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Recent Bitcoin Price Rally Was Due to These Three Reasons: Expert Says

The chief of digital assets at Susquehanna has recently shared on CNBC
the reasons for the most recent Bitcoin price surge

On Thursday, May 30, the head of digital assets at Susquehanna International Group, Bart Smith, gave a stream interview during CNBC’s Squawk Box program.

Bart Smith first stated that there are numerous reasons for the recent rise of Bitcoin, such as geopolitical, technological and regulatory, among other factors. However, the expert picked out three most important drivers for the BTC price growth.

Reason 1. The US-China trade war

This was the first driver mentioned by Smith. Since the US imposed high tariffs on Chinese goods, the yuan began dropping. This made many Chinese investors start using Bitcoin to hedge their financial risks against the sliding rate of the native fiat currency.

However, as Forbes has assumed recently, the situation may change for the best for Bitcoin even further thanks to China. The article author mentioned that China is seriously considering beginning to sell US Treasuries back to the US. An almost incredible thing was assumed that the Chinese government would start purchasing Bitcoin instead of Treasury bonds of Germany or Japan (the most valuable after US Treasuries).

Should this indeed happen, Bitcoin price would
fly high up.

Reason 2. The Consensus 2019 conference

The second driver that Smith put forward was
to do with the Consensus 2019 conference that has recently taken place in New

It was during this event that the BTC rate
surged from $6,000 by one third of that amount.

The expert pointed out that there was a lot of excitement in the community regarding the approaching launces of state-regulated crypto platforms, such as Fidelity Digital Assets, Bakkt and ErisX which were discussed at the event.

As per Smith, the recent fact of Starbucks and Whole Foods embracing Bitcoin also gained a lot of attention at the conference.

Reason 3. Brokerage firms offering Bitcoin to retail clients this year

The third reason for the recent BTC price surge, as per Smith, is the fact that a great number of US brokerage firms, online ones especially, have begun to offer BTC to their retail clients in 2019. He mentioned this reason as the most important one among all the three.

“While no one has come out and said that openly, there’s a lot of talk about that, and I think people are buying bitcoin ahead potentially of that new investor demand.”

When he was asked to give some positive
assessment to a few things to do with Bitcoin, Smith refused, though.

“I’m not a bitcoin evangelist, so it’s not my job to convert the
unconverted,” said Smith. “And I’m not necessarily rooting for anything. I’m a
market maker. I provide liquidity . . . I’m not making a price prognostication.
I’m simply pointing out there’s a lot of optimism from people within the
bitcoin community over things that have happened in recent months, and I think
that’s reflected in the price.”

Bitcoin price is rebounding

Over the last few days, Bitcoin price has been
in a correction, pulling the rest of the market down as well.

However, as per another expert, this is
actually good for the market in the long run.

Josh Olszewicz, a crypto trader and a person with an influence on the crypto community recently said, when speaking on an Apple podcast, that he has been expecting a small pullback of the BTC price soon.

He believes that this is good if the market
wants to avoid a tremendous retracement later on.

“It’s to the point now where it’s like if we don’t pull back, the pullback eventually that will come will just be super painful. There’s really no other good reason to pull back, other than we should have already pulled back.”

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Adamant Capital: Bitcoin in ‘Accumulation Phase’ Before Next Bull Run

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019

A new report by Adamant Capital concludes that the bear market for Bitcoin might be nearing an end, with the currency entering an accumulation phase before the next big bull run.

Compared to the crypto winter of 2018, during which investors were forced to shed BTC or suffer losses as the currency fell from $20,000 to a relative low of $3000, the current market has traders much more optimistic about on the price outlook. Investors are now accumulating Bitcoin, putting pressure on bears who may be selling just ahead of another big price rally.

Tuur Demeester and Michiel Lescrauwaet, co-authors of the report, said that the current price point for Bitcoin should be appealing to investors,

“Now, at 75% below its 2017 all-time high, we believe the current bear market represents an exceptional opportunity for value investors.”

