Coins based on a €0.10/CPS Coin rate. If their CPS Coin wallet doesn’t contain enough CPS Coins to pay the fee then the required amount of CPS Coins will be purchased automatically from the CoinPayments pool using the fee collected at the time of the transaction.

As for conversion and withdraw fees, users will receive a 50 percent rebate if they pay from CoinPayments directly into the user’s CPS Coin wallet.

Regarding ICO participation, CoinPayments will negotiate an allocation of tokens from hosted ICOs at a discounted rate from the public ICO price and CoinPayments users will have the option to participate in this allocation using CPS Coin.

 Additional tokens

“As an extra incentive, users can collect an additional 25 CPS Coins every time a new user signs up through their affiliate link” said a company representative.

The CoinPayments affiliate program pays affiliates 25 percent of transaction fees collected from all referred users for a duration of 5 years. This includes merchant transaction fees, commercial deposit fees and ICO signup fees. In the future, this will also include debit card transaction fees, fiat settlement fees and much more.

Users can register at the company’s website and follow the affiliate help link to easily start the referral process immediately.


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Behind Verge (XVG) Rise: Identifying The Drivers

The sudden wake of Verge (XVG) is creating a new name for the cryptocurrency. Shortly after it was discredited for plunging despite landing ‘huge’ partners like Pornhub and Brazzer. The criticism went on, until Verge begins to pick up.

However, there appears to be an increasing value as of today. It trades at 0.0793 , and has 24hours value rise of 1.77%, and 31.68% in the last 7 days. The hope for Verge is coming into limelight, the bullishness has just began.

The cryptocurrency went from condemnations to glories, and kept the mouth of skeptics at bay. Wonders of how the altcoin keeps on gyrating surfaced, and many could not read between the lines. Verge had suffered lots of abuse, it is up till now being condemned by those who do not believe in its recent move, but few things are behind Verge’s progress. Here they are:

Pornhub Cannot be Rubbished.

It is no gain saying that Verge partnership with Pornhub will still have future effects. Many other pornsites should join in the partnership as time goes on.

Aside that, Pornhub has the potentials to bring in more sites for the fact that the overseers of Pornhub have around 160 other porn sites that can as well partner Verge.

Mind you, there in ongoing marketing of Verge since the partnership between the two companies was made.  Many opportunities await Verge via Pornhub.

Abra Is One Key Factor

When Verge unveiled its mystery partner, many analysts averred it signals the birth of more opportunities for Verge. Then, it came as another surprise to the world that Abra has added Verge. Via Abra app, Verge has the potential to gain more recognition and value. The over 20 cryptocurrencies on Abra app, may benefit Verge in many big ways. The number of users on Abra App, will definitely arose demand for Verge. This is noticed in the sudden rise in trade value of Verge, shortly after the announcement.

“GOOD NEWS! We will be adding #Monero, #NEO, #NEM, #Lisk, and #Verge to the Abra app. — Abra (@AbraGlobal) May 1, 2018.”

Bitfinex and CoinPayments Are Another Big things.

CoinPayments and Bitfinex have listed Verge. The news today announced its partnership with Verge. Bitfinex is the 5th largest exchange by market cap. It trades over 70 Coins and worths $878,924,837. There is hope in this partnership, and it may signal the beginning of the new XVG. In the same line CoinPayments has more than 967,000 vendors across 182 different countries, it is regarded as the first and largest payment processor of over 445 cryptocurrencies. With CoinPayment, XVG progress is beyond the sky.

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CoinPayments, Abra, Major Boosts For Rising Verge (XVG)

Verge (XVG) has turned around to survive the last shockwave it experienced after it unveiled the mystery partnership which a whopping sum of its crowd fund was amassed. This week, the story has been different for the altcoin with sundry of developments trooping in from various angle, which is rising its value.

Talking about the boost, listing on Bitfinex and the latest one featuring Abra App and CoinPayments are major hands in the rising development.

The CoinPayments news came around as the cloud wallet solution company based in British Columbia, Canada aired on its Twitter page that it is supporting Vergecurrency.

“CoinPayments is proud to support @vergecurrency payment processing. Use #XVG for secure and anonymous transactions”.

Increasing the credence and dominance of Verge in the market, today came a news which highlights that Abra, “a financial services and technology company that produces a consumer peer-to-peer mobile payment service” will be adding Verge to its app for trading.

Abra, in the announcement tweet said; “GOOD NEWS! We will be adding #Monero, #NEO, #NEM, #Lisk, and #Verge to the Abra app”.

CoinPayments, in a post shared on its blog said the decision to choose Verge was due to some imposing character which the altcoin poses in the crypto space.

“Incredible privacy, airtight security, swift transaction speed, and unbelievable flexibility of use”!

“Uniquely secure and safe, Verge also offers users other incredibly unique features such as atomic swaps (utilized when trading on decentralized exchanges), low transaction fees and fast transaction speeds”, CoinPyaments stated.

CoinPayments added that the team behind Verge has an unending zeal for tremendous developments in a democratic manner, as the altcoin is a 100% open source project.

While the global wallet which added five Crypto coins to its app amongst which Verge lies, in its own statement, said the coins which it recently added are top most demanded coins from users.

“The demand from our users for additional altcoins has been incredibly high, and our goal is to continue adding more cryptocurrency options and ultimately democratize access to financial services and all asset classes,” says Abra CEO Bill Barhydt.

As Verge continues to fight for acceptability and partnership in the market along with the rousing rumour that Coinbase may be the next exchange platform to add the altcoin for trading, XVG continues to remain an attractive coin in the market with unending attention, convincing investors to HODL until it reaches $1.