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Cardano (ADA) Price Rally Still Being Driven By Coinbase?

Cardano ADA Coin Price Prediction 2019

Cardano, the cryptocurrency developed by Inside Outside Hong Kong (IOHK) and CEO Charles Hoskinson, has developed a significant amount of interest in the crypto space since breaking onto the market in November 2017.

Not only in Hoskinson at the helm of a dedicated, talented team of cryptocurrency and blockchain developers, but he represents a long-standing figure in the industry, having co-founded Ethereum and a played a role in the early years of its meteoric rise. Now, through the Cardano protocol and ADA cryptocurrency, Hoskinson and his group at IOHK are seeking to improve upon the industry standards of network-based cryptos. As opposed to the trend of Proof of Work coins, modeled in the vein of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other industry mainstays, Cardano broke the industry mold to pursue Proof of Stake (PoS).

Even Ethereum, second ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization and industry leader in smart contracts and decentralized applications, has recognized the advantages of Proof of Stake and will be transitioning to the model in the coming year. Proof of Stake provides an improvement in the efficiency and energy cost of network maintenance, shunning the overworked, raw hash-rate generating power of Bitcoin and other PoW currencies.

Cardano also provides a significant advantage over the market in the form of staking, one of the most interesting innovations to come out of Proof of Stake. While Proof of Work relies upon the computational power of numerous machines to verify and insure the security of network transactions, Proof of Stake relies upon the “staked” resources of investors and network users. ADA holders can pledge a certain amount of coins to staking through the Cardano wallet, which has the effect of increasing and improving the overall network services. Therefore, the utility of the network increases with the number of users willing to participate–a feature that could prove to be a substantial windfall in terms of efficiency if cryptocurrency adoption takes off.

In return for staking coins, investors are rewarded with a dividend/interest paid in proportion to the resources they offer up. Last week, Coinbase Custody announced support for Tezos staking to institutional clients willing to store their XTZ through the exchange as opposed to individual wallets. The move represents a shift for crypto exchanges to both offering coin security to large capital investors, while allowing them to benefit from rewards like staking interesting.

In addition, Coinbase has been tied to ADA since announcing the coin as one of five cryptocurrencies under evaluation for addition. Since that initial press release in mid-2018, the four other coins included have been added to the exchange.

Following the most recent addition of XLM to Coinbase, only Cardano remains to be listed on the exchange, leading many investors to assume that a Coinbase/ADA pairing is forthcoming. While cryptocurrency just saw a massive rally that took Bitcoin above $5000 and generated double digit gains for most top cryptos, ADA outpaced the market, gaining 42 percent at the height of it run.

ADA, as of writing, has started a retraction in price consistent with the broader market. But the most recent, massive gains for Cardano relative to other coins was likely driven by investors anticipating that Coinbase still has its target set on ADA.

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Cardano (ADA) Aims To Disrupt Virtual Reality Industry

It is very hard to see platforms in the blockchain industry performing excellently in the virtual reality world. However, Cardano, going by all indications aims to disrupt the 3D visualization and audio world.

Going by what IOHK, the creators of Cardano, and digital art studio Kuva, has in store, it is easy to say that the virtual reality is going to find a way in the blockchain industry, in an irresistible way.

According to IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, “IOHK has a commitment to both education and design and this captivating and complex data visualization is the perfect combination of both. It’s beautiful as much as it is functional and our hope is that it will help make blockchain truly understandable for a whole new audience.”

On website, users are allowed to dig deep into what Bitcoin is, through interactive art featuring imagery, text, and music. On the platform, Bitcoin blocks are designated in a chronological funnel, on interacting with it, move and expand.

“Each block when clicked on, opens to elicit soothing tones and detailed information,” pointed The Next Web.

However, to create the work, “designers studied crystals in nature and the Merkel Tree in cryptography for inspiration. Once developers decided on a basic structure, they built the fascinating Symphony of Blockchain as an educational tool that’s, arguably, a piece of living fine-art.”

Mark Lundin, Creative Partner at Kuva, said that the “best part is that it’s only the beginning and we will continue to work with IOHK to unveil further blockchain visuals that capture the unique essence of this complex technology.”