In what Adamant Capital refers to as the ‘accumulation phase’ for Bitcoin, the analytics firm expects BTC to trade in a range of $3000 and $6500, as bears unload their coins to willing bulls who are looking to lock in a discounted price for the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The report also concluded that retail investors took a bath in November 2018, capitulating any previously made gains–or submitting to significant losses–in a capitulation event that saw the price of Bitcoin fall 48 percent. While some of the cryptocurrency price fall can be attributed to the market uncertainty of Bitcoin Cash’s hash war, investors were also fatigued from nearly 12 months of bear market prices. The end result is a glut of investors looking to re-enter the market at a favorable condition, especially if they sold out at Bitcoin’s relative price low during last November.

Adamant Capital has made a point of tracking unrealized Profit and Loss and indicator of market performance, and reports that the most recent price rally has had a substantial impact on that metric,

“The recent price rally from $4,000 to over $5,000 markedly improved HODLer’s Unrealized P&L improving our reported sentiment value from capitulation to hope,”

The report, in particular, looks at the claim that retail investors (individual investors as opposed to professional traders or institutions) have largely left the market following the last year of losses. Such a situation would indicate that the well of bearish sellers for Bitcoin may be smaller than previously thought. Adamant Capital points to Google Trends data that indicates “apathy and disinterest” on behalf of retail investors, with searches for Bitcoin dropping to as low as March 2017 values.

Adamant also points to gradual decline in Bitcoin price volatility over the last several months, a factor that has historically been attributed to the actions of retail investors,

“High Bitcoin volatility can be a proxy for the involvement of trigger-happy retail speculators, whereas low volatility tends to coincide with phases of consolidation, apathy, and accumulation.”

With finicky retail investors gone, long-term holders have come to make up the majority of the market, a group that will be looking to accumulate more BTC at current prices and avoid succumbing to the bearish sellers.

The combination of price anticipation and investor makeup has led Adamant to conclude that Bitcoin, at its current price point, is back in “undervalued territory.”

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Analyst: Bitcoin Moving Average Points to More Gains Ahead

Bitcoin BTC 200 Day Moving Average

While the crypto markets are showing slight contraction, with Bitcoin holding trading above $5000 in the hope for renewed price action, several analysts are pointing to the 200-day moving average as a bullish indicator.

The most recent bull run for Bitcoin and the larger cryptocurrency marketplace gave BTC its best day of trading since the massive valuation increases seen during the final month of 2017. After a strong weekend of growth, BTC price shot to $4700 on April 1, and continued to gain an additional 20 percent on April 2 to take the currency above $5000. The next two days brought about a consolidation in trading, with the price of BTC fluctuating around the $5k as both bullish and bearish investors weigh in on establishing a new floor or ceiling for the coin.

However, the market price for BTC represents a substantial increase over prices experienced earlier in the year, when Bitcoin appeared to be destined for $3000 or lower. The recent price rally has given a strong indicator to analysts that the top cryptocurrency by market capitalization likely found its bottom at $3000, with the next movement representing a broader trend in how the coin will proceed into the remainder of the year.

New York-based Fundstrat Global Advisors finds that Bitcoin could be about to extend into a 200 percent price surge, making the currency worth $13,500 if current indicators hold true. According to the research firm, Bitcoin closed above its 200-day moving average on April 2nd for the first time in more than a year, mostly due to the massive price rally that initiated the price kick-off.

In a note to clients, Fundstrat explained that closing above the 200-day moving average has been a historically bullish indicator for BTC, with a win-ratio of 80 percent compared to that of 36 percent when the coin trades below,

“Based on bitcoin’s trading history, a move above the 200-day moving average for bitcoin is meaningful statistically. When bitcoin is above its 200-day moving average its win-ratio is 80% compared to a mere 36% when it is below its 200-day.”

Fundstrat continued that trading above the 200-day moving average significantly increases six-month forward returns, which average 193 percent compared to a “measly 10% when below its 200-day moving average–hence, being above the 200-day moving average is a big deal.”

