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The rise of blockchain technology has brought a wave of inspiration to many business branches. One such branch that has been largely discussed within the scope of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is online gambling. Online gambling paired with sports betting is a huge growing industry, however it has some major flaws, specially when it comes to the lack of trust in operators that provide users the platforms to engage in such recreational activities. is a website dedicated to exploring the growing relationship between blockchain and online gambling. Through articles, interviews and reviews they deliver quality content about this subject. In one such article they extensively explain how blockchain, the driving technology behind cryptocurrencies, can help disrupt and improve upon issues related with online casinos and sports betting, such as:

  • better transparency and fairness (provably fair games);
  • help regulators work with these platforms;
  • decrease entry barrier and increase anonymity for players;
  • increase deposit and payout speeds;
  • the potential financial growth of cryptocurrencies and proprietary tokens associated with blockchain casinos.

The platforms analyzed by are mainly categorized into Bitcoin (plus other cryptocurrencies) and blockchain casinos. Although Bitcoin casinos resort to cryptocurrencies some are not blockchain based, hence the emphasis on this categorization.

Some of the best platforms reviewed by them include:

This casino accepts Bitcoin and a whole other bunch of cryptocurrencies. It is without a doubt one of the leading players in the crypto casino space, with a spectacularly designed interface, excellent games and up to 5 BTC Bonus.

1xBit has been around for since 2007 and has an incredible offering of all sort of casino games, as well as a good sportsbook for anyone looking to bet on their favorite teams. Read review & grab welcome bonus!

Recently Cloudbet has been growing their product quite well. It’s an even mixture of an online casino and sportsbook, with very nice promotions regarding sports events around the globe. They also have a very nice signup bonus. Full review here.

FunFair is undeniably spearheading the technology development to bring blockchain gambling to the masses. They have developed their own solution to scaling problems on the Ethereum blockchain, called Fate Channels.

CasinosBlockchain’s team recently interviewed FunFair’s CEO Jez San to get further insight about their current project state and future perspectives.

To sum things up, blockchain technology and online gambling look like a match made in heaven and things are just getting started, with promising benefits for both sides.

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VR Casino OKO – An Innovative VR Online Casino

The inline casino industry needs a real VR Casino project that would be able to tackle the main deficiencies that it faces. Online casinos use a specific algorithm that determines the win or loss while betting, and the transparency of these systems is totally questionable.

Another important issue that online casinos face is the lack of a software interface that would create a great atmosphere for the players. The passion that casino players feel when they bet, sometimes cannot be imitated by online casinos.

VR Casino OKO is one of the most interesting projects that aims to challenge these two deficiencies. VR Technology is the company that is behind this project and the founder of the OKOIN.

The other two projects conducted by VR Technology are VR Platform OKO and OKO Pay. The first is a platform that distributes interactive VR adult movies, while the second one is the payment system for VR Technology partners that accept OKOIN tokens.

VR Casino OKO – What is it About?

VR Casino OKO is a project that combines two of the most important things that casino players want. It creates an atmosphere similar to the game in real casinos, with the possibility of online gambling but with the transparency of blockchain technology.

The project has been designed for the VR OKO helmet which have been incredibly successful selling over 70,000 unites. At the same time, VR Technology is going to make the system available for other VR devices like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

As Casinos are forbidden in many countries all over the world, there is an important niche that online casinos are trying to take. According to Newzoo, the gross profit of online casinos is increasing between 8% and 10% per year! In 2017, the industry moved more than $43 billion Euros and the numbers keep growing.

While some VR Casinos are able to offer a better user experience, they do not completely solve the visualization problem. The user still experiences virtual reality computer rendering in the helmet. Furthermore, the winning of bets is still determined by a computer program.

Here is where VR Casino OKO distinguishes itself from other VR Casinos. With VR Casino OKO, users will be using the VR helmet which will display a live broadcast from the VR cameras that are installed at the casino. As the cameras have 180 degrees viewing angle, they are able to show the table, the croupier and everything inside. More details about the technology can be found in their whitepaper

Finally, in addition of the effect of presence, the customers of VR Casino OKO have the possibility to place bets in real time. The OKOIN will place an important role because it will be used as casino chips. Smart Contracts will complete the experience by adding transparency to the game.

Casino OKO ICO – The Best Offers

The ICO will be held in parallel with the ICO project OKOIN between March the 25th to April the 25th. Accordingly, the affiliate program, the bounty program and the played tickets for the private party OKO Stars are equally relevant.

Offer #1

Valid March 25 to April 10, 2018

Add yourself to the “List of the First” and buy OKOIN tokens for more than 20 ETH at a starting price of $1.

Important: other sales do not apply for the list of the first!

Offer #2

Valid March 25 to April 25, 2018

Buy OKOIN tokens and get bonuses:

1 ETH and more: +30% bonus

3 ETH and more: +40% bonus

5 ETH and more: +50% bonus

15 ETH and more: VIP ticket to the OKO Stars party as a gift


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Startup to Create a Gambling Ecosystem to Make the Industry More Transparent and Efficient

JoyToken, a Blockchain-based platform and protocol located in London, is aiming to create a new gambling ecosystem which is designed to be more clever and trustworthy. The company says they have already secured deals with major networks operating more than 200 casinos.  

