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Why NEM (XEM) Is A Dark Horse Moving Forward

NEM (XEM) has not been left behind in the current cyrto markets surge that started on Thursday, April 12th with the meteorite pump of Bitcoin (BTC) by $1,000 in a period of less than an hour. At its lowest on Thursday and before the surge, NEM was trading at $0.238. Since then, it has appreciated 26% to current levels of $0.30 and seems to be having some good trade volume to back its value over the weekend.

So why is NEM (XEM) a Dark Horse in 2018?

Firstly, NEM is way ahead of its competition in terms of development and adoption of its technology. Looking at the well tabled comparisons done by Reddit user, Metasaurus_Rex, of NEM with another great project Cardano (ADA), NEM leads the way in terms of project developments. According to Metasaurus_Rex, NEM has finished and tested lots of it objectives that seem to be the same as that of Cardano.

Cardano is yet to deliver on any of its objectives but it has a greater market cap to that of NEM in the markets. NEM has completed the following features 100%:

  1. Multi-signature Transactions (Catapult adds Nested And IOT Compatibility)
  2. Functional Nodes and Rewards (Decentralization)
  3. Functional Light Client (Nanowallet)
  4. Human Friendly Addresses (Namespaces)
  5. Functional High Speed Network
  6. Voting Center Built Into Nanowallet
  7. Paper Wallet Functionality
  8. Co-Working/Research Spaces in Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Lithuania
  9. Trezor Wallet Compatibility
  10. Debit Card Compatibility (Pundi X)
  11. Smart Contract Tools and Testnet
  12. Partnerships and Research Prograns (40+, Global and Ongoing)
  13. Community Events and Meetups (100+, Global and Ongoing)

With respect to Pundi X, which is a blockchain based point-of-sale (POS) solutions provider, the company has gone ahead and announce that it has developed POS terminals that run solely on the NEM blockchain.

A second reason why NEM is the Dark Horse of 2018, is that NEM will be 100% supported and given preference in the yet to be released Bankera (BNK) Exchange. The Exchange is slatted for release by early Q3 this year. Also to note, is that NEM foundation President, Lon Wong, is an adviser to the Bankera project that aims to be the first in offering complete crytocurrency banking that will be similar and better than the regular fiat banking. With part of the Bankera tokens being issued as NEM mosaics, and the same NEM mosaics being part of the tradable assets on the Bankera exchange, the sky is the limit for the coin.

A third reason why NEM could be a good coin choice moving forward, is the return of investor confidence once Coincheck started refunding customers that were affected by the January 26th hack that saw $500 Million in NEM vanish from the exchange.

In a nutshell, NEM (XEM) offers more than the above 3 reasons to be a good bet as we go down 2018. With its value still under a dollar, it is a reasonably priced digital asset that could skyrocket with time.

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Posted on Showcases Trading Platform, tZERO

Less than 24 hours ago, – the online retailing giant – showcased a prototype of a trading platform their development team has been working on called tZERO. The project has a private offering for the tZERO Security token (TZRO) that is currently in progress. It was extended till May 14th this year from an earlier deadline of March 1st.

According to the tZERO website, they will  enter into Simple Agreements For Equity (SAFEs) only with accredited investors pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the Offering Memorandum, dated March 1, 2018, for the Token Sale.

Also according to the website, tZERO’s Security Token front end is designed to trade security tokens in an easy, compliant, and user-friendly manner. This system is integrated with tZERO’s existing 15c3-5 risk management software, order management system, matching engine, and a plethora of proprietary technology to support the eventual trading of security tokens.

The demonstration of the prototype of the platform is meant to reach out to the cryptocurency and regular securities trading community for input, questions, comments and ideas for improvement – ahead of the final launch in May. They too are operating on a regulation grey area as they await SEC guidelines on the whole industry of cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

So far, Overstock has raised $250 Million from its private offering and this amount is expected to grow with a month till it ends.

The tZERO token (TZRO) is an ERC20 token that will be offered as a security to qualified investors in accordance with US and other laws. The token will pay 10% adjusted gross revenue to token holders on a quarterly basis. TZRO joins other dividend based tokens that were used to fund exchanges such as Bankera (BNK) and KuCoin Shares  (KCS).

Bankera pays its dividends to investors on a weekly basis whereas KuCoin does its payment on a daily basis. All this is possible through the ever amazing smart contracts available in the cyrpto-verse.

To note is the constant enthusiasm by regular companies dealing in traditional business, venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Overstock also joins the Rockefeller arm of investing, Venrock that recently partnered with Coinfund, in this trend of doing so.

Perhaps Bill Baryhdt was right when he saidAll Hell Will Break Loose in crypto this year.

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