While investors, both bullish and bearish, attempt to sort through what the most recent price rally means for the valuation of Bitcoin, most community members are looking at market conditions differently than they did in 2017. Compared to that time, cryptocurrency adoption has grown substantially, with major companies such as Facebook and J.P. Morgan Chase now providing a new face of confidence for the industry.

The fear that cryptocurrency may once again find itself over-extended, with coin prices vastly outweighing the actual valuation and impact of the technology has been dwindling since the start of the year. Already industry hopefuls and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are finding reasons to own crypto outside of what they can accomplish through price speculation.

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Parliament Blocks Brexit No-Deal But Bitcoin (BTC) Still in Play

Brexit Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Prediction 2019

On April 3, UK lawmakers were able to pass a preventative measure by one vote that would stop the possibility of No-Deal Brexit. Compared to alternative outcomes over how U.K. transition away from the European Union will occur, No-Deal has been hailed as one of the more catastrophic. The move would have entailed an immediate cease in relations between the U.K. and E.U, with no clear path forward on how the two would interact going forward–in effect producing massive economic, trade and travel uncertainty.

However, cryptocurrency analysts have pointed out that such a situation would likely have a favorable impact on the price of Bitcoin. Historically, Bitcoin and top cryptos have thrived in markets of volatile fiat. Thus far, Venezuela has been the primary testing ground for cryptocurrency adoption as an alternative currency, with digital assets also being an attractive store of value during times of high economic uncertainty.

Even with the most recent movement to prevent a No-Deal Brexit situation, Bitcoin is likely to thrive regardless of the plan of action Theresa May creates for her country by April 12th’s looming deadline. For one, the monumental event of Brexit and the economic implications it holds for the majority of Europe is likely to impact the price of both the Pound and Euro. Given the uncertainty of what is to follow a U.K. transition away from the European Union, Bitcoin could find itself in a favorable trading position relative to the Pound, with the latter at risk of entering into an inflationary period.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices may have seen some retraction on the day following their monumental bull run, but the price of BTC could receive an injection of investment if Brexit negotiations continue to falter. Cryptocurrency has been pointed to as an alternative vehicle for investment in the event of another economic recession in the United States, similar to the 2008 stock market crash.

While some analysts think economic downturn could prove fortuitous to cryptocurrency investors, it also highlight the necessity of digital assets and an alternative currency market to government fiat. Cryptocurrencies provide citizens with a global means of operating outside their individual fiat, including a removal of the geopolitical ties and policy making inherent in U.S. Dollars and British Pounds.

The severity of economic collapse that could occur in the event of a contentious Brexit or another stock market collapse would be devastating and unwanted in the broader financial landscape. However, it does provide an opportunity for cryptocurrency at a time when digital assets and coin adoption are reaching their historic zenith.

The advent of Facebook Coin and the J.P. Morgan Chase JPMCoin in development send a positive message that the industry of cryptocurrency is every bit legitimate and capable of handling real world issues. Many investors and outside analysts may look at the erratic and volatile price of BTC and see a currency failing to thrive, while those within the development space would argue that adoption for the technology is following a typical curve of finding its acceptance.

Either way, the April 12th deadline for Theresa May and the U.K. legislators to decide upon the Brexit handling is looming large over both the traditional financial markets and those of cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Short Squeeze Imminent Based on Current Trading Trend

Bitcoin could be in for another significant price surge based on the current trading trends. The top-ranked cryptocurrency has managed to stay relatively stable even while the altcoin markets experience a post-weekend trading decline.

Massive Short Squeeze on the Horizon

One of the more defining aspects of the BTC trading narrative in 2018 has been the activities of shorts. 2018 has seen a significant increase in Bitcoin shorting where traders bet that the BTC price will fall.

Throughout August 2018, Bitcoin shorting rose to almost reaching the April 9 all-time high (ATH) signaling the fact that many traders don’t expect the top-ranked cryptocurrency to stay above $7,200. Even more profound is that in early April, BTC was trading at $7,000.

With so many Bitcoin shorts, the BTC price could surpass $7,300 with $7,500 a likely resistance level. Whether it maintains $7,500 or not would depend on the level of bull fatigue. A few short squeezes have happened in the last few months due to the high volume of short trading positions.

