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XRP (XRP) To Further Increase Liquidity Through 3 More Listings

The remittance coin of XRP is further increasing its liquidity through listings in 3 new exchanges. These new listings hope to kick start a second half of 2018 for XRP in the best possible manner.

The first exchange to announce that it will be listing XRP on its platform is DX.Exchange. In a tweet, the fully EU regulated exchange announced that it would list the digital asset on its yet to be released platform after it conducted a facebook poll. The tweet that was made on June 4th stated that:

Here’s the winner of our Facebook Poll: @Ripple’s XRP will be available when DX.Exchange launches and an essential part of our community. #exchangeyourway

DX.Exchange will be launched later on this month on July 25th. The exchange is currently allowing for the pre-registration of new users through its website.

The second exchange that announced it will be supporting XRP, is the Australia based, The Cryptocurrency Exchange. The exact announcement via twitter stated the following.

The exchange goes on to state, via its official website page, that they are excited to launch the 5th crypto asset on its exchange: XRP. They will be launching the digital asset with an introductory brokerage fee of 0.1% specifically for XRP. This offer will only last for 2 weeks therefore users are advised to put in their trades as early as July 7th after routing maintenance is complete on the platform.

The third crypto exchange to announce that it will list XRP, is the India based Unodax exchange. In the twitter announcement, the exchange stated that:

Unodax is introducing 17 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs today with three base coins. Base coins are BTC – ETH – XRP.

This move by UnoDax can be understood for the Reserve Bank of India has placed a ban on only crypto-to-fiat transactions that are mediated by banks. This means that there is no fiat-to-crypto conversion (and vice versa) in the country. However, crypto-to-crypto trading is still allowed.

Unodax makes this statement clear via its medium page when it states that the exchange is ready for trading through the base pairs of BTC, ETH and XRP. This is how it will continue with normal operations after the fiat-to-crypto ban in the country.

In conclusion, XRP continues to expand across the globe through the listings on the 3 aforementioned exchanges and not forgetting the equally exciting listing on SBI Virtual Currencies. More listings means more visibility for XRP in the crypto markets, hence driving up demand and consequently the value of the digital asset.


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SBI Holdings Chairman Says Ripple (XRP) Is Next Global Standard Of Cryptocurrency And Money

While the vote of confidence which the State Bank of India (SBI) has been passing on Ripple (XRP) is creating avenue for the blockchain technology to excel in Asia especially in Inida, the CEO of SBI Group and chairman of SBI Holding, Yoshitaka Kitao came out at a major Blockchain Conference in Japan to flag out the coin with hope that it will soon become the global standard of cryptocurrency and money.

At the seminar tagged “The Japan Blockchain Conference” which took place on 27th of June, the CEO displayed much belief for the blockchain technology as one that will maintain its rapid growth trend and optimize the global financial system.

Mr Kitao added that due to the effectiveness and proficiency of Ripple tool, XRP, financial transactions are done seamlessly, creating a more efficient world. While at the same time, cross border transaction problems are being resolved as the tool fashions an ecosystem for banks that facilitate smart and easy transaction corridor with meagre cost within limited time.

The chairman of the SBI Holdings has been keeping tab on the cryptocurrency since January 2016 before the rally of XRP that resulted into the high valuation of the coin when it surpassed $50 billion.

Then, Kitao noted that XRP is the only tool with “battle-tested” solution that can help augment banking transactions and operations.

“Surveying the market, Ripple was the only company that has delivered battle-tested enterprise solutions and global bank customer traction, including commercial deals with top banks already signed in Asia Pacific. Distributed financial technology is undoubtedly transforming financial infrastructure and we’re excited to drive its adoption throughout Asia,” Kitao said.

Since the gesture, SBI Holdings had dragged financial institutions in South Korea, amongst which Kookmin and Shinhan, the two largest commercial banks in the country, to deploying Ripple tool to better cross-border transactions.

The Japan Blockchain Conference

Rated the largest Cryptocurrency conference in Japan, not less than 10,000 individuals were present at the session where issues related to cryptocurrency market, project, growth, regulation and investment in the sector were discussed.

The conference also featured bigwig like cofounder of Ethereum and creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, CEO, Roger Ver and other topnotch entrepreneur in the blockchain sector.


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Is It Time To Do Away With the Numerous Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions?

Cryptocurrency price predictions are the norm in this very young industry of digital assets and blockchain. We have everyone predicting that such-and-such a coin will be a certain value in 3 months or even 6 months. Some price predictions go far ahead in time as far as 2022. If you made an entry into the crypto-markets back in December, one of the most popular phrases was ‘When Lambo?’

This phrase was in reference to how long it will take for a crypto trader to own a Lamborghini given the possibilities back then, of cryptocurrencies doing double digit gains on an almost daily basis. This means that someone with $1,000 would need his investment to ‘pump’ by 200 times for him or her to reach the $200,000 thought to be the lowest price for a good Lamborghini. There is even an online calculator to find out how much your portfolio needs to multiply by, to make it possible for you to own a Lambo.

But the crypto markets would not follow the path hoped by many crypto-traders. Many Ripple (XRP) believers had hoped that by now, we’d be seeing $3 to $4 XRP coin values by June of this year.

