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The End of Banks With Blockchain Supported Wallet: Ethereum co-creator

Following the creation of the blockchain hub for decentralized projects – Decentral, Anthony Di Iorio – co-founder of Ethereum, discussed how digital wallets that are blockchain supported could be the end for banks as you can be your own bank.

The CEO of Decentral continued – for MarketWatch

“In the digital-currency space a wallet is used to manage and move value, so the wallet is needed to send or receive from one person to another – let that be globally instantly but without the need of third parties.”

The third parties like intermediaries or banks in this case, according to Di Iorio, are not going to have the power to control the value exchange. He strongly believes that the blockchain technology will have a yet-to-be-seen impact but a very strong one in different sectors. For example, cash to be used in the internet what Bitcoin and many others represent.

“It is going to have a greater impact than what the internet could do.”

He compared the wallet platform he created with the internet. As we – the user – use the browser to move, control and transfer data through the internet, that what the wallet represents for us when it comes to assets.

What makes it the best is that when it comes to networks and data, centralized saved information is being attacked very often lately and there is not much to do about it.

However, as the digital wallet is backed by blockchain decentralized technology, the data is spread out very much and it would be more less likely to be a victim of the same scale attack.

“It gives you the ability to be your own bank.”

On the same thought-path is Jeffrey Wernick who strongly believes in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as it comes with the ability to solve the biggest problems that fiat money deal with.


Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Anthony Di Lorio – launched Jaxx Liberty digital wallet app. It is developed for the sole reason to make digital currencies easier to be accessed by the masses. Decentral – Toronto based multi-coin platform announced the launch of the wallet.


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Anthony Di Lorio: Ethereum [ETH] Co-founder Commences Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Anthony Di Lorio – launched Jaxx Liberty digital wallet app. It is developed for the sole reason to make digital currencies easier to be accessed by the masses. Decentral – Toronto based multi-coin platform announced the launch of the wallet.

A new interface will be introduced with a unified dashboard and a module based step by step on the wallet to support over 70 cryptocurrencies outlook. It has added even a latest-news tracking device which will keep users updated all the time.

First it will be available for users from Canada, with a global-wide spread planned to come. Anthony Di Lorio:

“As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow, the ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented, Jaxx Liberty takes an important step towards unifying and empowering the blockchain community to take control of their digital lives.”

The aim of the app and the project as a whole is very similar to what all crypto-enthusiasts believe in: One single crypto bringing all currencies together. Decentral has developed Jaxx Liberty, which aims to solve many the crypto problems.

“Before the web browser, adoption of the Internet was limited to tech-savvy early adopters. That’s the stage we’re at today with cryptocurrency. Jaxx Liberty is the web browser for your digital assets, empowering the masses to adopt the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain.”


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Does Blockchain Appeal or Pose a Threat to Tech Leaders – Ethereum co-founder

Supporters and enthusiasts of the just mainstream-hit technology: Blockchain and cryptocurrency, a tech that does originate from Bitcoin, have a self-push sometime to tuck a needle towards Tech Giants of our era. In their view, blockchains—and all the decentralization they offer—pose a threat to incumbents.

However, do the ‘tech kings’ have any attraction towards the blockchain technology and virtual currencies that are finding adoption everywhere nowadays. The cofounder of Ethereum – Joseph Lubin, the second largest crypto-chain network in the digital currency world, following only Bitcoin, commented on the matter at an Oct 24 event in Manhattan held by news outlet Quartz.

Oracle is just starting on their blockchain journey,” he said.

“Apple seems to be largely uncaring and unaware. Google is making investments, but it’s not clear that they have lot of activity going on,” Lubin continued. “Amazon, we’ve not seen that much, so we’ll see.”

On the interviewer question that is there a risk or chance that blockchain tech like Ethereum’s could overturn any or some of the corporate giants, Lubin replied:

“Yes, I could absolutely imagine a decentralized Amazon,” Lubin replied. “We’ve seen the pieces. They’re not all connected to one another. They’re not all but out or remotely mature, but I could imagine an open platform of many different actors with different roles.”

The same fate could occur to Facebook – the cofounder added, who is also creator of ConsenSys, a studio based in Brooklyn that develops projects based on Ethereum blockchain.

“We could stand up decentralized platform that offers same services.”

A major side-change for the conversation was Microsoft, the elite tech giant which is significantly bullish about the new technology of blokchain, gathering together with other companies in the recent months. In August this year, the company released its “Coco framework,” a technology that improves different approach-aspects of blockchains for enterprise, including better performance and confidentiality on its Azure cloud platform. The platform allows costumers to run blockchains that help users manage virtual bank guarantees.

To be sure, Lubin is not nearly as iconoclastic about the present-day tech giants as some of his peers. He prefaced his remarks by saying that “those are awesome companies—they’re just mind-blowing.”

In a warning understanding – Lubin added that companies which take movements as middlemen will have to come with a new vision of the future which is presented by blockchain – “They’ll get religion and become aware. I don’t think you’ll see intermediaries extracting too much value sticking around for too long.”

Ethereum and its system does present somewhat a challenge against Facebook, Google or Amazon as the giants hold a lot of audiences data that has been collected about them. So, any kind of paradigm or structure that will be taking back the information to the original user does present its own type of challenge.

Ethereum and its big future awaits!