The likely reason for this next short squeeze is due to unprecedented levels of “short absorption” in the market. These absorptions are mostly unleveraged meaning that bulls (most likely whales) are making real BTC purchases at 1:1 U.S. dollar ratio. Thus, even though the shorts are making concerted efforts, the most probable market response in the interim is upward price movement.

Bitcoin Growing Steadily in the Last Seven Days

This imminent short squeeze comes as Bitcoin has been growing steadily over the last seven days. In that time, BTC has increased by eight percent as the top-ranked cryptocurrency sets its sight on maintaining the $7,000 price level.

While Bitcoin has remained relatively consistent, the altcoin market has been tumultuous, increasing in tandem with BTC but also experiencing constant pullbacks. Despite these pullbacks, the total market capitalization has climbed to $236.9 billion.

Do you think a massive Bitcoin price short squeeze is imminent? What is your end of September BTC price forecast? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Bitcoin Price Approaches $7,000 as Tom Lee Predicts Explosive End of Year Run

After days of holding steady between $6,400 and $6,700, Bitcoin is finally making a run for the $7,000 price level. The top-ranked cryptocurrency headlines a substantial price recovery that has the total market capitalization climb to $225 billion.

Bitcoin Breaks $6,700 Resistance Level

Bitcoin rose by more than $200 on Tuesday (August 28, 2018), reaching $6,916 as of 7 am UTC. The sudden climb occurred at 12 am UTC as BTC rose from $6,766 to above $6,900 in a matter of 35 minutes. At press time, BTC was trading at $6,935 having risen by more than three percent in the last 24 hours.

The top-ranked cryptocurrency is currently at its highest price since August 7, right before the start of a series of declines that eroded most of the gains accrued in July. Apart from BTC, the rest of cryptocurrency appears to be performing well. ETH and XRP have both soared significantly, but MIOTA is the best performing top-ten coin, rising by more than 15 percent over the last 24 hours.

Outside of the top ten, NEO is up by nine percent, VeChain by 13 percent, DASH by 21 percent. More than 80 percent of the top 100 coins have experienced positive gains in the last 24 hours in what seems like a positive start to the week for the bulls.

Bitcoin Could Set New All-Time High (ATH) in 2018

A few days ago, Tom Lee predicted that BTC could end 2018 with a new ATH. Speaking to CNBC, Lee highlighted the correlation between hedge fund investment, emerging markets, and the price of BTC. According to Lee, signs point to an aggressive price climb for the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

Lee explained the connection between all three parameters using two factors – hedge funds and wealth effect. According to the Fundstrat analyst, the switch between “risk on” and “risk off” for hedge funds as well as the fluctuating stock market prices directly impact the price of Bitcoin. Commenting further, Lee said:

Until emerging markets begin to turn, I think in some ways that correlation is going to hold and tell us that sort of the risk on mentality is those buyers aren’t buying bitcoin.

Tom Lee has since the beginning of the year, predicted that Bitcoin would end 2018 at $25,000. Commenting on the fate of the number one cryptocurrency’s price, Lee said he expects BTC to end the year “explosively higher.”

Do you think the current price rally points to a significant market recovery? What is your end of year BTC price forecast? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

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Bitcoin Selloff Could be Over, Says this Technical Indicator

The massive Bitcoin selloff that has characterized most of the market in 2018 might soon be at an end based on the data from a technical indicator. If correct, the top-ranked cryptocurrency may experience a substantial price rally in the last quarter of the year.

Technical Indicator Shows Imminent Bitcoin Trend Reversal

According to Bloomberg, Bitcoin traders might soon experience an end to the selloff of the cryptocurrency. This is based on a technical signal – the GTI VERA Convergence Divergence Indicator. Data from this indicator points towards a trend reversal for Bitcoin that would excite many BTC bulls who have been disconsolate for most of 2018.