IOHK aims to fully unveil captivating blockchain visuals that will place one of the most awesome technology in the world on an excellent platter for people to interact with and understand the hidden concepts.

According to the team, putting user experience at the fore in blockchain design is key.

“When it came to the user experience we wanted to ensure it was effortless to explore. The technologies and concepts we’re attempting to explain are complex enough and on top of it all, we didn’t want users having to fathom out a complex navigation system.”

The virtual simulation is dubbed Symphony of Blockchain and has daily transaction virtually designed for easy understanding of what blockchain technology deployed in Bitcoin looks like.

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Cardano Founder Hits Africa, To Train Blockchain Developer

While Ethiopia seems to be getting attached to various news surrounding blockchain, the road to African’s success path through blockchain technology looks to be paved as the co-founder of Cardano blockchain technology headed for Ethiopia amid a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed.

Charles Hoskinson‏, team lead developer at Cardano foundation, also a co-founder of IOHK, on Twitter today announced the signing of a memorandum between Cardano and the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology in a bid to promote the presence of blockchain technology in the country.

The signed MoU, according to the release will feature the training of blockchain developers in the country so that they could perfect their skills.

“Just signed an MoU with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology to explore training blockchain developers and use Cardano in the Agritech Industry,” Hoskinson aired.

Apart from the training, the potency of Cardano will also be explored in the Agritech Industry of the country. The usage of blockchain technology in Agric-based sector is not a new thing to the world as Chinese billion, Jack Ma, owner of e-commerce trade web Alibaba proposed that he will be using blockchain to monitor the supply of food in the country and Singapore.

Blockchain in Ethiopia and Africa.

As much as Africa is a potential place for blockchain to operate, creating solutions to tackle some of the problems faced in the region, countries in the content like Nigeria seems to be creating setback for the sector as they erect policies that curtail the activities of blockchain.

While some are hostile, other countries like Ghana and Ethiopia see the technology as the right innovation to embrace.

Bitland has been providing solution to the prominent land fraud situation in Ghana, using Bitshares blockchain to provide land registry service.

Ethiopia, in the same line, has also been roaming around blockchain technology lately. Last year, a UN conference centred on blockchain technology was held in the capital city of the country. Sometimes last year, it was aired that Ethiopia creating is a blockchain.

Cardano’s Recent Performance.

Ranked 6th in the present market, the team behind the altcoin has been up for developments lately, amongst which Daedalus wallet software upgrade lies. Just this month Cardano was listed on Huobi, a Beijing-based exchange.

While most Cryptocurrencies are not looking into African as a viable place, Cardano’s African move may be a big development for the altcoin if all things go right due to the population of the continent.

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Two Test Nets Fashioned To Enhance Cardano (ADA)

The bullishness of the crypto market still has not blindfolded Cardano into thinking the peak has been reached. The cryptocoin is cooking many functions that are not in the public glare. Unlike other coin, Cardano is preparing to unveil two test networks to better add value to the cryptocoin. These developments will make it grow at a fast pace as the project moves from one stage to another.

Over the months, IOHK has been on with series of projects spearheaded by the management capacity, which is led by Elieen Fitzgerald.

“Under her department, Eileen has managed to capture business requirements, draft project charters, improve our resource allocation and budgeting processes, improve development estimates, get better weekly reporting and manage the inter-dependencies between projects,” Charles Hoskinson, CEO at Cardano revealed.

“We have also had an increasingly easier time managing third-party relationships, like our partnership with Runtime Verification for the K framework, IELE, and smart contract research.”

Development Updates.

Cardano 1.2.0 and 0.10.0 Daedalus branch are about to be unveiled. Thanks to Cardano team who makes sure it goes through updates and debugging at necessary intervals before they are presented to the community. To better make the two worthwhile, the development team move the branches of Daedalus and Cardano-SL to develop for necessary debugging. The idea is to bring about improvement to the two branches in a giffy.

Cardano Scientists

The Cardano scientists are a set of individuals who make sure Cardano scientific research is moving from the lab to code, making it easy for Ouroboros to be checked and updated. The foundation has gathered game theorists and programming language theory experts together to gain more insights and use cases for the project.

