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Vitalik Buterin: “Bitcoin SV is a Complete Scam”

Vitalik Buterin is not particularly a fan of Bitcoin SV. For the creator of Ethereum, the fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is nothing more than a scam created to enrich its promoters.

In an interview with Grey Jabesi, Buterin responded with no regrets when asked his opinion about Bitcoin SV:

“Yeah, like, obviously BSV is a complete scam”

Vitalik did not comment further on this and preferred to talk about other issues he considered more important, such as the power of exchanges and the future of trading on Dexes.

This was not the only time Buterin downplayed BSV’s importance. In fact, not only has Buterin attacked BSV but Craig Wright directly, saying he does not believe that his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto are true, calling him a fraud on different occasions:

The tension between Craig Wright and an important number of personalities in the crypto-verse has escalated considerably since Mr. Wright started a series of legal claims against those who voiced doubts about the veracity of his arguments.

In the letters, he demanded that skeptics remove the comments, publish an apology, and testify in court that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto (even though he had not yet provided reliable proof of his identity, following the demands of the community).

Vitalik Buterin Bets on Decentralized Exchanges

In the same interview, Vitalik Buterin commented that he found more interesting the debate that followed CZ‘s announcement that Bitcoin SV was being delisted from the exchange because of the unethical conduct of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre.

He noted that Binance should not be judged by a single decision given the important role it has played in promoting and growing the ecosystem:

“The delisting from Binance, that was interesting. There are arguments in favor of it but then there’s also arguments like this is an exchange that’s yielding a lot of centralized power, but realistically, Binance is as an exchange that has a lot of power and is buidling it in a lot of ways … So it gets we were to kind of criticize like that one decision without looking at all their others”.

Buterin has also strongly criticized centralized exchanges, even commenting at a time that he wished they all “burned in hell.” He expects decentralized exchanges to acquire a greater presence in the ecosystem, becoming the platforms of preference among traders around the world.

Full interview available here:

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EOS, BNB and TRON (TRX) Will Rise Over 400% By The End of 2019, Panel of Experts Predicts

2019 will be a bullish year and most analysts and experts in cryptocurrencies seem to agree. After presenting important indications of growth, many experts declared the beginning of Alt Season. This, of course, increased optimism and expectations of investors and crypto enthusiasts around the world.

A study by Finder contrasted the perceptions of a panel of 10 experts who analyzed the performance of 13 leading altcoins, in order to give their predictions.

While all altcoins appear to be bullish (Bitcoin too, read the full story here) the panel of experts believes that Tron (TRX), EOS and BNB will close the year with the most profits. The worst performers (although bullish) will be BSV, Monero (XMR) and XRP.

EOS Will be The most Bullish Crypto According to the Experts

The panel of experts was extremely bullish about EOS. On average, they expect the crypto to reach a price close to $18.7 which would represent an increase of 727% over the beginning of the year.

EOS could be the most bullish crypto according to experts

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance’s native token will be the second most profitable cryptocurrency, with an expected growth of 450% by the end of December 2019. Experts predict that the token will go from 6.24 USD to approximately 34.9 USD.

Binance (BNB) Will remain strong


The blockchain promoted by Justin Sun remains in third position, very close to the BNB. Experts say each token should reach about $0.15 for a growth of about 449%.

Tron (TRX) will be one of the best perdorming cryptos

XRP Will Perform Fine… Just Not That Fine

Ripple’s token is at the bottom of the list with a 49% increase. While it is well below the 727% obtained by EOS, it is also much stronger and more optimistic than the better forecast of other financial instruments such as the SP500 or the Nasdaq. Experts believe the token will close the year at least near $0.44 per token.

XRP will not be as bullish as its army expects

Monero (XMR)

The privacy coin seems to be a little underground since 2017. According to tech experts, after overcoming a bearish streak, the token will end the year with a value of 68.5 USD, which represents a 57% increase in its value.

Monero could increase its value by 57% according to the panel of experts


The token sponsored by Craig Wright (famous for his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto) could rise above $605 which translates into a positive performance of 60%.

