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Olyseum: A Blockchain-Based Sports App Launched for Russia 2018

Barcelona and Spain’s official team players, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol, revealed the launch of Olyseum, a social network that will benefit from blockchain technologies.

The announcement was made within the framework of the World Cup Russia 2018. Olyseum is an upgrade of a project that was born during 2016.

According to the company, Olyseum will start a trial period during all the weeks of the World Cup. However, the team will launch the final version later this year.

Carles Puyol, one of its founders, was quite enthusiastic and committed to the project:

“Throughout my career at FC Barcelona, I have had the unconditional support of millions of fans around the world. With the desire to extend the limits of real and genuine participation of fans, Andres, Ivan and I came together to create a collaborative space for lovers of this beautiful sport and interact with users, moved by the same feeling.”

Carles Puyol

Another curious fact that is worth mentioning is that in addition to the famous football players, Olyseum has Kevin Mitnick in his team of founders, one of the most famous and influential hackers in history.

Kevin Mitnick

Another improvement over the original project is that the social network will rely on the use of blockchain technologies to develop an incentive program for fans which will use smart contracts to work.

The social network not only seeks to distribute content but also aims to bring athletes closer to their fans by providing interaction mechanisms rewarding participation.

In this way, the app will compensate users’ contributions with exclusive merchandise, VIP tickets, and meetings with athletes, among other incentives.

The use of blockchain technology allows not only a better tracking of activities but also guarantees the transparency and exclusivity of the participations.

The application will group the contents according to their characteristics, as the informationcan be uploaded by athletes as exclusive content, by users or even by the app itself as a news aggregator.

Olyseum is not the only initiative that unites sport with blockchain.

Other athletes have also supported or developed their own projects. Blockchain technologies provide a great bussiness oportunity

A notable example is Lionel Messi, who plays for Argentina and also for FC Barcelona, and who recently became an ambassador for Sirin Labs’ blockchain project.

Similarly, the Colombian player of Real Madrid, James Rodriguez, also announced a partnership with Self Sell to create the JR10 token running on the blockchain.

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Gem Unveils All-In-One Crypto Investment App

Blockchain startup Gem plans to launch a comprehensive platform that will allow users to track, store, trade and discover cryptocurrencies on one app.

According to Gem – which has largely focused on enterprise products for companies like Toyota and CapitalOne since its 2013 inception – its all-in-one, user-friendly solution will “bridge the gap” between veteran crypto users and industry newcomers. The platform was officially unveiled Thursday.

“Since the beginning of the company, we’ve been trying to achieve a simple goal which is to push the decentralized movement forward to put more control and power in the hands of individuals,” Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht told CoinDesk, adding:

“We felt at this time in the market that we could make the biggest impact in the shortest timeline by going directly to the consumer to solve the problems we experience in the cryptocurrency market.”

The company intends for the portfolio component of its platform to act as a “single entry point” for crypto investment management, initially integrating with 22 exchanges. Scheduled for public beta release in May, it will also allow users to manually track tokens held offline in hardware wallets.

The introduction of Gem’s “universal token wallet” will follow in the summer, and will provide users with the ability to hold and trade bitcoin, ether and all ERC-20 tokens. The company intends to add support for other cryptocurrencies following the wallet’s launch.

Gem will also seek to connect users with the wider crypto community through its “discovery tool,” which will provide information about 1,500 tokens, and act as “a gateway to the broader cryptocurrency community” via features such as social media tools.

The company says it is committed to user-friendliness, and that it used data from surveys of crypto investors and “newbies” to inform the platform’s design.

“We’re all cryptocurrency investors at Gem,” Winkelspecht told CoinDesk. “So we’re very aware of the gaps in the market and we’re excited to launch this platform to fill those gaps.”

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TRON TRX Connection to be Complete in February: Peiwo APP Announces

Union Member of TRON – Peiwo APP has just declared the schedule and plans for the TRX Token. The whole process will be finished out in February 16, starting with the preliminary work being finished. During the final part – TRON will be landing the first online entertainment scenario being supported by over 10 mil fresh users of the peiwo APP while delivering authentic entertainment experience to the young generation.

The expected time for Peiwo APP’s connection to TRX:

tron future

Peiwo APP is the largest audio content community in China, even in the world with over 10 million global registered users and more than one million monthly active users. The users of Peiwo APP mainly are in the age between 16 and 25, distributed in China’s first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as well as in North America, Western Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and other places all over the world.

Justin Sun – Founder of TRON and Peiwo APP added:

“The completion of Peiwo APP’s connection to TRX will be a demonstrative display and a good opportunity to verify the value brought by block chain technology. With more than 10 million young Peiwo APP users joining the network of TRON, more individuals, enterprises and platforms may want to join us. This will result in a bigger and stronger network and promote the vigorous development of the block-chain-based online entertainment.”

Via distributed storage technology and blockchain tech, TRON [blockchain-based decentralized protocol] wants to create an free entertainment system on a global scale. It gives the opportunity to own and store data freely, publish – while in the decentralized form – decides the subscription, the distribution and push of contents and enables content creators by releasing, circulating and dealing with digital assets, thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

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Circle Is Building a Master Mobile Payments Network on Ethereum

Blockchain startup Circle has unveiled new software aimed at connecting the world’s digital wallets.

Known as ‘CENTRE‘, the project seeks to create a way for digital wallets (like Venmo, Alipay or the startup’s own Circle Pay) to communicate with one another. Put more simply, CENTRE as envisioned would let the companies behind those apps to transmit and settle funds between them.

At its heart, the project targets the so-called “walled garden” issue, wherein different platforms – whether they be a social media site like Facebook or a payments app like Venmo – exist largely within their own ecosystems. Circle is aiming to build a bridge between them, betting that it would make for a more inclusive consumer payments environment.

Circle released today a new white paper outlining the specifications and intended use for CENTRE, which notes that the project has grown since being established as an internal method for transacting in both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in digital form. Notably, the startup is planning to develop a new implementation of CENTRE on top of the ethereum network, complete with its own ERC-20 token, the CENT.

CENTRE makes further use of the token standard, however, as node operators – whether they be an app operator, a bank or another financial institution – could issue their own ERC-20 tokens tied to a particular fiat currency to send between other parties on the CENTRE network.

Transactions between nodes would be settled through smart contracts, or self-executing pieces of code that trigger when certain conditions are met. That the startup would move in this direction is perhaps unsurprising – last December, Circle revealed its work on “Spark“, a smart contract platform it uses to settle transactions.

CENT, according to the paper, is meant to act as a common medium of exchange between apps that originally use entirely incompatible currencies. This means that while nodes aren’t required to accept, say, a USD-tied token issued on ethereum by another party on the CENTRE network, they do, by default, have to accept the CENT.

The startup explains:

“The CENTRE Token, in addition to its other uses (such as accessing the service provider protocol), provides a way for wallets which have no fiat tokens in common to transact, as they will be able to use CENTRE Tokens to obtain the needed fiat token in common to transact, as they will be able to use CENTRE Tokens to obtain the needed fiat token.”

Circle is planning to create a CENTRE Foundation to spearhead development of the initiative, and the establishment of that nonprofit group is expected to happen in the coming months.

Though it’s unclear who will make the shift, the startup said that “several key Circle employees” are expected to form the foundation’s early leadership team.

Disclosure: CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which has an ownership stake in Circle.

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