The first reason they had predicted this levels, was the anticipation of Coinbase listing XRP on its exchange. The rumors of a Coinbase listing have been present in the crypto-verse since early January when XRP had peaked to $3.79 in anticipation of the announcement that never came. The Coinbase conversation is still around on popular platforms such as Reddit.

Another reason for price predictions of a $10 Ripple came with news of SBI Holdings releasing their own Cryptocurrency exchange. This event happened only days ago, and the exchange is live and running for pre-registered users who did so in October. The effects of the exchange on the price of XRP are yet to be felt with the current market decline that has been ongoing since January.

It is with the reality of the current market performance that it might be time to abandon all Ripple (XRP) price predictions completely.

Price predictions are good if the crypto-markets are in an upward trend. But with fears of regulation in the United States, South Korea, Russia, India and the rest of the globe, the reality is that many ‘big time’ investors are yet to embrace the crypto-markets completely. They are waiting for the regulatory stalemate to end so they can make an entry into crypto. Until then, any price predictions might disillusion any crypto HODLer who expects big things due to the constant bombardment on social media of promises of doubling or trippling their investments in a short amount of time.

One is tempted to quote that there is freedom of expression and everyone has the right to an opinion. But when the opinion involves personal finances, it is wise to first issue disclaimers that such price predictions are based on assumptions of a future we cannot tell. With time travel yet a reality, it can only be explored through popular Sci-fi cult classic movies such as Primer. This movie follows to engineers who accidentally discover time travel, only to use it to buy stocks in the past after seeing their performance in the future. It is a convoluted story that any physics enthusiast would love.

Back to the matter at hand, no one knew the Coinrail hack would cause such havoc. Neither did anyone foresee the Bithumb hack earlier this morning.

It is therefore with these few points, that it might be wise to do away with any more Ripple (XRP) price predictions. Perhaps such predictions are the reasons the Ripple Company is being sued by a trader whose hopes were dashed by the crypto-market decline in January. The trader ended up losing 30% of his initial investment due to a crumbling market. If the crypto-verse was not rife with $10 or even $20 XRP price predictions, perhaps the trader might have done proper and detailed research before investing.

Some seasoned Crypto traders have been cautioning against investing using emotions and the general buzz in the crypto-verse. The same traders have been noted as saying that their chief goal is to make profits irrespective of the coin, token or ICO. In simpler terms, they are not loyal to any coin. They trade like the legendary and ruthless Gordon Gekko in the two popular Wallstreet Movies.

Perhaps it is time to embrace a Gordon Gekko approach in the crypto markets!

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. It is an opinion piece. The opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.


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Ripple (XRP) Enters EdTech With University Blockchain Research Initiative, Around 20 Top Univ. Involved

Around 20 educational institutions have partnered with Ripple (XRP) on its newly unveiled University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) that is centered on supporting and accelerating academic research, technical development and innovation in blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments.

The collaboration, which involves top universities around the world, attests to the fact that blockchain technology can bring revolution to education. It will expose the education community to many a number of use cases in the blockchain industry that can heighten research within the space.

Owing to Ripple’s outstanding performance in the blockchain world, it is no doubt that it can perform excellently in the academic community and create nonexistent ideas in this space, the same manner it is doing in the fintech world.

In so doing, Ripple has dedicated more than $50 million in funding, expertise and technical resources to UBRI’s maiden partners, which includes 17 internationally recognized institutions around the world.

Among the first batch of partners is the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, one of the frontrunner in blockchain education in the world. Also, it involves the The University of Pennsylvania where UBRI is financing selected MBA-MS candidates yearly in a newly established Wharton-Engineering dual-degree program. The support will give students working on blockchain or cryptocurrency a top regard.

In the same line, the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP), Princeton University is saddled with the responsibility of creating an UBRI program that will research on the policy impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the whole world.

While the schools involved in UBRI will individually design their research topics and other necessary things, Ripple will finance the research and technical development to increase societal understanding of blockchain.

Importantly, UBRI has linked Ripple with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab’s new FinTech initiative that comprises close to a dozen respected companies in the financial services industry. With Ripple, they will be working with groups of CSAIL’s 116+ researchers on topics revolving around blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity and global payments.

UBRI’s complete list of partners as published by Ripple today:

Australian National University College of the Law

CITP at Princeton


Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil)

Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

IIT Bombay

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H)

Korea University

McCombs School of Business, UT-Austin

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of Pennsylvania

UCL (University College London)

University of Luxembourg

University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

University of Oregon

University of Waterloo.

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Facebook To Compete With Ripple (XRP) On Cross Border Payment

It appears Facebook is planning to compete with Ripple in cross-border payment. The social media giant is researching on creating its cryptocurrency which will give its billions of users around the word opportunities to achieve hassle free cross-border transaction and settlements.

Ripple and other cryptocurrencies who are working assiduously to get the world seamless cross-border remittance may receive a life-threatening competition from Facebook anytime soon.

A Facebook official who pleaded anonymity disclosed to Cheddar that “They are very serious about it.”