Bitcoin SV will have a poor (but bullish) performance according to the experts

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Craig Wright Ditches Australia And Appears as a Citizen from Antigua & Barbuda

Craig Wright seems to have raised BSV from the dead today. The Australian lawyer known for referring to himself as Satoshi Nakamoto filed an application with the United States Copyright Office claiming authorship of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

Antigua & Barbuda. The new citizenship of Craig Wright
Antigua & Barbuda

The news caused many to speculate about its legal implications, however, the truth is that BSV had an abnormal rise, exceeding 83% profit in the last 24 hours.

But besides the strange application, one detail is quite interesting. The Application shows that Craig Wright claims to be a citizen from Antigua and Barbuda and not from Australia.

This change seems to be recent because, in a previous attempt, Mr. Wright requested the copyrights of “Bitcoin” and the document states that he is an Australian citizen.

So far,
the reasons behind this unusual decision are unknown. Craig Wright has been
quite silent on social networks after he filed a series of lawsuits against
those who questioned his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, in one of his posts, Wright mentions how the legal system of the Caribbean states is more flexible than the Australian.

“In 2011, I had around US$30 million in Caribbean bank accounts. They were all in structured trusts and companies. If I had brought the money back to Australia to use it as cash, I would have ended up paying tax directly”.

Is Craig Wright Really Recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto?

No doubt, the news of Craig Wright’s application generated a lot of controversy. On the one hand, in the BSV community, they say that with this request the U.S. government recognizes Craig Wright as the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

 In statements for Coingeek, Founding President
of pro-BSV “Bitcoin Association” Jimmy Nguyen said:

We are thrilled to see Craig Wright recognized as author of the landmark Bitcoin white paper and early code. Better than anyone else, Craig understands that Bitcoin was created be a massively scaled blockchain to power the world’s electronic cash for billions of people to use, and be the global data ledger for the biggest enterprise applications. We look forward to working with Craig and others to ensure his original vision is recognized as Bitcoin and is realized through BSV.”

However, a
majority of the community denies that this is the case. What we see is a
registration application that does not imply that the U.S. government actually
recognizes him as the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Kraken is Delisting BSV Too. Joins an “AntiBSV” Trend Started by Binance and Followed by Shapeshift, BitTrue and


A few hours ago, Kraken
Exchange announced its decision to delist the BSV token of its platform,
joining a movement promoted in the ecosystem to stop the toxic actions that
Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre, main sponsors and financiers of the project have
been doing during the last days.

In a post shared on its official blog, the Exchange explains that the BSV team has manifested a series of unethical behaviors that threaten the philosophy of the community. Fraud, bullying, threats and confusion are some of the inappropriate behaviors that both Wright and Ayre have been doing for months:

Over the last few months, the team behind Bitcoin SV have engaged in behaviour completely antithetical to everything we at Kraken and the wider crypto community stands for. It started with fraudulent claims, escalating to threats and legal action, with the BSV team suing a number of people speaking out against them. The threats made last week to individual members of the community were the last straw.

Kraken’s decision is not isolated, other important platforms have also got rid of any association with the token. The most important ones so far are: Binance, Shapeshift,, BitForex and LiteBit.

Other important players have also spoken out against BSV. Tyler Winklevoss of Gemini Exchange jokingly commented that Gemini has never supported Craig Wright’s token. In a similar vein, “regretted” not being able to delist BSV, but reminded its users never to “list” shitcoins.

Kraken’s team did not make this decision deliberately, A survey involving more than 70k respodents revealed that more than 70% of users consider BSV to be a toxic currency and should be delisted from the Exchange.

Kraken will disable BSV support in a
staggered manner. In a first stage will disable deposits from April 22, then in
the second stage they will eliminate any type of trading with this altcoin
from April 29 Finally, users will be able to withdraw their tokens until May 31
to continue trading in some other

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Exchanges Delisting Bitcoin SV (BSV) Is Not Censorship, It’s A Wake-up Call

Bitcoin SV

The delisting of Bitcoin is a wake-up call. And Satoshi Nakamoto saw a problem with the global financial landscape following the 2008 financial meltdown. Centralized authorities held and continue to hold too much power, often leading people to financial ruin.

