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Cardano (ADA) Bullish as IOHK Launches The Last Major Release Prior to Ouroboros BFT.

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IOHK, the team in charge of the development of Cardano (ADA), just announced the release of Cardano 1.5, satisfying the expectations of the community and the objectives set out in the Cardano roadmap.

In a message published by Maki Mukai in Cardano’s official forum , the IOHK team shared its enthusiasm, highlighting that this is the last step before the implementation of Shelley:

Today we release Cardano 1.5 on the Cardano mainnet. The Cardano 1.5 release is a milestone because it is the last major Cardano release of the Byron development phase, which we have been in since the launch of mainnet.

The progression from Byron to Shelley is fundamental for Cardano since it brings, among other things, the transition to “Ouroboros BFT” with better protection against 51% attacks. They will carry out this Brand new Ouroboros (evolution of the Ouroboros Classic protocol) through a hard fork. This new protocol is key to the future roll-out of “Ouroboros Genesis,” which would mean complete migration to a PoS algorithm.

Cardano Roadmap

Another important announcement is the update of Daedalus,
the wallet developed by IOHK. The earlier versions of this app are incompatible
with Cardano 1.5, so it is imperative that users update to Daedalus 0.13.0 if
they want their tokens to be compatible with the post-hardfork blockchain.

They emphasized the importance of downloading the wallet from official sources to avoid phishing attacks. This practice has already affected users in preceding incidents. Two notable examples are the attacks against users of the IOTA wallet and the JAXX wallet.

Other improvements introduced with Cardano 1.5 are oriented
to a better performance when rendering lists with a considerable number of
transactions, disk space management, UX enhancements, Multilanguage installer
and several minor bugs that were fixed.

The community of users and traders welcomed the announcement with optimism. ADA, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, started a modest bullish trend since early March, rising from 0.04 USD to 0.051 USD today according to Coinpricewatch data. With this, ADA closes the gap that separates it from TRX, fighting harder and harder for the 10th place in the global marketcap.

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Cardano’s (ADA) Marlowe To Bring Simplicity Into Financial Smart Contracts

Cardano (ADA) is becoming the next thing to watch in the blockchain industry going by its height of development in recent time. Not long, some team members behind the technology converged at Google’s London Office to open the eyes of curios enthusiasts to Cardano’s latest development and prospects.

Shortly after the meeting, Cardano lovers from far and wide inferred that they are smelling a possible partnership with Google, who invited Cardano to its office to enlighten the yarning crypto populace on some gray areas.

Cardano’s Marlowe Is Next Big Thing

To add to its glory, Cardano updated its roadmap, inserting a new language called Marlowe, a financial domain specific language (DSL) on the blockchain.

Marlowe will allow businesses to execute financial smart contracts on the Cardano infrastructure provided necessary conditions stated by Cardano are met.

An explanation by Cardano team indicated that the language is embedded in Haskell and implements a step computational semantics approach.

The roadmap declares that “Marlowe interacts with real-world data and state to enable the expression of smart contacts on top of an accounting model and an unspent transaction output (UTXO) model”.

The language, which is 30 percent complete, will provide a capability for business users to prove that financial smart contracts will do what they are expected to do.

Heard About Plutus Core?

Also, in the updated roadmap, Plutus Core was mentioned. The language is to carry on with the simplicity of Cardano settlement layer, using only one simple scripting language, with very simple interaction between scripts and the blockchain.

The road map reads: “It is highly expressive yet simple and secure. It is based on well-understood ideas from programming language theory, for example, pure functional programming, which will enable verification techniques to ensure correctness of scripts. Plutus Core is not designed to be written directly by programmers, but to be a target for compilers, including the Plutus language”.

The Plutus Core is going to be use at the computation layer. It will also have richer interactions with the blockchain, giving it the advantage to be used for sophisticated smart contracts.

Conclusively, Cardano is doing fantastic. The team behind the blockchain technology have tabled numerous steps to be taken to make it flourish and stand out in the face of competitors.


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Cardano (ADA) Listed on The Cryptopia Exchange and Encourages Registration For Shelly Testnet

The markets are all in the red, but there is some good news for the Cardano (ADA) community. ADA was just listed by the Cryptopia Exchange that hails from New Zealand. Cardano (ADA) is now available for trading and will be paired against Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

The Cryptopia exchange made the announcement via twitter and had this to say:

We’re happy to announce the listing of Cardano $ADA! Welcome to the Cryptopia family @CardanoStiftung! See more info on our Help Centre Listings page

The aforementioned Cryptopia listing page echoes similar statements and goes on to add that deposits and trading are available immediately.

Dear Cryptopians

Cardano (ADA) is now available on Cryptopia for trading. The following trade pairs are currently available – ADA/BTCADA/LTC & ADA/DOGE. You can start depositing and trading ADA from today.

Also to note, and with respect to the Cardano project, is the ongoing registration for parties interested in running a stake pool in the Cardano Shelly testnet. Cardano is progressing from the current centralized development phase, to a decentralized one in the mentioned Shelley phase. The development team at IOHK will be constantly preparing and communicating what the Cardano community needs to do in terms of being part of the staking and delegation on the Testnet. Once registration is complete on the 31st of May, decentralized features will be tested starting from the third quarter of this year.

ADA is holding strong in the markets in the number 7 spot according to The coin is currently valued at $0.20 and down 15.30% in 24 hours. The current depreciation in value is a market wide phenomena with Bitcoin (BTC) also seeing red and below $8,000. The King of crypto is currently trading at $7,688 and down 6.86% in 24 hours and at the moment of writing this. Ethereum (ETH) is also down 13.23% and currently trading at $592.

Seasoned traders know that there are only three options when the markets behave this way: cash out, HODL or buy some more of your favorite coins and tokens.