Image result for Bitcoin Technical Sign Suggests Selloff May Be Almost Over

Historically speaking, the GTI VERA Convergence Divergence Indicator has performed well in the past especially with trend reversals. The last time the indicator pointed towards a trend reversal, Bitcoin recovered from a significant dip to increase by almost 40 percent the following month.

The GTI VERA Convergence Divergence Indicator works by detecting trend reversals, as well as trend exhaustion. The indicator does this by using the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) via its proprietary volatility explosion relatively adjusted (VERA) theory.

Similar Predictions by Other Indicators

Apart from the GTI VERA Convergence Divergence Indicator, other market indicators have also come to the same conclusions. In late June and early July 2018, two separate indicators also pointed to a trend reversal for the top-ranked cryptocurrency based on a predicted end to the massive selloffs.

First was the Williams Percentage R (WLPR) indicator which determines whether an asset (in this case, BTC) is overbought or oversold. At the time, the WLPR revealed an immediate reversal of the BTC price downtrend. The second was the Divergence Analysis (DVAN) Buying and Selling Pressure indicator which also pointed to BTC being oversold.

July turned out to be a decent month for BTC based on price performance as the top-ranked cryptocurrency rose from below $6,000 to eclipse the $8,400 – its highest price level in two months at the time. Since then the Bitcoin price experienced decline as August began, taking its price below $6,000 once more. As at press time, Bitcoin is trading at $6,400 despite the negative news from the SEC on Wednesday, rejecting three ETF filings.

Do you think the Bitcoin selloff is over, based on the data from the GTI VERA Convergence Divergence Indicator? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

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Bitcoin Price Gains $400 in 20 Minutes Following BitMex Shutdown

Bitcoin gained some sudden momentum in the early hours of Wednesday (UTC), following the planned maintenance shutdown of BitMex – a BTC trading platform. The top-ranked cryptocurrency almost broke $7,000 before a pullback took the price back down to $6,600.

Bitcoin Climbs as BitMex Shuts Down for Maintenance

Moments after BTC derivatives trading service, BitMex went offline for scheduled maintenance, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed. Within a 20-minute period, BTC climbed by more than $400, to almost cross the $7,000 price mark. After the rise, BTC was at a new high since July 24.

However, the price gain was short-lived as a pullback brought Bitcoin down to $6,600 as at press time. Despite the pullback, Bitcoin is still up by more than three percent in the last 24 hours. Total market capitalization now stands at $217 million with altcoins also experiencing significant price surges over the previous 24 hours as well.

All top ten coins are currently in the green. Stellar and Litecoin lead the way in 24-hour gains with 4.51 percent and 3.31 percent respectively.

Price Manipulation or Short Squeeze

The fact that the price surge happened during a shutdown of one of the most prominent BTC trading platform does raise questions over price manipulation. In a tweet posted on Tuesday afternoon, Alistair Milne predicted a short squeeze to coincide with the BitMex shutdown.

According to Business Insider, some anonymous sources claim that the scheduled maintenance instigated some frenetic trading activity.

Commenting on the development, Bitwise CEO, Hunter Horsely said:

It is a silly short-term trade. Buy when maintenance starts. Sell when ends.

Reports indicate that the BitMex shutdown created arbitrage opportunities in the market which directly led to the sharp price spike. According to CoinRoutes CEO, Dave Weisberger:

Bitfinex led it up to 6800+, but when GDAX caught up, their clients were paying over $100 too much when the other exchanges all fell back to 6700. There was a real arbitrage for a while when this all happened.

The pertinent question now is whether this price run is also a short squeeze especially with the upcoming SEC decision on the Proshares Bitcoin ETF filing. The SEC is yet to approve any BTC ETF application over concerns regarding liquidity, manipulation, and the lack of robust custodial solutions. The Proshares ETF decision is the first in a series of similar decisions before the SEC within the next few weeks.

Do you think the price movement signifies manipulation? What impact would Thursday’s Proshares ETF have on this current mini-rally? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

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Bitcoin Bounces Back Above $7,000 as Crypto ATMs reach 3,500

Bitcoin has managed to rise above $7,000 after dropping below that price level on Monday (August 6, 2018). The top-ranked cryptocurrency leads a day of positive price movements for the greater majority of the crypto market. Experts point to the emergence of positive market sentiments as a precursor to an imminent bull run.

