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Current Challenges of Virtual Reality, Explained


The main need in the marketplace is for a 3D image depository that would allow users to both create and monetize their images with peer-to-peer (P2P) access. One company seeking to create just such an ecosystem is Cappasity.

The company intends to build a platform in which creators of 3D images will be able to upload, monetize, and promote their content. Buyers, on the other hand, will have access to the images and will be able to buy use rights directly from the seller, rather than from a centralized hub.

By enabling P2P transactions for participants, Cappasity has created a platform where users can monetize their content directly without relying on a centralized profit-taking corporation, while at the same time allowing buyers to seek content directly from sellers. Cappasity is now going through the SEC Compliance process to give US citizens an opportunity to take part in the token sale. The crowdsale starts on Oct. 25, and will last for four weeks.

Further, Cappasity has created a new image-capturing system that will make capturing new 3D images far more simple. The platform includes ways to capture images with hardware as simple as a mobile phone. Such technological advances are sure to help propel the VR industry toward its anticipated growth rates.

With huge opportunities available for future growth within the VR marketplace, a company like Cappasity is poised to both help the industry, and profit as well.