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ASUS Partners With Quantumcloud to let Gamers Mine Cryptos With Idle-power From Their GPUs

ASUS has recently announced a partnership with Quantumcloud to develop a software that allows gamers to mine crypto with their idle GPU Power, without affecting the performance of their products or deviating from the company’s market focus.

The idea behind this decision is not to diversify or create a product line for miners. ASUS has not yet expressed an explicit interest in this. However, thanks to the possibility of providing more options for its customers, the stimulus to purchase products could increase considerably.

One company that has indeed expressed an interest in the promotion and distribution of equipment specifically geared to crypto mining is AMD. A few weeks ago, the tech giant announced a series of partnerships with seven major technology companies to create a line of mining rigs with different characteristics.

Nvidia, another GPU manufacturer, recently reported a drop of about 20% in the value of its shares due to the decline in sales of mining products after the collapse of the crypto markets.

An Interesting Project With a Few Questions To Answer

The details of the agreement and the product they will offer are not yet 100% known. The idea is that thanks to Quantumcloud software, players will be able to power cloud-based miners managed by the blockchain company.

Until now neither ASUS nor Quantumcloud have mentioned what cryptocurrencies will be minable or how much percentage each player will get after using the software. However, to calm suspicions, ASUS stated that the entire operation complies with GDPR regulations, which ensures the privacy of users’ data.

Likewise, gamers will not have to perform complicated steps or carry wallets since Quantumcloud will automatically provide payments in fiat money to a Paypal or Wechat account configured by each customer.

It is also important to note that the idea is not to promote mining as a profitable activity but to generate a little “beer money.” People at Quantumcloud have been emphatic in clarifying this with a message to potential clients:

“An example of a typical scenario would be a gaming PC with a GTX 1070. This system could generate more than 20000 Quantum dots every day, which would result in approximately USD$10 deposited in your account over the course of a month. You won’t get rich quick, but you can earn some easy money with your idle GPUs. So, what are you waiting for?”

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H370 Mining Master is The Miner’s Dream With Support for 20 GPUs

Asus has announced THE motherboard for GPU miners around the world: The new H370 Mining Master, which can handle up to 20 GPUs.

The world of mining has always been marked by the imperative need to measure the cost/benefit ratio millimetrically. However, with the boom in cryptocurrencies during the year 2017, this activity also increased exponentially.

Such was the success of crypto mining that the business became key to the revenue of major manufacturers such as ASUS, AMD, and NVIDIA.

The RX580 GPU: Great for gaming… and for mining

The depletion of GPU stock eventually led to recognizing mining as a serious market opportunity, despite the indifferent opinions expressed by some representatives.

It was not only the gaming industry that was affected, but many other projects such as SETI also had to call for consciousness in order to continue to exist. Mining nearly ended the search for extraterrestrial life.

ASUS is one of the leading manufacturers of computer hardware. Their motherboards and high-performance equipment are very popular among technophiles.

The use of mining rigs has been extremely popular due to the importance that Ethereum has had in the sphere of cryptocurrencies.

A mining rig is a piece of equipment that puts multiple GPUs to work simultaneously and exclusively, achieving excellent hash power.

However, traditional motherboards have support for up to 4 GPUs, while some more popular motherboards among miners support between 6 and 8 GPUs.

That is when ASUS tried to make a difference in 2017 with the ASUS B250 Mining Expert. A motherboard with 19 PCIe slots, beating any other competitor.

However, at that time it was difficult to adopt as the GPUs manufacturers only allowed a connection of 8 cards.This meant that miners were initially only able to have 16 cards of which 8 were NVIDIA and 8 AMD.

A Mining Rig: 16 GPUs, 3 PSUs and the ASUS B250 / Courtesy: ASUS

The B250 had a price of $169.99, and despite the limitations, it was a notable success in the industry.

H370 Mining Master: The Revolution of Mining Hardware

In the middle of 2018, the new H370 Mining Master represents an evolution over the previous model, with a lot of new features that can make it the dream of all miners:

The H370 Mining Master: Note the 20 slots on the right and the 3 PSU slots on the back / Courtesy: ASUS

The first thing that stands out is the support for 20 GPUs. Now users will have every single slot inmediatly available.

Supporting such a large amount of GPUs means significant savings by not having to purchase additional motherboards for the same job.

Also, each motherboard requires its own PSU, RAM, and CPU. For this reason, the H370 Mining Master can save thousands of dollars for hardcore miners.

GUI to detect errors on the GPUs

Another of the critical points of this new motherboard is the possibility of efficiently diagnosing errors using software designed specifically for this purpose.

Other key features of the H370 Mining Master are the support up to 3 PSUs individually, the replacement of x1 slots by vertical PCIe-over-USB to avoid riser failure, and HDMI + DVI support for dual screen monitoring if needed.

The H370 Mining Master will be available to the public on Q3 2018 those attending the Computex 2018 Conference in Taipei at the ASUS booth, #M410 in Nangang Hall, from June 5-9 will be able to test it sonner

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Asus' New Crypto Mining Motherboard Has Space for 20 GPUs

Motherboard maker Asus has debuted a new product aimed specifically at cryptocurrency miners.

The H370 Mining Master represents a follow up to last year’s B250 Mining Expert, with Asus saying that it “redefined the formula for a second generation” of crypto-related products. The Mining Master notably boasts the ability to support a total of 20 graphics cards (GPUs).

As of press time, it’s not clear how much the company will charge for the motherboard or when exactly it will be released. That said, Asus indicated that the hardware will be available “starting in Q3 2018.” Asus is planning to showcase its self-proclaimed “blockchain behemoth” during the Computex 2018 event in Taiwan next week.

Other elements of the Mining Expert include a built-in monitoring system that allows users to keep track of the status of the 20 graphics cards plugged into it.

“Less time maintaining your machine means more time mining with it, which is why the H370 Mining Master includes a suite of diagnostic features designed to make your platform easier to manage,” Asus wrote in an announcement post published Wednesday.

Asus is one of a growing number of hardware companies looking to capture some of the interest coming from the market for power-hungry crypto miners. As previously reported, ASRock – another maker of motherboards – is moving similar products to market, and GPU makers AMD and Nvidia have both seen their bottom lines boosted thanks to demand from miners for graphics cards (albeit to the chagrin of gamers).

Image via Asus website

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