Another Facebook executive said Facebook will possibly need to make “acquisitions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to develop its own virtual currency”.

The journey into blockchain started early this year when Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook announced that it recognised cryptocurrency, which takes “power from centralized systems and put it back into people’s hands.”

However, he intends looking into the “risk of (cryptocurrency) being harder to control.” “I’m interested to go deeper and study the positive and negative aspects of these technologies, and how best to use them in our services.”

Then to the recent announcement by David Marcus, head of Messenger, an ex PayPal president and Coinbase board member, who has been working for Facebook for four years.

Marcus is now in charge of everything blockchain in the firm. He’s to set up a group of who will explore blockchain opportunities across Facebook.

“After nearly four unbelievably rewarding years leading Messenger, I have decided it was time for me to take on a new challenge. I’m setting up a small group to explore how to best leverage Blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch,” Marcus said in a Facebook post.

Marcus’s now to lead a team of Facebook employees researching on blockchain technology. He knows much about cryptocurrency for the fact that he’s an early Bitcoin investor, and to cap it all, in December, 2017, he joined the board of Coinbase.

Earlier this week, a Facebook Spokesperson told Cheddar that “Like many other companies Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology.”

“This new small team will be exploring many different applications. We don’t have anything further to share.”

Clamp Down On ICO

Not long after Zuckerberg revealed its new-year resolution, Facebook began removing crypto related ads, saying the platform is working on securing unsuspecting users who may be defrauded by fake Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

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$1 Looming As Binance Introduces Ripple XRP/USDT Trading Pair

Binance, with over 300 trading pairs, has announced it has added XRP/USDT trading pair. The development has given Ripple (XRP) a slight move towards the North.

With Binance adding XRP trading Pairs the price of Ripple is expected move toward the north massively, or at worst uptick.

In the last 24 hours, the price of Ripple has increased by 5.75%, with its trading value pegged at $0.904. It appears Ripple is receiving more attention since it was added to Binance because the cryptocurrency has managed to remain slightly at a fixed value in the last 7 days.

At the press time, Ripple trading volume is now at $996 Million, and its market capitalization is at $32.25 Billion. There is possibility that Ripple achieves its much anticipated $1 today or anytime soon.

Earlier, Revolut, a United Kingdom based global banking alternative also revealed it will be adding Ripple (XRP) any moment. The declaration informs that with a normal Revolut account, crypto enthusiasts have the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies by just connecting their UK bank accounts to Revolut protocol, while allowing the platform users the privilege to convert crypto to any fiat currency they wish without any form of hindrance.

Ripple has tried hard to get listed on the most popular exchange, Coinbase, but all efforts, including alleged financial inducement, were futile. The listing would have been a major boost for the cryptocurrency.

Ripple team are trying to move ahead and present a digital coin that will be number one, like bitcoin. The team behind the coin sees partnering with banks and fintechs as possible boost, however, there has been no significant improvement for the altcoin.

In a bid to bring more growth to Ripple, the financial firm recently invested in ideas that can create growth in its ecosystem. Ripple is coasting different industries. The team behind Ripple are eyeing international banks, or possibly become the bank of banks.

Among all coins, Ripple is the first and the only crypto to believe in security regulations. The CEO, Brad Garlinghouse says “Regulators are behaving as they should to make sure we have regulation around KYL and AML. There are reasons for that. If exchanges are trying to circumvent KYC requirements, [regulators] should come in and enforce that.”

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Is This The Week For Ripple (XRP)?

Current technical analysis of Ripple (XRP) puts the coin’s support level at $0.80 and a resistance level of $0.88. This means that if the weekend correction is mitigated by more volume in the markets and Ripple, we will soon see levels past $0.90. What remains to be seen, is if XRP can reach the much anticipate $1 value this week.

The way the cryptocurrency markets have been observed to work during the weekends, is that the total market cap declines on Sunday. The exact explanation has not been pin pointed, but speculation is high that on Sunday, most traders are away from their home or office computers.This means that popular day trading is not at its peak as usually is during the week.

Ripple has been on the lips of every cryptocurrency enthusiast for the past 2 or so week due to the coin doing an impressive 72% leap in less than 2 weeks. This movement started on April 12th when XRP was valued at $0.51. It would then peak to $0.93 on Saturday, April 21st. XRP is currently valued at $0.88.

The word amongst several XRP believers is that the coin has been highly undervalued in the markets. This is because Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be the King of Crypto and sets the tide for the rest. Whenever BTC prevails or shows sideways movement, all alternative cryptrocurrencies show gains. But whenever BTC falls, the entire market falls.

XRP has been making major strides in terms of partnerships with banks around the globe, with the most recent being Santander launching their proprietary international payments service called One FX. This service uses Ripple’s xCurrent software to transfer money across the globe in the countries of Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland, with the bank expecting to roll out the service across more countries in the coming months.

Considering that XRP did an impressive 35,000% in gains last year in the markets, 2018 could prove to be the year that Ripple could upset the markets and become a more mainstream coin option for traders and exchanges in the sense where it will be on level equal or greater than Bitcoin. With the current momentum of XRP, the coins popularity is surely to increase.