Forcing his hand and creating
Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that was supposed to take away financial control from
banks and governments and hand it over to the people, Satoshi became a legend.
However, although vital, the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges is a way
back to concentration with the delisting of Bitcoin SV a sign of fragility and
an example.

Binance, ShapeShift Delists Bitcoin SV, Kraken Could Do the Same

Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi
Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. However, the community is having none of it
until after he proves and spend any of the one million coins under Satoshi’s
custody.  To that end, some influential
proponents of Bitcoin, incensed by Craig assertions are taking this as a direct
assault at Bitcoin legacy.

Read: Big Reaction to BSV Boycott, Is
It Good For The Crypto Industry?

First, Zhao threatened and eventually
delisted Bitcoin SV from his global trading platform, under his control.
However, this action is having a ripple effect as some exchanges are looking to
ban the cryptocurrency from their platforms simply because Binance did.

While Shapeshift did follow Binance’s
path and removing Bitcoin SV, Kraken is still consulting with its users. Bad
news is all signs point to the “delisting”. Kraken has a Twitter poll running
to decide whether the coin deserves space at its platform. Their customers seem
to be in support of removing the cryptocurrency, with 72 percent of them voting
for the move because it is ‘toxic”.

Unfortunately, Zhao seems to be encouraging Kraken to delist Bitcoin SV from their trading network.

The move is already affecting Bitcoin
SV, with the cryptocurrency down by 21 percent over the past 24 hours.

But it could be worse in that
liquidity extraction would trigger a damp, affecting well-meaning investors and
even SV architecture or objectives of “offering a stable system that will be
rigid to excessive changes while maintaining a quick, secure and scalable

Of Censorship and Building

While most crypto enthusiasts
celebrate the removal of Bitcoin SV from Binance, there are others who believe
it is a wakeup call. According to a Twitter user, Stop and Decrypt, “Exchanges delisting
BSV is not censorship. It’s not a slippery slope. It’s not a bad precedent.
It’s a wakeup call. Build better networks. Do it right from the beginning. Like
Satoshi did.

Censorship is slowly creeping back
into the space. All the same, prevailing argument is cryptocurrency projects
should aspire to build better networks from the beginning instead of forcing an
exchange to list their tokens.

Also Read: Craig Wright Threatens to Sue
Those Saying He is not Satoshi… His Actions Spark a Movement to Delist BSV from

Cryptocurrency exchanges hold too
much power at the moment. The primary reason behind the delisting of BSV is
because of Calvin Ayre of CoinGeek and Craig Wright acting unethically.

Even if Binance did delist the asset
not only harming investors but setting a bad precedence of “revenge” and/or
“settling personal vendettas”, cryptocurrency exchanges should do their
background, vet projects and delist them only based on TECHNICAL GROUNDS, not
claims. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Regardless, the removal of Bitcoin SV is indeed a wake-up call that developers should create better networks. While Satoshi hasn’t been in the fray for a long time, his creation still serves as the benchmark. Some comments suggest that other people believe it is censorship since Bitcoin SV is a plagiarized cryptocurrency that doesn’t offer anything new to the industry.

While there are different arguments,
it is clear that cryptocurrency exchanges hold too much power. They are
centralized entities controlling the fortune of crypto projects. This goes
against Satoshi’s ethos and vision for space.

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Big Reaction to BSV Boycott, Is It Good For The Crypto Industry?


The crypto community could be described as a cliquey band of tech enthusiasts deeply loyal to their own projects or favored coins. When something divides them, the reaction is usually as volatile as the markets themselves, and this is exactly what has happened since Binance blacklisted Bitcoin SV.

BSV creator, Craig S. Wright, has made few friends in the
crypto community of late. His constant claims to ‘Satoshidom’ have riled some
of the biggest players in the industry and one of them recently reacted drawing
opinion from all who are involved in the emerging ecosystem.

Binance boss Changpeng Zhao has been engaging in a ‘tweet war’ with Craig Wright for over a week now and it finally came to a head when his exchange pulled the plug on BSV yesterday. The move was hailed by some industry leaders as great step forward for the industry, but others were not so enthralled.

