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XRP (XRP) Rebranding Efforts Continue to Emphasize it is a Separate Entity from Ripple

Crypto traders have for a very long time referred to the digital asset known as XRP via the name of the Ripple company that uses the asset. Initially it was okay to interchange the two names when referring to the coin and the company, but with 3 pending lawsuits against Ripple and a SEC decision looming, it is understandable that the team at Ripple see it fit to clearly distinguish between the two entities.

The Ripple company, via its website and twitter page, has clearly outlined the differences of the two using the infographic below.

The website goes on further to state that:

Ripple, the technology company, and XRP, the independent digital asset, are distinctly different.

Ethereum World News had late last week hinted at the ongoing efforts by the Ripple company to distinguish itself from the digital asset of XRP. One of the factors that had led to this conclusion, was the new XRP symbol evident on This new symbol is the simple X that was part of an XRP-community effort back in May, to have a unique cryptocurrency symbol for XRP.

New XRP Symbol

One other thing that might be of concern is that the SEC did not include XRP in the list of digital assets it excluded from being securities. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Ripple company owns approximately 60 Billion XRP with 55 Billion of that amount locked up in escrow.

A declaration of XRP being a security would mean the team at Ripple will constantly be in court to answer to the 3 lawsuits against the company as well as other infractions against securities laws in the US. The other side of the coin is that XRP is also excluded from being a security and life goes back to normal with XRP HODLers celebrating this fact.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. It is an opinion piece. The opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.


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Revolut App From The UK, To List Ripple (XRP) This Week

UK Fintech startup, Revolut, has just announced via Twitter, plans of listing Ripple (XRP) on the popular mobile app. In the tweet by Chad West, Head of Marketing and Communication at Revolut, he posted a screen shot implying that the app was in the process of adding the coin.

Tweet by Chad West

The confirmation of the addition was made by the official twitter handle of the Revolut app with a simple ‘Yes’.

Chad West would also confirm the addition of XRP when he replied the following in the same twitter thread:

Guys, it launches this week! Keep an eye out for updates on our social media accounts and email!

Chad West’s second tweet confirming the news

Revolut is a digital baking app that includes a pre-paid debit card (Mastercard and VISA). The app also has global funds transfer, currency exchange and a cryptocurrency exchange (BTC, ETH, LTC).

Majority of the services on the app are free. There is also a Vault where you can lock up your funds in a savings scheme.On top of the above, the app has a feature where you can share bills with family and friends such as when you dine out. You can also track your spending on your app in a manner that facilitates efficient budgeting at your fingertips.

The App also supports spending and ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies with 26 of those currencies being capable of peer-to-peer transfers on the app.

This means the XRP addition will be a welcome additional feature on the app and the entire crypto community. XRP is known for its fast and cheap transactions. Having it on the Revolut app will also enhance the efficiency of the app as used by the masses.

Current market analysis of XRP shows the coin trading at $0.672 and down 2.68% in the last 24 hours. The general market feel is one of stagnation with Bitcoin (BTC) unable to rise above current levels of $8,261. Ethereum is also experiencing some sideways movement with the coin currently trading at $685. Both BTC and ETH are down around 2% each in the last 24 hours and at the moment of writing this.

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$1 Looming As Binance Introduces Ripple XRP/USDT Trading Pair

Binance, with over 300 trading pairs, has announced it has added XRP/USDT trading pair. The development has given Ripple (XRP) a slight move towards the North.

With Binance adding XRP trading Pairs the price of Ripple is expected move toward the north massively, or at worst uptick.

In the last 24 hours, the price of Ripple has increased by 5.75%, with its trading value pegged at $0.904. It appears Ripple is receiving more attention since it was added to Binance because the cryptocurrency has managed to remain slightly at a fixed value in the last 7 days.

At the press time, Ripple trading volume is now at $996 Million, and its market capitalization is at $32.25 Billion. There is possibility that Ripple achieves its much anticipated $1 today or anytime soon.

Earlier, Revolut, a United Kingdom based global banking alternative also revealed it will be adding Ripple (XRP) any moment. The declaration informs that with a normal Revolut account, crypto enthusiasts have the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies by just connecting their UK bank accounts to Revolut protocol, while allowing the platform users the privilege to convert crypto to any fiat currency they wish without any form of hindrance.

Ripple has tried hard to get listed on the most popular exchange, Coinbase, but all efforts, including alleged financial inducement, were futile. The listing would have been a major boost for the cryptocurrency.

Ripple team are trying to move ahead and present a digital coin that will be number one, like bitcoin. The team behind the coin sees partnering with banks and fintechs as possible boost, however, there has been no significant improvement for the altcoin.

In a bid to bring more growth to Ripple, the financial firm recently invested in ideas that can create growth in its ecosystem. Ripple is coasting different industries. The team behind Ripple are eyeing international banks, or possibly become the bank of banks.

Among all coins, Ripple is the first and the only crypto to believe in security regulations. The CEO, Brad Garlinghouse says “Regulators are behaving as they should to make sure we have regulation around KYL and AML. There are reasons for that. If exchanges are trying to circumvent KYC requirements, [regulators] should come in and enforce that.”

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Ripple (XRP) HODLers Amongst The Most Optimistic

The current Ripple (XRP) rally in the markets is reminiscent of what happened last year around 10th December, 2017, when Ripple was valued at $0.24 and up 3,900% from previous levels of $0.006 only a year earlier. What would then happen in that December of 2017, and less than 5 months ago, is that Ripple would skyrocket to its peak value at around $3.83 on January 4th as Ripplers awaited news of a Coinbase addition of XRP. However, the listing did not happen, but Ripple HODLers did not lose hope even as the price of XRP dropped, for they are one of the most optimistic crypto communities to grace the Crypto-Verse. They are also one of the biggest community in terms of numbers.

According to the online Merriam Webster dictionary, Optimistic is defined as feeling or showing hope for the future. The Ripple community exhibits just that every hour of every day. As earlier mentioned, the Ripple community is large. The Ripple Telegram group is 61,951 strong. The project has two Sub-reddit pages on Reddit with followers in the tune of 185,107 and 21,258 respectively.

The community members are always eager to share news about partnerships, developments in the project and sound-bites from the top management of Ripple, including the CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

These selfless acts by the community members are done come rain or shine: even when Ripple prices are tanking, they will still be optimistic. If the Ripple prices are shooting to the Moon, excitement is always evident in the community members.

Perhaps the biggest and largest show of support and optimism of the project can be seen through the online store that specializes specifically in Ripple merchandise. makes sure there is constant supply of Ripple T-Shirts, Hoodies, Gifts and Merchandise for the ever expanding community.

The Merchandise website team states that:

“People all over the world are starting to wake up and take notice of Ripple, its crypto currency XRP, and its push for innovation. The current financial system is about to change for better and for always. Now you have a unique opportunity to spread the message of positive digital change by physically wearing it yourself.”

This vision of XRP changing the global financial system is alive in all Ripple HODLers. The Moon is the final destination for this coin and project. All that is needed is a pinch of patience as the rest of the Crypto-verse is converted to being Ripple Believers.

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