Wallet Updates

Aside the fact that Cardano team are working with exchanges, the team is changing Cardano’s architecture, APIs and other necessary tools to make the environment user friendly. At the same time, Cardano wallet is being redesigned to have a unified backend architecture. This will make the wallet user friendly, useful, secure and easy to deploy.

Conclusion: Cardano is getting closer to the required design needed by enthusiasts. Through Cardano, the future of cryptocurrency is bright.

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Binance Introduces Cardano (ADA) Trading Pairs, Boosts The Cryptocurrency

Binance, world respected cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced yesterday it would be adding ADA/BNB and ADA/USDT Trading Pairs. While BNB is Binance Coin, USDT is Tether token regarded as a stable coin. The new listings, according to commentaries from users is going to give them more room to trade with the altcoin.

Binance Tweet: #Binance Adds ADA/BNB and ADA/USDT Trading Pairs …

Shortly after it was announced, the value of Cardano soared, it is at present at the 7th position in the crypto market, with a trading value of $0.250, and has a market carpitalization of $6.4 billion, according to Coinmarketcap. ADA has been doing very fine in the market since yesterday to the exchange’s statement on the cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Cardano, which is already on Binance is been traded with BTC or ETH. It is possible that ADA climbs the 6th position if things continue like this for some days.

I have reported that, Huobi, the world’s second largest and Chinese largest exchange, have added Cardano. This is also a major boost for the cryptocoin.

Binance Adds CloakCoin

CloakCoin has been regarded by many analyst as a sleeping giant. It has been in existence for 3 years, but it has less media attention. At present, it has a market cap of $78,328,174 USD, with a trading price of $15.29 USD.

Although it is similar to Bitcoin, CloakCoin offers an anonymous transaction system branded as Enigma. It is said to be purely unique since it has no Proof of Stake reward and Master Nodes.

“Enigma is CloakCoin’s private, secure and untraceable payment system, that forms the basis of future development and provides the underlying transaction system for the decentralized applications running on the CloakCoin network,” the team behind the project stated in the altcoin’s whitepaper.

“Enigma is at heart a decentralized, off-blockchain mixing service which allows users on the CloakCoin network to transmit Cloak privately and securely to each other. It has been designed to ensure the mixing process is both secure and untraceable to third party observers. This ensures a user’s Cloak coins are kept safe during transfer and that the sender and receiver cannot be tied or associated.”

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First Audit Report On Cardano’s Development Surfaces

Ranked 7th in the Cryptocurrency market according to Coinranking based on market cap, Cardano, a “decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source” with it currency tagged ADA. Cardano in its developmental move to retain its position or rather move northward, released its first audit report titled “Cadarno Audit Report”.

According to the release, the audit report was launched with the believe that engineering and implementation of the protocol should be heightened. The report, which fulfils the intention to protect, evolve and enrich Cardano, majorly consist of IOHK’s work.

“We believe the engineering and implementation of the protocol should be approached with a similar degree of oversight. To accomplish this, Cardano Foundation are serving as a final auditor of IOHK’s work and the Foundation have retained FP Complete to perform an independent 3rd party audit of the engineering work completed by the Cardano development team, IOHK”.

The audit report, which kick started on December 2017, was compiled by FP Complete, a firm that produces report for Cardano foundation on regular basis. The report covers code, documentation and operational procedures. It was flagged to signal the altcoin’s “commitment to innovation”.

“This approach to development is unique and demonstrates Cardano’s commitment to innovation and technical rigour”.

Since the report aims at valuing engineering, it does not only underpin the aim of Cardano project which is transparency but also grant IOHK to “optimise the engineering methods and coding standards used to implement Cardano”.

While people had been waiting and anticipating for the report prior to the release, lover, users and may be other crypto enthusiast have responded to the release of the report in different dimension.

On Reddit, SwaggyTaffy, a regular user, in line with the report complained about IOHK’s work stating that “there are a lot of issues”.

While others commended the achievement as a great one towards the development of the Cryptocurrency.

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