IOHK chief and Cardano co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, was quick to the mark with the digital fist pump instantly calling for others to follow;

US based Kraken exchange is also mulling the shun while ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees was also quick to join the movement when he sided with CZ and announced the delisting of BSV from his own platform;

Some of the responses
however took the other side of the digital divide;

“Erik, I’m a fan of you, & shapeshift. I’m also not a fan of faketoshi. He’s a fraud & bully. But this action by you smacks of PayPal cutting off Wikileaks. As a BTC maximalist I dont like it. It goes against what BTC stands for.”

Even crypto warlord John McAfee waded in with his view on it, rightly pointing out that it had gone too far;

Those taking the opposing view did not necessarily do so because they were fans of Wright or BSV, it was more of a kick in the pants for decentralization as some pointed out. Crypto proponent analyst Alex Krüger made the very good point that these exchanges actually profit handsomely from listing altcoins;

Craig Wright has been labeled a bad actor in the space for some time now and many consider BSV a scam. Whether a company that derives profits from trading commissions has the right to directly influence the future of other crypto projects is the big question. Binance has just become the judge, jury, and executioner for BSV.

Whether right or wrong, the decision has once again
polarized the crypto community with more tribalism and markets have suffered.
$6 billion has been lost overnight and BSV has shed 25% since the Binance announcement.
It seems at times the big players in this ever evolving ‘game of coins’ often forget
who the real enemy is.

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ShapeShift, Maybe Kraken To Delist Bitcoin SV, Resulting In BCH Surge

Crypto Exchanges Wave Goodbye To Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision

Dun, dun, dun, another one bites the dust. Earlier today, Ethereum World News reported that after a week of online banter between Craig Wright & other Bitcoin SV (BSV) proponents and the rest of the cryptocurrency community, from Ethereum lovers to XRP shills, Binance’s Changpeng “CZ” Zhao made a surprising announcement.

In a tweet that has gone crypto-viral, the chief executive of the popular Malta-based exchange revealed that his firm would be delisting BSV, a fork of the Bitcoin protocol that promotes larger block sizes and is vehemently against the Lightning Network. By April 22nd, BSV trading pairs and balances will not be supported on the renowned exchange. A blog post on the matter cited an array of factors, including “Commitment of team to project, Level of public communication, Evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct, and Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem,” as a way to back its removal of BSV.

While this was large news in and of itself, resulting in a near-immediate 10% crash in the value of Bitcoin SV and an inverse move in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance was quickly joined by fellow platforms in delisting BSV. What was a single act quickly turned into a spree.

ShapeShift, first and foremost, revealed that it will be delisting BSV within the next 48 hours. This, we admit, is rather admirable, as ShapeShift chief executive Erik Voorhees openly admitted that his business has been suffering in the crypto winter, making the delisting of BSV a further blow.

The U.S.-based Kraken has yet to confirm that it will be removing the digital asset, but a preliminary poll hosted by the exchange shows that 75% of its followers want to see BSV delisted.

But as Anthony Pompliano asks, which exchange will be next?, Too, Looks To Remove BSV

The next to join in the anti-BSV debacle seems to be, the popular wallet platform, not an exchange. In a tweet posted shortly after Voorhees’ statement and Kraken’s poll, Peter Smith, the chief executive of the San Francisco-headquartered startup, revealed that his firm would be delisting BSV by the middle of May. This, just like the Binance delisting, will be a large blow for the project, as Blockchain has historically been one of the most, if not the most popular crypto asset wallet.

Jokes Ensue

While the removal of an asset from an exchange is a serious matter, this whole debacle has been filled to the brim with jokes and s*itposts, from industry jokesters to crypto executives alike. In a tweet posted just hours ago, Gemini chief Tyler Winklevoss, a cryptocurrency optimist, poked fun at CoinDesk, writing “JUST IN: Gemini never listed BSV in the first place.

Hardware wallet provider BitFi made a similar joke, quipping that it removed BSV, but then adding that it never supported the cryptocurrency in the first place.

While many have taken this imbroglio in jest, Wright’s peer, Calvin Ayre, hasn’t been all too happy. The Canadian businessman recently took to Twitter to bash Binance and other entities pitting themselves against BSV’s camp. But how will the dichotomy between BSV skeptics and BSV advocates play out? At this point, no one is all too sure.

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