Changing gambling by empowering developers

JoyToken is being developed by former PokerStars and Bet365 executives. It aims to change the $20 bln gaming industry by making it less confusing, more transparent and efficient. The company has developed a solution to connect small developers, software houses, large digital casinos, and players. A new gaming ecosystem created by JoyToken could also empower players and help casinos reduce risk.

The startup founders believe they will achieve their goal by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for small game developers. The main challenge is providing an access to a large audience – currently, large game developers completely dominate the industry.

For smaller studios, promoting their games and gaining users is almost impossible. JoyToken is planning to use smart contracts to reward developers for creating new games and to safely guarantee, record, and audit each transaction.

Trust is the most valuable asset

Regulatory requirements and the lack of trust from players are the biggest challengers for the gambling industry. Players tend to use reputable, larger casinos instead of smaller sites – even those offering more “interesting games” – because players naturally gravitate to large casino companies that invest a lot into brand awareness and advertising.

Figures on overall advertising spend are not available but according to data from several online gambling operators, their annual budgets are in the tens of millions of dollars. For example, GVC Holdings, a network of gambling sites, reported expenditure of almost $50 mln per year on customer acquisition and retention.

Players, especially younger ones, want more from their gaming experience, including financial anonymity, trust and transparency. JoyToken aims to solve many of these issues.

Fixing bad reputation

For developers, the platform is providing a pathway to accessible game integration. It also eliminates middlemen: payments are going directly to developers’ bank accounts in the form of JoyTokens. Additionally, the startup takes care of all regulatory and compliance requirements. JoyToken also gives developers access to their own online casino website – the PlayCosmo Casino licensed in the UK, Malta and Curaçao – to test their games before general release.

Smart contracts allows the platform to automatically validate and log game results directly onto the accessible Blockchain ledger. This means that authorized players and game developers will be able to verify results, as well as cross-check game reputation.

The platform is being supported by gaming professionals, such as Keld Knudsen who has more than 30 years of experience with multinational organizations including American Express and Fujitsu Siemens Computers. He joined Mr. Green, an established online gaming company that offers online casinos and sports books during its early startup stages.

JoyToken’s founders have already signed deals with some major gaming distribution companies operating over 200 casinos around the globe which are planning to use JoyTokens. “JoyTokens will enable developers to pay and be paid for their games, while enabling players to enjoy games on PlayCosmo and many other sites,” the company founders said in a statement.

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Blockchain Startup to Bring a Casino Platform You Don’t Need to Trust

Gambling has been part of human history since the very beginning and its reputation never really has improved over time. The arrival of Blockchain technology might truly make a difference. SP8DE, a new Blockchain-based gaming project, aims to bring a platform capable of supplying unbiased public randomness for developing and running casino apps.

No more trust issues

SP8DE is built on Ouroboros, the POS protocol underlying Cardano Blockchain. The company intends to overcome the obstacles plaguing the gambling industry, even in the decentralized world.

First, each block has to be mined which can cause delays in the settlement of values, something no casino can afford if they want to keep their gamblers happy in the highly competitive industry. Blockchain settlement fees can also climb up pretty high scaring away newbie players taking the chance with low amounts.

When it comes to big money, you should trust no one and this is exactly the bizarre ethos of SP8DE- don’t trust us, but trust the code as they emphasize through their white paper.

For anyone with a great idea, the company wants to provide a platform where they can develop a compelling gambling application with no house edge, next to nothing for transaction fees, and generating provably fair random numbers.

Las Vegas 3.0

According to the company’s white paper, SP8DE’s protocol is transparent, autonomous and easy to understand. Their scripting language is the heart of the platform emphasizing the importance of simplicity and flexibility. All apps the developers will bring to life on SP8DE will be based on smart contracts using SPX, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Each outcome from each game on the Blockchain will be conditioned upon the realizations of the coin tossing mechanism that fuels the Ouroboros protocol.

Thrilling as gambling in itself, SP8DE decided to bring the fun even to its token sale. Everyone who decides to gamble on SP8DE and purchase SPX coins during their Sale stages will be part of their Jackpot game where additional tokens will be distributed randomly among contributors. Just like in a casino, but here everyone wins. Though, those who join the sale earlier and buy more coins will have more chance to take on the house and win a larger share.

A fair game for everyone

The online gambling industry has really taken off since the dawn of the Internet, the early 1990s. It’s already an industry worth billions of dollars, but it projected growth can even reach one tln dollars by 2021.

No surprise, the crypto-economy has quickly sucked in the gambling industry, though it still mostly exists as a trendy option rather than the only. Without a doubt, providing anonymity for its users- ‘no need for documentation or even an account’- is one of its most appealing features for gamblers. Transparency is also an important aspect, but what makes the actual difference is it really opened up the door to people to make use of the cryptocurrency loophole in places where gambling regulations only apply to fiat money.

Casinos might never have a good reputation, they could be in Las Vegas or the digital world, but SP8DE might make the game a bit fairer using the Blockchain technology to its full potential.

SP8DE’s ICO has started on Jan. 8 and runs until March 8.

Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.