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Ripple, Dash, Litecoin Price Daily Analysis – Hovering below Major Resistances Before Break Out

Despite the fact that still cryptocurrencies prices except Dash are in the weekly negative red zone, the stabilized trading is looking very optimistic for further gain.

The values of the digital assets paired with US Dollar are staying above important supports and on the green area for two-three days now, so in the event that there are no system changes nor in structure for the market the recovery rally could very likely continue.

On Sep 18 the global market capitalization of digital currencies has reached $140 billion.

South Korean exchanges, US and Japans are benefiting from the trader movement towards them leaving China exchanges out of “safe trade-playing” so a surge in trading volume has been experienced especially on Sep 17 and 18.

top cryptocurrency prices

Source: Coinmarketcap

Ripple price today would be described with a hovering function over the $0.1800 mark with one time breaking to the $0.1900 mark but with no success to close above as it declined back lower. As time of the press it is trading at $0.1864 with 0.50% gain in the last 24-hours.

Even that Ripple only counts 5 percentage point trading in China, its price was heavily hit on the last major market crash as the leader Bitcoin price development will be with no exception be reflected to the following cryptocurrency prices that are following.

ripple prediction

For the near term it is of significant importance that XRP/USD breaks the $0.1950 mark and close completely above it, as the particular level did act as support before the global market decline did take place.

For the longer term it is very difficult to predict by any point but investors should rest easy as Ripple’s price and token’s will be directed by the mainstream factor and how successful the company behind ripple is to get negotiation and deals done with states around the world. Could have easily one of the best futures to look forward.

Litecoin price on Sep 19 did break twice above the $55 mark but met selling pressure returning it again at the bottom of the $50 level. This does not mean anything bad for the near term as when it comes to the pair LTC/USD most importantly it is to continue trading above $50 for the moment as stable trading ground is being formed.

litecoin prediction

A closing in triangle pattern is being formed on the hourly chart of LTC/USD, however as long as Litecoin price stays over $50 a break-over the $60 mark could be very possible but with much struggle to begin with. The resistance did previously act as the holding support before Litecoin dropped to low $40 so hurdle awaits before the bullish trend.

Dash is an exception on the top-ten cryptocurrency list by market cap as one a weekly understanding it is the only digital currency paired with USD being on the green recovery zone with 0.19% gain.

dash price

It is trading at $325.51 with a negative 0.68 percent loss in the last 24-hours. It is creating very safe trading ground at exactly the level where it was supported before the China news came in and the major fall did start (around $326). Despite fluctuations it seems very optimistically for Dash traders as the first resistance major at $300 was cleared and successfully closed to continue higher up.

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Litecoin Price Weekly Analysis: LTC/USD Near Term Prediction Sep 17

Tracking back on the time after Litecoin did climb above the $90 level on its new all-time high record was described with a strong-cemented indicator as LTC/USD for almost weeks did trade between the $60-$70 zone attempting upward breaks with beneath the supports holding.

That obviously changed on Sep 15 with a swift decline after China GOV declared for Bitcoin exchanges to stop ‘working’ on Sep 30. A major sell-off was initiated throughout the crypto-community which included Litecoin too.

The particular drop which went to the monthly lowest of $32.03 was interrupted by aggressive bulls waiting to by at the most important supportive marks and opportunities.

litecoin prediction

Source: Coinmarketcap

Litecoin price is trading at $49.47 with a 2.51 percent gain in the last 24-hours. Its market cap finally is range hovering between the $2 bln and $3 bln mark and on its course for more. The trading volume now has significantly fallen for the last 24-hours compared to yesterday when the regain in price was taking event – with Bithumb leading at 30.85 percent and following at 14.14$. Very cautious and being warned is preferable in such state as deep-pocket traders could change the development very fast.

litecoin price analysis

The pair LTC/USD now is attempting a break above the $50 psychological resistance mark and a successful close which would create a stable trading ground on a preferable zone. This is taking place after retesting the supports at $40 which did hold and acted as they should.

The news relating to Bitcoin are not looking very well right now, and when it comes for any advice right now the best is to look out for news as them are changing how the prices are flowing for the moment.

However, even with the many negative reviews and comments, very well known figures like Litecoin creator Charlie Lee or Tim Draper added their part which is being considered very optimistic on the longer term.

Lee did comment on a factor that many are trying to express – Chinese Gov will not able to manipulate and play with the market on the way it did since 2013:

“This is a good thing. China can no longer play with the markets by banning Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency cannot be killed by any country. One solution to centralized exchanges is decentralized ones. I hear the Decred Project team has something cooking that helps with that.”

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Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Price Sep 16 Daily – Retests might Await Prediction

Despite any technical analysis or possible-outcome idea, the control of the market right now is on the hands of the news-drifted momentum.

Fear and panic struck the market as information was spreading about exchanges shutting down. Sellers took major movement at hand tanking with all they got the crypto-prices where buyers afterwards did gain from the dip buying on important opportunities.

Bitcoin Against the US Dollar – BTC/USD

Keeping in mind that the volatility is very high, the uptrend line has been targeted while finding more peaceful trading ground. This could for now indicate a bearish upcoming trend but as mentioned above the major effect on the market will be the news-factor so lookout for them as much as you can and not the technical analysis.

bitcoin analysis

Noted out in the morning price related press, after reaching the major resistance of $3.800, which recovery did follow up the first test of the important supporting level of $3,000 – the pair could possibly (on a bearish) trend again retest the same support. Right now it has declined at $3640.46 which concludes a very volatile market even on a daily understanding.

On the upside, if there is a possible surge above the $4,000 level, and successful close then it could mean new pattern formation for an upcoming uptrend. In any event, take notice of the news as they do not look so optimistic for now on Bitcoin.

There we have on a very positive note on the longer term of Bitcoin: Simon Dixon – investment Banker and author of “Bank to the Future” that tweeted:

Ethereum Against the US Dollar – ETH/USD

Ethereum as second in place based on market capitalization, is also included on the very volatile market right now.

On the same understanding like Bitcoin and also right predicted on the morning press, Ethereum met resistances before even closing in at the particular $280 while the highest point for today was around $262.54. This does not mean there are no other attempts left for now, but after that a retest of the supporting zone at $200 will play a major important role if it happens.

ethereum price prediction

Source: Coinmarketcap

On the longer term investors, it is looking quite more optimistic. ETH will be having great news upcoming end of September and next month. the ERC-20 projects are as one becoming an industry and the number of Ethereum ICO-s is growing.

Litecoin Against the US Dollar – LTC/USD

For quite some time after the major rally on Sep 2 reaching the highest point record, Litecoin was acting as the strongest and most stable out of the top-crypto prices while range bounding between $60 and $70 levels. The particular surge started in April which has been broken down on the news and reports spreading out.

litecoin price prediction

The recovery for the moment has been slowed down and entered a could be bearish-trend otherwise a very near-term test of the $60 resistance level will be coming most likely.  It’s an atypical situation, but right now the uptrend dynamic level will be good support for LTC.

When it comes to news related to LTC there is a bright future thanking the creator of Litecoin – Charlie Lee. Lightning network is already being tested and the daily usefulness of the Silver coin is something to look forward into it.

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