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EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH) Rank Highest In New Rankings by China

The Chinese government, through the China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), has recently updated its blockchain rankings. In the new list, EOS (EOS) has managed to edge out Ethereum (ETH) from the number one spot. ETH was ranked first in the last rankings by the same authority almost a month ago.

The new rankings claim EOS as being the best blockchain network in the world of technology and innovation. However, EOS did not rank as well in Applicability by the overall index found it at the number one position. The full list can be found below.

CCID Rankings. Source,

The top 5 blockchains in terms of technology where EOS, Steem, Ethereum, Bitshares and Stellar. With respect to application, the ranking was NEO, Ethereum, Qtum, Stellar and Nebulas in that order. In terms of innovation, EOS topped the list followed by Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum and Litecoin.

EOS has managed to be ranked first even after the MainNet was launched only days ago with incidences of delayed voting as well as several compromised accounts being frozen on the platform by Block Producers. However, as soon as the EOS constitution is ratified, governance issues will be a thing of the past. Block Producers will take a back seat and let the community decide on issues pertaining to the platform.

With the EOS MainNet live and unlocked, users can now trade their EOS in the numerous exchanges that the coin is listed on.

CoinFalcon makes it easier for users to do so by launching the CoinFalcon EOS Shuttle. This feature allows users to import their EOS coins to Coinfalcon using their private keys with ease. Whether it is from the MainNet or from any choice of storage, users can now deposit into their CoinFalcon account and trade across USDT pair. All they have to do, is create an account on the easy to use platform.

More information about how to import your EOS can be found on the CoinFalcon blog page that explains it in four easy steps as follows:

  1. At your Dashboard on the platform, click the deposit tab on the top navigation bar
  2. Select EOS as the currency and click import from private key
  3. Enter your private key into the input and click import
  4. You will see a transaction ID if your import was successful. It might take a few minutes until your deposit will appear

In conclusion, EOS believers, users and HODLers have a new reason to be bullish about their favorite platform and coin. The CCID has ranking it number one in a process that has seen EOS dethrone the previously ranked number one platform of Ethereum.


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Oldest Bitcoin Exchange BTCC Launching New Platform in June

One of the longest running crypto exchanges, BTCC, has announced plans to launch a new version of the platform in June. The exchange formerly known as BTC China aims to open an exchange to enable international crypto trading. Naturally the company is no longer based in restrictive China but Hong Kong where crypto businesses are welcomed and encouraged.

In the official announcement it was stated that the company has leveraged more than seven years of continuous operation to bring the most reliable, convenient, and secure digital asset services to millions of users worldwide.

At launch the new platform will offer trading pairs such as BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC, and will regularly launch new trading pairs to meet the needs of its users the announcement said. In a further incentive to draw in new customers from the ever crowded crypto exchange scene BTCC has offered zero-fee trading for the first three months;

The company is touting a technologically advanced, ‘cutting edge’ trading platform;

“In terms of technical developments, our exchange will utilize a multi-tier, multi-clustered system with an optimized, high-speed memory trading engine. So, you can make the trades you want on a cutting-edge system.”

BTCC are also taking security very seriously and are proud of the fact they have never been compromised. Offline cold storage and SSL encrypted traffic will be part of the revamped exchange protect digital assets and client information.

A number of additional bonuses are on the table including a points and referrals system;

“Points are also up for grabs for all customers! Referring users, verifying, depositing, and many other activities will all provide opportunities to earn you points. Our new reward point system will give you tangible benefits that you can use across the whole BTCC ecosystem including both BTCC Pool and Mobi wallet!”

It is possible that BTCC will mimic the offerings of other major exchanges such as Binance and develop its own in house token for reduced fee trading once the initial offer expires.

BTCC was founded in China in 2011, and was the world’s oldest Bitcoin exchange until it closed in September 2017 under pressure from the Chinese regulators following a major clampdown in the country. It was considered one of China’s top three exchanges, the other two being Huobi and OKCoin (OKEx), both of which have also moved to friendlier climes namely Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.