Bitcoin Back in the Green

At the time of writing this article, BTC is currently trading above the $7,100 mark cementing its place above $7,000. Traders will be hoping that the top-ranked crypto surpasses and maintain the $7,200 support level. BTC has so far gained more than two percent within the last 24-hour trading period.

Despite the current price growth, its weekly performance is still in the negative, following substantial declines in the first six days of August. BTC has declined more than eight percent since the start of the month. However, the crypto’s 30-day performance stands at 9 percent.

Commenting on the current market situation, Fundstrat analyst and BTC bull, Tom Lee, said that Bitcoin’s increased dominance over the cryptocurrency market is a sign of an imminent price rally. Lee also referred to his company’s legacy Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI), saying that BTC was currently at 37 which is close to the 27 level that signifies optimal price performance. According to Lee, the raft of recent positive developments in the space will soon begin to have an impact on the market.

Altcoins Post Positive Price Movements

Apart from BTC, the rest of the cryptocurrency market has enjoyed a moderately favorable day. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar have all enjoyed positive price movements. In fact, only three out of the top ten coins has declined over the last 24 hours. MIOTA leads the losers pack, dipping by more than seven percent while XRP has shed almost three percent of its market price.

MIOTA’s performance is indicative of its apparent recent decoupling from the rest of the cryptocurrency market. During the bearish trend of the previous few days, MIOTA showed some significant albeit, short-lived growth.

In another development, the number of BTC ATMs in the world reached a milestone figure of 3,500 on Monday. According to Coinatmradar, there were only 1,000 of such ATMs worldwide as of February 2017. A large percentage of the BTC ATMs are located in the United States and Canada with Europe and Asia the other popular host regions.

Do you think this is the start of another Bitcoin price recovery? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

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Bitcoin Price is Set for Another Breakout, Says ‘Wall Street’s Crypto King’

For the third day in a row, Bitcoin continues to trade below the $8,000 mark that it has gained in July 2018. A flurry of events beginning with the Winklevoss ETF rejection by the SEC has seen the price of the top-ranked cryptocurrency take a considerable tumble. However, a couple of experts believe that another price breakout is imminent.

Bitcoin Needs Higher Highs and Higher Lows

Speaking to CNBC, Bart Smith, the head of digital assets at Susquehanna said that Bitcoin needs higher highs and higher lows. According to Smith, $6,800 is probably the bottom for BTC, and that value needs to go higher to give the crypto a bigger upward bounce. Speaking on the state of the market, Smith also said:

A lot of traders see the $6,800 level is something it needs to break through. We have lower highs and lower lows, and we need to break out of that. You look forward to a new bitcoin ETF coming out, and there is a lot of enthusiasm. The price goes all the way up to $8,400. The ETF gets rejected, and it goes down again. We need to see higher highs and higher lows, so the continuation to breakthrough and hold at $7,500 and bounce higher.

Smith, popularly referred to as the ‘Crypto King of Wall Street,’ also commented on the next step in the evolution of the Bitcoin market. The Susquehanna chief said that big name brands need to enter the market to provide an incentive for more institutional players to put up equity in BTC futures.

Significant Events in Q4 2018 Might Spark Bitcoin Price Rally

For Brian Kelly of BKCM LLC, Q4 2018 might be an exciting time for the top-ranked cryptocurrency. According to Kelly, the emergence of robust custodial tools for cryptocurrency are probably four to six months away. Speaking also to CNBC, Kelly said:

We are in an environment where there’s lots of regulation, and this is the best opportunity to get something new through. The iron is hot; it’s time to strike. You have to remember, Bitcoin can move five percent on any given day so. While it may seem crazy to the legacy market, in the Bitcoin world, this is just a normal correction.

At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $7,600 after a quick drop a few hours ago to $7,500.

What do you think about the comments of Bart Smith and Brian Kelly? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below.

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